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Best Mattress For Heavy People

Emma Diamond

Shout out to the brand’s research team for developing this exquisite mattress that regulates temperature with its Graphite foam construction to help you sleep better.

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Origin Hybrid

The brand has developed ErgoCoil comfort springs for maximum support without affecting the bouncy and plush feel of the material.

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There’s a lot to like about the Eva mattress, especially due to its five-spring support system that cushions the body for proper alignment.

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Dusk And Dawn

The Dusk And Dawn Signature mattress ticks all the right boxes with its comfortable stretch fabric that’s extremely soft to touch.

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Delta Sleep

If you’re looking for a risk-free investment, go with this mattress as its Adaptive technology keeps you warm in winter and dissipates heat in summer.

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Let us guess – you were the last kid to get picked on the playground, or your boss takes pleasure in making fun of your weight? 

Just ignore these people (for the time being at least) and calm your mind by relaxing on your bed. Wait, what’s that? You’re suffering from lower back pain and incorrect posture because your mattress is sagging? 

Don’t worry; we have picked the five best mattresses for heavy people because comfort doesn’t distinguish by weights. And as for the bullies, work hard and visualise your triumph while resting on a new plush mattress, and those very people will be cheering you on very soon. 

Some Of The Best Mattress For Heavy People Are:

1. Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress 

Do you keep tossing and turning in bed, trying to find the sweet spot on your old mattress? It’s time to throw it out and replace it with this hybrid mattress from Emma, equipped with Emma Diamond Degree technology. This mattress comes with HRX multi-layer, high-density foam offering triple zonal support. Thus it cradles the back, providing cushioning for pressure relief. 

Moving on, the brand’s unique spring layers result in motion isolation, whereby you won’t experience any disturbance even if your bedmate changes sleeping positions. It also guarantees durability, thanks to its pocket springs and adaptive comfort foam, ensuring the mattress materials don’t lose their shape. Further, the Graphite foam construction limits excess heat and maintains optimum temperature. Add to that the removable and washable cover, and you’ve got a winner.


It might be too firm for some people. 


Shout out to the brand’s research team for developing this exquisite mattress that regulates temperature with its Graphite foam construction to help you sleep better. Additionally, with the motion isolation feature and multi-layer spring support, it’s suitable for both kids and adults looking for a good night’s sleep. 

2. Origin Hybrid Mattress 

Mattresses also receive awards, especially when they offer optimal temperature regulation and HighResponse ergonomics like this product. It uses only the best mattress materials, such as memory foam, latex, and micro-springs, to support the body and cushion pressure points. However, what stands out is the AeroFlex latex top layer, guaranteeing maximum comfort in all sleeping positions. 

We loved the six-layer coordinated support, suitable for back sleepers so that they wake up feeling refreshed. Not to mention, the cooling gel memory-foam dissipates body heat and controls temperature changes to enable deep sleep, thanks to its breathable design. And despite offering responsive support with its pressure-relieving polyurethane foam it prevents wear and tear, thanks to the ErgoCoil support springs. 


The mattress might not be firm enough if you’re looking for something extra supportive. 


The brand has developed ErgoCoil comfort springs for maximum support without affecting the bouncy and plush feel of the material. Moreover, this medium-firm mattress has reportedly reduced back pain with its gel-infused memory foam, making it suitable for all types of sleepers. 

3. The Eva Mattress 

The Eva Mattress is a highly sought-after product on the Australian market, thanks to its five-zone pocket springs and plush materials. You get a comfortable experience due to its antimicrobial layers, guaranteeing much-needed rest throughout the night. And the best part is that the cloud-like comfort remains intact despite multiple people sleeping on it, thanks to the density foam which retains firmness. 

Moving on, this gel-infused memory foam mattress is allergy-free and can adapt to different body structures without losing its shape. This is due to its premium latex foam, complete with a breathable and pinhole design for flexibility. The foam ensures that the mattress is of the perfect thickness, and with its superior edge support, you won’t slip off the bed even in deep sleep. 


Carries extra weight, making it heavy.    


There’s a lot to like about the Eva mattress, especially due to its five-spring support system that cushions the body for proper alignment. Plus, its breathable construction allows free air circulation and doesn’t trap heat, making it ultra-comfortable even during the scorching Australian summers. 

4. Dusk And Dawn Signature Mattress 

If you’re looking to buy a local Australian product, you can splurge on this mattress with a breathable 3D mesh design. It’s the ideal mattress for spinal care, as the power edge support improves your posture while guaranteeing optimum relaxation. Understandably, it uses only the best materials, complete with EcoAir comfort technology and cushions the body for sound sleep. 

But there are other mattresses that are also soft, so what makes this product different? You’ll find that it features a natural wool and silk construction with advanced insulating properties. It’s part of the brand’s Virase technology, resulting in a hygienic and healthy sleep environment by preventing the growth of germs. Not to mention, it promotes uninterrupted sleep as the graphite materials make the mattress breathable for an unforgettable experience. 


It might prove unsuitable for some people as it’s a thicker mattress. 


The Dusk And Dawn Signature mattress ticks all the right boxes with its comfortable stretch fabric that’s extremely soft to touch. Also, the pocket coil system targets the pressure points in the body for added support to reduce pain. 

5. Delta Sleep Mattress 

Wouldn’t it be great to own a luxury mattress that can keep you warm in summer and cool in winter? This is what this product does, thanks to its Adaptive technology, helping regulate body temperature for a comfortable experience. Its 7 cm top layer cushions the body, improving your natural alignment so that you wake up pain-free. Moreover, its Intellicool technology guarantees better airflow, dissipating body heat to make the material breathable. 

But that’s not all, as it uses sustainably sourced, environment-friendly compounds with moisture-wicking properties. Hence, you’ll find this soft mattress has stretchable Tencel fabric that doesn’t absorb moisture, resulting in zero disturbance. It’s also completely sag-free and has reinforced joint support to maintain a healthy environment, preventing bacterial growth or allergies. If you don’t believe us, purchase a model (with or without springs) to experience its benefits first-hand.  


The mattress cover is difficult to clean. 


If you’re looking for a risk-free investment, go with this mattress as its Adaptive technology keeps you warm in winter and dissipates heat in summer. Plus, its Tencel fabric makes up the top layer, resulting in zero disturbance while cradling the body for a relaxing experience. 


Does body weight affect the mattress? 

Bodyweight does affect the shape and quality of the mattress since it determines how much pressure you exert on it. Naturally, this impacts the comfort level people experience, and what might prove suitable for one person may not appeal to another. 

For instance, a firm mattress doesn’t have the required cushioning, making it unsuitable for light sleepers. But the same product may strike the sweet spot for a heavier individual, providing much-needed support and pressure relief. 

Unsurprisingly, many brands use sleep testers of varying weights to determine how body weight is impacting the mattress firmness. For a better idea, we have divided people into three major weight categories: 

A. 130 Pounds 

These are light sleepers who don’t exert much force on the mattress. Usually, such people enjoy sleeping on a softer memory foam mattress that sinks slightly, resulting in pressure relief and extra cushioning. 

B. 130-230 Pounds 

These people place moderate pressure on the mattress, and medium-firm products would be ideal for helping them get adequate sleep. 

C. 230+ Pounds 

Such people exert maximum pressure, and over time, the innerspring mattress sinks under their weight. Thus, they need an extra firm mattress that can withstand their weight without compromising on pressure relief. 

We also found that sleep positions, in conjunction with bodyweight, equally affect the durability of a mattress. Since heavy people sink deep into the mattress, the level of sinking depends on whether they are side, back, or stomach sleepers. 

People who sleep on their side exert more pressure through one hip and shoulder, creating prominent pressure points. On the other hand, you can tell if a person is a stomach sleeper by checking for sagging in the middle of the bed, due to which their spinal alignment goes for a toss. 

On that note, let’s look at the impact of body weight on different mattress types: 

A. Memory Foam 

For those who don’t know, memory foam is a special type of polyurethane foam, delivering comfort through several transition layers. The best part is that the material changes shape and moulds to the rest of the body, cradling you from all sides almost as if you’re hugging a giant teddy bear. However, this very softness increases the chances of sinkage while supporting heavy sleepers, whereas firmer models might be inconvenient for lightweight individuals. 

B. Latex 

Latex comes from rubber tree sap, and most mattress brands use organic and natural latex to support your core without impacting comfort. Also, it’s bouncier than other options and distributes your weight over a wide area, making it suitable for all weight groups. In a nutshell, lightweight people will enjoy the softness, while heavy people will love the support. 

C. Polyfoam

It is basically polyurethane foam, supporting the core of any gel memory foam mattress. As with other materials, several transitional layers make the mattress bouncy, breathable, and comfortable to sleep on. Thus, it can support most weight groups, but heavy individuals may require added firmness. 

D. Microcoils 

Microcoils are short, individually wrapped coils that are 1-3 mm thick and present in the transitional layers of hybrid mattresses. They enhance breathability, are more responsive, and withstand sagging better than other products, but heavier sleepers may take time to adjust to the thickness. 

So, should you just choose the best material from the above options based on your weight? No! There are other innovative mattresses with stronger support cores that you can try out. Just take a look below:

A. Airbeds 

Airbeds have an air chamber core supported by memory foam, latex, and a polyfoam comfort system. Plus, you can empty the air chambers to add weights and alter the firmness. Some mattresses also have dual chambers, allowing consumers to change the firmness on different sides of the bed. 

But if airbeds are too soft or thin, they will sink under the weight of heavy people (over 230 pounds).
B. Innerspring 

These mattresses mostly have coils and feature light padding on the surface, with their gauge and springs supporting most sleepers. That said, they are particularly popular among people weighing more than 230 pounds because they reduce sagging while the edge support allows you to make full use of the entire bed. 

C. All-Foam 

As the name indicates, these products have foam layers inside the comfort system and support core for improved motion isolation and contouring. They are not suitable for heavy individuals but prove comfortable for light and medium-weight persons.  

D. Hybrid 

A hybrid mattress consists of pocketed coil cores with an advanced support system for a diverse feel. Hence, lightweight individuals can use plush mattresses while firmer options with edge support are available for heavier people. Hybrids are especially suitable for side sleepers, reducing pressure and providing added support. 

Are all-foam mattresses good for heavier people?  

When looking for the best mattress for heavy people, you would think that all-foam mattresses are your best bet, as their plush materials cushion the body from all sides. However, that’s not the case and it would be best to choose a slightly firm mattress for added support so that it can cradle the pressure points without sagging. 

A simple trick for heavier people is to choose a high-density foam mattress with springs that don’t cushion the body too much. Otherwise, people over 230 pounds will sink into the mattress, leading to discomfort. 

Another thing to note is that heavyweight consumers exert most of the force from their hips and core. Hence, the core of the mattress has to be stronger, which isn’t the case with all-foam mattresses. Thicker all-foam mattresses comprising springs and providing firmer support are more suitable since they act on the joints to reduce aches. 

The mattress material and construction should also be breathable as heavier people tend to get warm while sleeping. So, choose a product that regulates temperature and keeps you cool throughout the night while being a tad firm. 

For instance, latex all-foam mattresses have a supportive core and might be the best option for heavy people. You can also try bonded all-foam mattresses, known as rebound mattresses, consisting of high-density materials packed together. These are dual comfort mattresses and ably support heavyweight people, thanks to their ultra-firm construction and superior spring system, helping distribute your body weight evenly. 

Is a firm mattress better for a heavy person?  

A firm mattress is definitely better for a heavy person, but you’ll have to choose a suitable level of firmness for the best results. Usually, firm, medium-firm and ultra-firm products can provide the necessary support to people weighing more than 230 pounds without sagging

You can tell if a particular mattress will prove suitable by checking its support and core system. Moreover, it’s possible to use mattress toppers for adjusting the firmness based on your sleep style. 

We prefer ultra-firm mattresses because of their full-body support system despite the comfort layers being present on top. However, a mattress with an inner-spring coil system has a softer configuration so that you feel cushioning from all sides without the material sagging. 

It would be best to purchase a product that offers the perfect balance between support and cushioning, comprising durable comfort layers. Additionally, extra-firm models are perfect for people who want a non-conforming sleep surface. In other words, the mattress won’t contour to your body or change shape like foam mattresses even after regular use. 

Rather it delivers a plush feel, but you also need to think about your sleep pattern. This is because side sleepers will require more cushioning for proper spinal alignment, as they exert most of the pressure from one side. And that’s where the toppers come in handy. 

On the other hand, stomach and back sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds won’t need much padding for reducing hip and lower back pain. 

What kind of mattress is better for heavy people?  

To find the best mattresses for heavy people, you need to consider whether it offers full-body or focused support. If you don’t know which one to choose, ask yourself if the mattress supports the body and improves posture. 

On that note, check out the following mattress types: 

A. Hybrid

Hybrid mattresses include the best bits from other mattresses to support heavier people and provide much-needed balance. For instance, you may find latex foam mattresses comprising an inner-spring coil or an ortho-care core, delivering long-lasting comfort and support for health benefits. 

B. Pocket Coil 

One of the best mattresses in terms of comfort and support for heavy people is pocket-coil units. Most overweight people wouldn’t think of choosing a contouring mattress, but such models are slightly different. 

The contouring helps distribute your weight evenly while providing the necessary support to improve your posture. As a result, the individual spring coils conform to your body shape and are usually found in firmer mattresses. 

C. Bonded Foam

The bonded foam option consists of shreds of high-density materials packed together tightly to support people with body weights greater than 230 pounds. In most cases, you can find them in conjunction with an ortho-foam or dual-comfort mattress. This supports people’s body weight, reducing discomfort and guaranteeing a firm or extra-firm experience while sleeping. 

D. Latex 

As you know by now, the Australian market has latex foam mattresses which are medium-firm products specifically designed for overweight people. The best part is that this material is bouncier, and people can change its density based on their preference due to the Adaptive Comfort technology. 

What’s more, it helps promote proper body alignment, thanks to its combination of a supportive core and a latex foam comfort layer. It is also hypoallergenic and reduces the chances of health issues or the need for regular sanitisation. 

Another crucial aspect is that these mattresses are natural temperature regulators, and hot sleepers (a common problem with heavier people) can use high-density latex foam for a comfortable experience. 

Does a bed frame help?  

An often overlooked component in mattresses is the bed frame, but it acts as the foundation on which the mattress rests without creating any disturbance. If you purchase a mattress with a low-quality bed frame, the chances are you’ll wake up to a sliding, squeaking, or creaking bed. 

Long story short, a bed frame does help and holds the mattress in place, preventing it from sliding off, especially when you toss and turn. 


That’s all there is to know about the best mattress for heavy people; hopefully, you’re feeling more confident about making the right purchase. 

Life is difficult for heavy people, with the constant jabs and sly remarks directed towards them by colleagues, friends, and families. Luckily, you can choose a suitable mattress with our guide to sleep peacefully at night and develop your confidence and character to prove those people wrong. 

Just as it takes time to get used to any new mattress, with dedication and patience, you can also show the world that heavy people can achieve everything others can. For now, your only support might be the mattress (quite literally), but with time you will find the right people who will lift you in life. 

So, keep smiling, enjoy your uniqueness and sleep better every night (or day) with a comfortable mattress. You deserve it!

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