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Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Emma Topper

The Emma Flip Topper is an amazing product that comes with some innovative features to provide users with the best sleeping experience.

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Zinus 7.5cm

If you’re looking for a premium-quality memory foam mattress topper, the Zinus topper is a fantastic option.

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Tempur Supreme

The Tempur Supreme memory foam mattress topper is the perfect choice for those looking for a versatile mattress that offers a decent level of firmness without compromising on comfort.

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This gel memory foam mattress topper has been created to provide comfortable sleep while ensuring breathability.

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Giselle Gel 7-Zone

With an ergonomic design and superb built quality, the Giselle Bedding memory foam mattress topper offers the highest comfort level while sleeping.

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Memory foam mattress toppers are becoming increasingly popular for comfortable sleep.  

This is because they provide support to the back while sleeping, thanks to their soft cushioning effect. This helps relieve the pressure from pain points such as the back, shoulders, and neck and ensures deep and comfortable sleep. 

Besides, memory foam allows you to sleep on your side without feeling any discomfort.

Unfortunately, finding a good quality memory foam mattress topper is not an easy task. The process involves going through several reviews about the available options to learn about their pros and cons. This can involve a lot of time and effort, which most people generally do not have. 

That’s why we’ve created this detailed guide listing the top five options currently available on the market. We’ve even included some frequently asked questions that can help you find the right products easily. 

So, let’s get straight to it!

Some Of The Best Mattress Topper Are:

1. Emma Flip Topper

Let’s start with the Emma Flip Topper, a memory foam mattress topper that has been designed for maximum comfort. This is the best mattress topper since it comes with soft and reversible sides for deep sleep. In addition to that, it has a breathable and washable cover which makes cleaning it easier and more convenient.

What makes this the best memory foam mattress topper is the fact that it contains ergonomic Airgocell Foam, the latest invention in the sleep products industry. This foam is akin to a gel, as it can easily adapt to any body shape and provides relief to various pressure points. Plus, you get better reclining support to relieve pressure from the back. 


The only downside to the Emma Flip Topper is that it does not offer an anti-slip surface.


The Emma Flip Topper is an amazing product that comes with some innovative features to provide users with the best sleeping experience. Being reversible, the mattress topper can be adjusted to offer different firmness levels, while the Airgocell layer provides better breathability and moisture regulation.

2. Zinus 7.5cm Torso Tec Memory Foam Topper 

Zinus is a leading manufacturer of sleep products, including mattresses, sofas, and bed frames,  and this is another amazing product from the brand. This memory foam topper uses two memory foam layers to provide dual-layer support while sleeping. One of these is the graphite memory foam for better temperature management, while the other is the copper foam that ensures proper breathability. 

Other than that, the Zinus memory foam topper comes with CertiPUR certification, ensuring that this mattress topper is of the highest quality and provides the best sleep experience. It has been designed to eliminate excess body heat, preventing the build-up of odours and germs while cradling the pressure points for greater relief. And the best part is that you get a warranty of one year. 


The Zinus memory foam mattress topper is not the best option for those who prefer a firm mattress.


If you’re looking for a premium-quality memory foam mattress topper, the Zinus topper is a fantastic option. Since it contains both copper and graphite, this mattress topper will provide you with impressive temperature regulation for maximum comfort while sleeping. 

3. Tempur Supreme Mattress Topper

Tempur is among the most famous brands known for offering the highest quality mattresses, pillows, and other sleep accessories. Designed with a pressure-relieving material that adapts to your body, this memory foam mattress provides personalised comfort so that you can enjoy a relaxing experience. Additionally, it has a washable cover that helps eliminate dust and allergens conveniently. 

On top of that, the Tempur topper supreme is a multi-purpose mattress topper that can be used in your bedroom as well as in guest rooms, dormitory rooms, and more. Also, it provides excellent support for the hips and shoulders and other similar areas. Not to mention, the durability and reliability are unmatched, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it for several years. 


This mattress topper from Tempur can become quite hot as it traps heat. 


The Tempur Supreme memory foam mattress topper is the perfect choice for those looking for a versatile mattress that offers a decent level of firmness without compromising on comfort. And since it automatically adjusts to the sleeper’s body, you get an amazing overall experience. 

4. Luxdream Mattress Topper

The Luxdream mattress topper is another fantastic option if you’re looking for a gel-infused memory foam with an ergonomic design that ensures peaceful sleep. Moreover, the gel memory foam of this luxurious mattress topper helps prevent soreness by contouring to the body’s curves. It also comes with 3D ventilation holes that promote better airflow and dissipate extra heat for maximum comfort. 

Furthermore, this gel memory foam mattress promotes aerobic respiration while you sleep to ensure proper temperature regulation. And there is the premium bamboo fibre material that increases breathability and prevents the growth of bacteria, dust mites, and mould. Also, the non-slip bottom and elastic strap keep the mattress topper in its place while you sleep. 


This mattress topper comes with only one year warranty.


This gel memory foam mattress topper has been created to provide comfortable sleep while ensuring breathability. The bamboo material prevents the growth of bacteria and is perfect for those who want an environment-friendly option. 

5. Giselle Gel 7-Zone Bedding Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Giselle Bedding offers this impressive memory foam mattress topper that combines an innovative design with efficient heat dissipation for better sleep. It is also highly breathable due to its air circulation feature, so you will be properly ventilated while sleeping. In addition, the manufacturer has used an elastic foam filling for better cushioning. 

Like other similar mattress toppers, this one comes with a washable and removable cover. This zipped jacquard knitting fabric cover provides protection against dirt and dust while delivering a premium appearance to the mattress topper. Hence, it is the best mattress topper if you are looking for a sustainable option that offers greater softness despite being thick.


Due to its softness, this topper is not suitable for those looking for a firmer and thinner option.


With an ergonomic design and superb built quality, the Emma flip topper offers the highest comfort level while sleeping. Its elastic foam filling is combined with an efficient heat dissipation design for greater breathability and support. 


What is a mattress topper?

A mattress topper is a removable layer placed on top of the mattress to provide more support and cushioning for better sleep. Various types of mattress toppers have become popular as bedding accessories since they help extend the life of the mattress and add some style. 

It is easy to get confused between a mattress pad and a mattress topper; however, there is a slight distinction between the two. A mattress pad is a thin piece of material that is placed on top of the mattress to adjust the thickness, while a mattress topper offers more versatility.  

Mattress toppers are thicker and are specially designed to make your existing mattress more luxurious and comfortable. They can be made from various types of materials, including cotton, foam, memory foam, latex rubber, and others. 

Additionally, a mattress topper is purchased at a specific time, especially when your mattress is getting old but can still last for some time. This is because mattress toppers are meant to deliver temporary support and comfort until you get a new mattress. 

Another difference is that mattress toppers are a more economical alternative to buying a regular mattress. You can select from various types of mattress toppers available on the market to meet different requirements. These include memory foam mattress toppers, egg crate mattress toppers, latex mattress toppers and woollen or fleece mattress toppers. 

Are thin memory foam mattress toppers good?

Generally, the average thickness of a memory foam mattress topper ranges from one to three inches, depending upon the type of material it contains and its density. So, when you use a mattress topper, it can increase the height by up to three inches. 

Thin memory foam mattress toppers are a great option for hot sleepers since they do not tend to sink under the weight of the sleeper. It also makes it easier to get in and out of them, especially for people who require support like canes, wheelchairs, and crutches. 

Additionally, thin mattress toppers are more lightweight and affordable and can be used for camping, bunk beds, and guest rooms. 

On the flip side, thinner memory foam toppers cannot provide extra support or cushioning, which means that the chances of ‘bottoming out’ are higher. They are also on the firmer side and may not be an ideal choice if you prefer a softer surface for sleeping.

In comparison, thicker memory foam mattress toppers provide better cushioning and are softer, helping you adjust to the firmness of the mattress. However, such mattress toppers have more weight and are not designed for portability; thus, they can restrict movement, and you might feel trapped if you’re not used to the thickness. 

The thinnest memory foam mattress toppers are most compatible with a brand new mattress and can help add an extra soft layer to it. They are generally not suitable for older mattresses that are already worn out as they are unable to provide proper support in such cases. 

Can you wash a memory foam mattress topper?

Keeping your mattress topper clean is essential as dead skin cells, sweat, and body oil gets accumulated on it, which can be a haven for dust mites, germs, and bacteria. Certain signs can indicate that your memory foam mattress topper needs washing, including unpleasant odour emanating from it, discolouration, spills and stains, and more.

Unfortunately, memory foam mattress toppers cannot be tossed like pillow covers and bedsheets into a washing machine. However, the good news is that most manufacturers design such mattress toppers so that they are washable and can be cleaned easily.

All you need is a vacuum cleaner, a sponge, white vinegar, and some baking soda. For best results, it is recommended to get rid of any stains as soon as they are spotted. Also, avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach which can damage the memory foam topper. 

Using a vacuum cleaner is also a tried and tested method for removing solid dust particles, while white vinegar, baking soda, and laundry detergent can help remove stains effectively. And after cleaning the topper, drying it properly will prevent the growth of mould and mildew. 

When using a regular vacuum cleaner or a water-based one, use circular motions to clean the memory foam topper. It is highly recommended to vacuum the topper at least once a week. Also, keep in mind that if you use a laundry detergent for cleaning purposes, make sure to use a high-quality one that does not damage the texture of the topper. 

Long story short, washing your mattress topper periodically is essential for extending its lifespan. 

Is a heavier mattress topper better?

The weight of a mattress topper depends upon several factors, the most important being the material it is made up of. Manufacturers use several types of materials ranging from foam to bamboo fibre for mattress toppers. And while individual materials have varying densities and weights, they have an average density value, which makes the mattress topper heavier or lighter. 

Heavy mattress toppers are made of latex or memory foam and have a thickness of two to four inches with a density of at least four pounds per cubic foot. Such mattress toppers generally contain more than one type of material and can provide reliable support to the entire body.

They are also better suited for heavy people, who might not get proper cushioning with thinner mattress toppers. Additionally, they are more durable as they can distribute weight more evenly across the surface. Not to mention, such mattress toppers trap heat more effectively to keep your bedding warm while sleeping. 

When looking for a heavy mattress topper, the first thing to consider is the thickness which determines the level of comfort it offers. Other than that, you should look at its density as a denser memory foam topper will provide better support. 

But heavier mattress toppers are more difficult to move around and are not meant for portability. They are also more expensive and contain a greater quantity of material which is packed more densely. 

Does memory foam mattress topper help back pain?

Older mattresses that have started sagging are a major cause of back pain since they fail to provide the same level of support to all parts of the body. Additionally, they can cause pressure build-up in areas like the hips and shoulders while sleeping.  

For people who frequently face such issues, memory foam toppers are especially beneficial because they automatically adjust their shape and mould around your body while you sleep. This provides better cushioning and support, which helps release the tension from your back muscles. 

What’s more, memory foam mattress toppers offer the best results for spinal realignment, which is essential as your spine is meant to be in a neutral position while sleeping. Since these mattress toppers are available in varying firmness and thickness levels, you can select one which is best at resolving such problems. 

The best mattress toppers also offer a perfect combination of comforting softness and supportive firmness. They ensure that the shoulders and hips are at roughly the same level while you sleep to reduce the pressure on your back. 

Can you use a mattress topper on a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattress toppers combine memory foam with fibre, providing the best pressure-relieving support and plush comfort. Such toppers use shredded memory foam while retaining the qualities of traditional memory foam for the best sleeping experience.

Memory foam or other types of mattress toppers can be used with hybrid mattresses to either alter the sleep environment completely or make minor modifications. Hence, adding a mattress topper on top of the mattress can help make the hybrid mattress softer or firmer, warmer or cooler, depending upon your needs. 

And while it may seem that adding another layer to the mattress will make it uncomfortable, this is not the case in reality. In fact, a topper will improve the comfort of the mattress and keep it protected so that it lasts longer.

Naturally, they are the best option for those who do not find regular foam mattresses comfortable enough. They are breathable, versatile, and help in pain relief, and despite being constructed in a different manner, they can be paired with a mattress topper easily. 

Do mattress toppers sag?

Unlike mattresses, mattress toppers do not sag and, in fact, can be used to deal with the problem of sagging. Mattresses tend to start sagging as they get old, in which case they cannot provide the required amount of support to help you sleep comfortably.

You can employ several solutions to deal with a sagging mattress, and using a mattress topper is one of the most effective ones. Another suitable method is inserting a piece of plywood between the bed frame and the mattress, which can support the mattress and prevent sagging. 

Also, most mattresses should be rotated regularly unless the manufacturer specifically prohibits it. This can prevent the mattress from sagging and extend its lifespan even if it has already started sagging. 

Moreover, using a mattress topper counters the sagging of a bed by evening out the indents and bumps, and it can be used regularly to prevent additional sagging. Both latex and poly-foam toppers work well for this purpose, but memory foam mattress toppers are the best.

Understandably, with a more even sleeping surface, you will be well-rested and comfortable. However, depending upon how old the mattress is, you may need to get a whole new mattress itself instead of a mattress topper.  

How long do memory foam mattress toppers last?

The average lifespan of all types of mattress toppers, including memory foam ones, ranges from three to five years. However, this period depends upon the quality of the mattress topper. In the case of cheaper mattress toppers, the lifespan of the topper can be reduced to a couple of years. 

On the other hand, the best quality memory foam mattress toppers can easily last for up to ten years, depending upon certain factors. These factors include the frequency of use, weight of the people using it, thickness and density of the memory foam, maintenance, etc. 

Just keep in mind that the thinner the topper, the more quickly it will wear out. And the reason for that is because the top layer of cells in such mattress toppers crumbles quickly, and there is less memory foam underneath it. 

Additionally, heavy and obese people can speed up the process of wear and tear by adding extra pressure to the foam topper.  

Luckily, you can extend the life of a memory foam mattress topper by following certain methods. These include rotating the topper periodically, regular cleaning and maintenance, and using a high-density foam topper.  


Memory foam mattress toppers are among the latest inventions in the sleep products industry, guaranteeing deep and comfortable sleep. 

Due to their immense popularity, the market is full of different types of mattress toppers from various brands, with the memory foam topper being a highly popular choice. Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the topper which is most suitable for your requirements, and now, it is time to share our favourites from the list. 

The Emma Flip Topper is our favourite choice as it can provide adequate cushioning and offers two different levels of firmness. Additionally, another excellent choice would be the Zinus Memory Foam Topper, which comes with CertiPUR certification and a one year warranty. 

So, choose your preferred option and say goodbye to restless nights for uninterrupted sleep. 

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