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Best Mattress For Back Pain

Emma Comfort 

Overall, the Emma comfort mattress is the ideal choice for alleviating back pain as the HRX foam layer supports your body regardless of your sleeping position.

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If you’re suffering from back pain, the Origin hybrid mattress can give you much-needed relief as its combination of latex, memory foam, and micro springs provide superior support.

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The Ergoflex is a medium-firm mattress that’s great for people with back pain, owing to the orthopaedic pain relief quality of the visco-elastic memory foam.

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By far, this is the best mattress for back pain owing to the support given by the five-zone pocket springs, making it suitable for those who like a firmer mattress.

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Delta Sleep 

The Delta Sleep is a medium-firm mattress built for overall pain relief, and it’s especially comfortable for people suffering from back pain, thanks to its adaptive comfort technology.

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Has back pain become a constant part of your life? If yes, the much-needed relief may come from changing the mattress. 

When it comes to mattress shopping, we seldom think about proper body support. But, using the wrong mattress has been found to cause back, neck, and shoulder pain. 

Hence, it’s essential to look for a mattress that would provide relief to common pressure points, allowing you to sleep comfortably and reducing the chances of body pain. A well-designed mattress can provide pain relief to even those who have been suffering from poor posture or orthopaedic issues. 

So, a closer look at the market led us to several brands claiming to carry the best pain relief mattresses. And to make shopping less confusing, we have reviewed the top five mattresses for back pain. 

Without further ado, let’s get started! 

Some Of The Best Mattress For Back Pain Are:

1. Emma Comfort 

The Emma Comfort mattress makes sleeping easier for everyone, irrespective of their body shape or sleeping position, with its zoned memory foam layer providing much-needed support. As this layer also limits motion transfer, you won’t get irritated when your partner tosses and turns in the middle of the night. 

On top of that, this mattress has been built with materials like polyether foam and point-elastic foam that guarantee its longevity for ten years. So, be assured about getting supportive sleep for several years without the mattress going all saggy and bumpy. And after making the purchase, you can take advantage of the 100-night trial to make sure that the Emma Comfort mattress meets your needs. 


The only complaint we have is that the edge support could have been better, so we don’t recommend sitting closer to the sides of your bed. 


Overall, the Emma comfort mattress is the ideal choice for alleviating back pain as the HRX foam layer supports your body regardless of your sleeping position. Moreover, this is one of the few memory foam mattresses with zoning technology that helps you get better body alignment, thereby reducing the chances of waking up with back pain. 

2. Origin

Check out the award-winning Origin hybrid mattress that comes with the goodness of latex, memory foam, and micro-springs. This mattress is designed to have a six-layer system for hugging your body at the right spots to relieve stress and extra pressure. Plus, the mattress is softer on the shoulders and slightly firmer on the lower back, thanks to the Aeroflex latex and CloudCool memory foam layers, offering optimal spinal alignment. 

The Tencel and Aeroflex latex layers also provide a plush sleeping experience with their added tension guaranteeing stress release from your whole body. What’s more, the pocketed springs present in the bottom layer holds up the mattress from all sides, minimising its chance of sagging over the years. They keep the mattress motion-free to let consumers suffering from back pain sleep without feeling distressed when their partner tosses and turns. 


One of the only drawbacks we have for this product is that it may feel a little stiff after the initial week of usage.


If you’re suffering from back pain, the Origin hybrid mattress can give you much-needed relief as its combination of latex, memory foam, and micro springs provide superior support. On top of that, this mattress is said to deliver consistent support for 15 years, thanks to the comfort pocket springs.  

3. Ergoflex 

We noticed that the Ergoflex mattress is made up of five comfort layers for sound sleep and total body support. We were impressed by the 9 cm memory foam present at the top as the increased support provides relief from back pain. Furthermore, this mattress is built to relieve stress from pressure points like the lower back, hips, and shoulders with its impact-resistant base layer and protective inner cover. 

Due to the enhanced support from the visco-elastic memory foam, your body feels almost weightless on the mattress, beneficial to relieve back pain caused by poor posture. Additionally, the cool-sleep airflow layer at the core keeps the mattress breathable and brings down its temperature, permitting you to sleep more comfortably. And to top it all off, this mattress comes with a ten-year warranty, keeping you worry-free about its quality. 


Compared to other memory foam mattresses, the Ergoflex comes with a shorter trial period of 30 days.


The Ergoflex is a medium-firm mattress that’s great for people with back pain, owing to the orthopaedic pain relief quality of the visco-elastic memory foam. Along with that, the efficient cooling core makes this mattress an excellent choice for hot sleepers. 

4. Eva

The Eva is yet another hybrid mattress that’s meant to adapt to the shape of all body types, made possible by its multiple layers. We especially like the gel memory foam at the top as it helps in temperature control and offers pressure relief to minimise back pain. In comparison, the density foam lying at the core provides the perfect firmness along with delivering much-needed support to your whole body.

What stands out the most are the zoned pocket springs as they minimise motion transfer and ease pain from the major pressure areas of your body. This product also has robust edge support to prevent sagging due to your sleeping habits or body weight. And you can even try sleeping on the Eva mattress for 120 nights to check if it’s any good for your back pain relief. 


Even though not a drawback, the Eva mattress has a firmness level of 7-8 which can be a little hard for those who prefer to sleep on softer mattresses. 


The Eva is a great supportive mattress for back pain owing to the support given by the five-zone pocket springs, making it suitable for those who like a firmer mattress. You will also find a soft gel memory foam layer at the top that provides cloud-like comfort for a good night’s sleep. 

5. Delta Sleep 

The Delta Sleep is regarded as the comfiest mattress in Australia as it includes adaptive comfort technology to support your body and maintain natural spinal alignment to reduce back pain. This feature also ensures that the mattress adapts to your body to provide a comfortable sleeping experience. It is highly breathable and helps maintain a dry sleeping environment.

On top of that, this mattress is designed to be 100% sag-free, which helps to lower pain in the neck, spine and hip regions. The intellicool technology keeps the mattress cool even during the hot Australian summers, and it’s topped with a Tencel cover that’s moisture-wicking. What’s more, this mattress comes with a 120-night risk-free trial to check if it suits your needs.


Compared to other bed in box mattresses, the Delta Sleep from Calming Blankets comes at an expensive price, especially when you opt for the larger sizes.


The Delta Sleep is a medium-firm mattress built for overall pain relief, and it’s especially comfortable for people suffering from back pain, thanks to its adaptive comfort technology. Moreover, this is a good mattress for side sleepers and stomach sleepers as the foam layers provide support irrespective of your sleeping position. 


What type of mattress is best for back pain? 

One of the dilemmas faced by most people is to choose a mattress that won’t cause them any further distress. Doctors often suggested using a hard or extra firm mattress in the past. But, over the years, things have changed and currently, doctors suggest the use of a hybrid or all-foam mattress. 

The key component in both these variants is the presence of memory foam, as it’s able to give your body much-needed support. Mattresses with memory foam usually have medium firmness, which is neither too soft nor too hard. 

On top of that, most mattresses with memory foam layers come with pressure relief due to the presence of gel-infused memory foam. Your body weight gets distributed evenly throughout the whole mattress, preventing pressure build-up in different regions of your body, especially the lower back and joints, resulting in better pain management.

Features To Check In A Mattress For Back Pain 
Here are some of the features that you may want to check in a mattress if your main concern is to ease back pain:

A. Type Of Mattress 
As stated above, there are different types of mattresses available on the market. The popular variants include:

1. Memory foam 
2. Hybrid
3. Spring or coil 

Memory foam mattresses are made with multiple layers of foam that can take the shape of your body soon after you lie down on them. And they spring back to their original shape when you leave the bed. As a result, they are known for their comfort and pressure relief support that helps alleviate back pain. 

Coil or spring mattresses are more traditional options, equipped with springs to maintain their shape while providing the desired support. The earlier versions used to be quite firm and uncomfortable for those suffering from back pain.

However, hybrid mattresses have come up as an excellent alternative by combining the positive aspects of spring and memory foam mattresses. 
These usually have a spring bottom for added support, topped with memory foam to provide a relaxed and comfortable sleeping experience. 

B. Support  

One of the essential things to check in a mattress for back pain is its support. We like mattresses that can distribute your weight evenly throughout the surface to relieve pressure from areas like your neck, shoulders, spine, and hips. 

On top of that, as none of us sleeps in the same way, a mattress should be able to conform to your body irrespective of the sleeping posture. This is particularly necessary for those who share the bed so that each partner can enjoy pain-free and comfortable sleep. 

C. Firmness 

When picking a new mattress, check the firmness level of the product to ensure that it would be comfortable for you. Even though there isn’t an ideal firmness, back pain sufferers are told to stay away from extremely hard or soft mattresses. However, you should choose a level of firmness that feels right for your body and provides a proper spinal alignment, such as medium-firm mattresses.  

Is a soft or firm mattress better for back pain? 

To be honest, your mattress should neither be too firm nor too soft if you are prone to suffering from back pain. Instead, opt for a mattress that lies in the midpoint when it comes to firmness and has an added layer of memory foam to support your body. 

That’s because the integrity of a medium-firm memory foam mattress is able to support your whole body with its latex layer, pocketed coils or other features.  They have the perfect softness to hug your curves and are bound to help you sleep cool for a night of comfort.

Compared to popular beliefs, a mattress that is too firm can do your body more harm than good. When lying on a hard mattress, it can put excessive pressure on certain areas, like your lower back or spine, leading to more pain. 

On the other hand, a too squishy mattress may provide inadequate support to your whole body and fail to take care of proper spinal alignment. This may lead to bad posture, causing back pain. 

Some experts also suggest increasing the firmness of a mattress based on one’s body weight. So, if you have a higher weight, it might be better for you to pick a firmer mattress. Other than that, firm mattresses are recommended for stomach sleepers to get proper lumbar support. But side sleepers are always recommended to opt for mattresses with medium firmness to avoid back pain.

If in doubt, make sure to check the trial provided by certain brands, which let you try out a mattress for up to 100 days, no strings attached. You can place an order from the official website and sleep on the mattress after it’s delivered for a better idea about the firmness level that suits your body. 

What is the best mattress topper for back pain? 

Believe it or not, a mattress topper can enhance the comfort level of your sleeping experience. A good topper can even give your old mattress a new life and make you feel fresh every morning. Having said that, finding a proper mattress topper can be hard as most of them are either too thin or have low-quality foam. 

However, things are pretty different with the Emma Flip mattress topper made with Airgocell foam and HRXSupreme foam. It’s made with two layers of foam to provide personalised firmness for comfortable sleep while preventing issues like hip pain. 

We suggest this topper to those with back pain problems due to its pressure distribution technology. The HRXSupreme feels slightly firm, but it helps distribute body weight throughout the topper, providing relief for back pain. On the other hand, the Airgocel foam layer ensures that you can have a pleasant sleeping experience without letting your body get too hot. 

Another excellent aspect of this Emma mattress topper has to be the cover, featuring UltraDry technology. It lets you sleep cooler along with keeping the sleeping environment dry and comfortable. Besides, as the cover is made of polyester and elastane, making it washable. 

You wouldn’t need to worry about ruining the mattress topper if there’s an accidental spillage on the bed. 

We would also like to add that this topper has a uniform height of 5 cm across all sizes, so it won’t make your bed too high or uncomfortable. Thus, it becomes easy to climb onto the bed for children and pets. 

Just like the mattresses from Emma, this topper comes with a 100-night trial period. So, you have a long time to check whether this product works well with your mattress to provide the expected level of comfort. 

Is memory foam or hybrid mattress better for joint pain? 

Apart from back and lower body pain, another common discomfort experienced by people is joint pain. Finding the right mattress is necessary for them as sleeping on the wrong one may lead to the buildup of pressure on the inflamed joints. And improper sleeping conditions may even lead to further damage to the joints. 

Two of the most common choices available to people with joint pain are hybrid or memory foam mattresses. As you can understand, hybrid mattresses are made up of multiple layers. The base usually contains spring reinforcements, while the top layer is made of foam or natural latex. In comparison, memory foam mattresses consist of multiple layers of foam. 

Whatever your choice, we suggest a medium-firm mattress with a latex or foam layer for joint pain to get extra support and comfort. This soft upper layer may help guarantee pressure relief from the sore joints. We also recommend picking a mattress that mentions limiting motion transfer, as it helps reduce joint pain, particularly for those who share their bed with multiple people. 

Overall, both hybrid and memory mattresses can provide relief to those in joint pain, ensuring that it delivers targeted pressure relief with the right amount of comfort.

Can bed frames cause back pain? 

Well, even though we often blame the mattress for being the reason behind body pain, at times, the culprit can be the bed frame. It’s especially true when a bed frame is unable to support the weight of your mattress, causing it to sag.

This will, in turn, lead to inadequate support and ruin your sleeping posture. 
Sagging mattresses may also have lumps and bumps, which make sleeping an uncomfortable experience. You may end up waking up fatigued with whole-body pain due to unsatisfactory sleep. Hence, whenever you are buying a bed frame, make sure that it’s strong enough to hold the weight of a mattress. 

If you happen to have an old wooden bed, make it a habit of checking on the slats from time to time. On top of that, it’s better to reinforce any spring or bolt that might be present in the bed frame before changing your mattress. Then, after placing the mattress on the bed frame, check that it’s laying down even to avoid sleeping on a bumpy surface. 

You should know that some people place ensembles or box springs over their bed frames to add an extra layer before the mattress. Even though these may add a certain level of firmness or height, they need to be changed from time to time, just like a mattress. So, if you have had one for a while now, it may be the reason for your back pain, meaning it’s time to replace it. 

As bed frames are also often reinforced using springs, make sure none are poking out, or else they might make the mattress uneven. 


That’s everything we had to tell you about finding the best mattress for pain relief. By now, you must know that there isn’t one mattress that can fit the needs of everyone, as the complaints and concerns are different for every individual. 

Hence, we suggest making the most of trial periods provided by brands when you buy a mattress online. On top of that, make sure your new mattress is compatible with the size of your bed to avoid lumps and bumps that ruin the proper spinal alignment. 

Among our suggestions, the Delta Sleep mattress is an overall well-performing mattress that’s great for those suffering from general back pain, thanks to its adaptive comfort technology. In comparison, the Ergoflex mattress is an excellent choice for those with hip or shoulder pain as the top visco-elastic memory foam layer relaxes pressure points to alleviate pain.

Till next time, goodbye, and take care!

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