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Best Bed Frames In Australia

Zinus Ironline

This metal and wooden bed frame is exceptionally sturdy and looks stunning in most homes, thanks to its minimalistic appeal and the wooden slats.

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Zinus Mia King

The simple design and clean lines make this one of the best bed frames on the market.

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Emma Box Bed

The superior comfort levels and added height makes the Emma Box Bed one of Australia’s best bed frames to consider. 

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Koala Timber

This Koala bed base is one of the only ones that come without flat slats, giving it an edge over others.

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Koala Paddington

One of the most stunning upholstered beds from Koala, this bed base is an exceptional pick for both modern and traditional homes.

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There can be nothing worse than low-quality, squeaky bed frames. But fortunately, finding the right bed frame isn’t too much of a task. 

With adequate research and testing, you will be able to find the best bed frames for your home. Whether you need metal bed frames or ones made of solid wood, we have gone through several products and done the job on your behalf. 

So, if you are in need of a new bed frame and want to explore your options, take a look at our list. After weeks of extensive testing, we have reviewed some of Australia’s best bed frames that we are sure you will love for your home.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Some Of The Best Bed Frames Are:

1. Zinus Ironline Industrial

One of the first products we want to introduce you to is the Zinus Ironline Industrial, a pinewood and metal bed frame for double-sized beds. The bed frame style features an industrial design with a low profile and clean, minimalistic lines. With tubular steel metal body and a pinewood headboard and footboard, this bed frame is a sight to behold.

Its interior steel framework and solid wood construction give it high durability to last for decades. Furthermore, it is designed to withstand heavy mattresses and weight without bulging or snapping under pressure. With a 5-year warranty and super easy assembly, this is one of the best metal and wood bed frames you can consider for your double bed.


Although it can be an excellent option for most homes, the base of the bed frame is quite low. 


This metal and wooden bed frame is exceptionally sturdy and looks stunning in most homes, thanks to its minimalistic appeal and the wooden slats. Its reinforced centre beam also gives it additional durability, unlike other bed frames. 

2. Zinus Mia King

Next up, we have the stainless steel minimalist bed frame from Zinus Mia for king-sized beds. Those looking for the best king bed bases with a metal inner frame and durable wood slats will love the design of this unit. Featuring a beautiful blade shade, this high-quality bed frame comes with foam-padded tape that significantly reduces noise due to movement. 

Plus, the manufacturer has added non-slip tapes on the wood slats to prevent your mattress from slipping during the night. One of the best features of this great bed frame is that it has extra storage space underneath the bed slats. This gives you adequate room to store suitcases, clothes, shoes and other items. Plus, the 5-year global warranty makes this an ideal bedroom furniture that you must consider.


Most king or queen-sized mattresses hang out slightly from the edges of the bed base.


The simple design and clean lines make this one of the best bed frames on the market. You will love the storage space underneath for conveniently keeping clothes and other items. 

3. Emma Box Bed

Have you been looking for the best upholstered bed frame that has a simple design and fits into most modern homes? Take a look at the Emma bed frame, one of Australia’s best bed frames to bring home. This natural timber upholstered bed features patented FlexiSlats with curved flats for tailor-made perfection and comfort. When it comes to upholstered bed frames, you can’t go wrong with this unit.

Furthermore, its AirFlow bed base allows optimal breathability and provides ultimate comfort during sleep. Made with an upholstered headboard and high-quality materials, this bed frame is the ideal choice for most homes. The designers have given this bed frame a hotel-level height so that it is easier for you to get in and out of it without discomfort. Finally, its 5-year manufacturer’s warranty gives customers more faith in the product.


Those on a budget may not find this product to be the right choice, as it is slightly expensive. 


The superior comfort levels and added height makes the Emma Box Bed one of Australia’s best bed frames to consider. 

4. Koala Timber Bed Base

Searching for a wooden bed frame for a single bed, double, king, or queen size bed? The Koala Timber Bed Base can be an excellent option. After going through dozens of bed frame reviews, we were delighted to see how much customers loved the Koala bed frame for their homes. So, we decided to test it ourselves and were surprised by its sturdy construction and high durability. 

In fact, the Koala Timber Bed Base has proudly won the Good Design award for the best wooden bed frame in Australia. We found that assembling this bed takes a few minutes and no tools – it is that simple and convenient! Furthermore, the 120-night trial is impressive and gives you a chance to test the timber bed frame before taking the plunge.


It’s pretty easy to hurt your shins against the bed edges in the dark or if you aren’t careful.


This Koala bed base is one of the only ones that come without flat slats, giving it an edge over others. Plus, the storage space behind the headboard and super easy assembly make it one of the best timber bed frames you can opt for.

5. Koala Paddington Bed Base

Finally, we want to talk about the Paddington Bed Base from Koala, one of the most stunning and sturdy upholstered bed frames in Australia. The manufacturers have put extra effort into designing this timber bed base, using padded upholstered side rails to prevent injuries to users resulting from accidental bumps against a sharp surface. Moreover, its strategically-angled headboard is ideal for resting after a long day.

Made of beautiful Victorian Ash hardwood, this upholstered bed looks gorgeous in any bedroom. Furthermore, the flat pack slats are designed with sturdiness in mind, so there is no unnecessary wobbling or slipping off your memory foam mattress. Made with high-quality materials, this queen frame is an excellent pick for anyone who wants to enjoy a good night’s sleep.


We felt that lining up the bed frame to hook into the crevices can be challenging for some users. 


One of the most stunning upholstered beds from Koala, this bed base is an exceptional pick for both modern and traditional homes. Also, we love the storage space provided behind the bed head for storing pillows, charges, and other gadgets or accessories. 


Where To Buy Cheap Wooden Bed Frames?

If you are on a budget and are looking for cheap wooden bed frames, we recommend searching online for the best bed frames in Australia. Typically, most websites offer new customers some discounts and offers which can help you save money. However, you can also go through online forums and look at bed frame reviews to find cheaper alternatives on the market. 

While you may find several discounted products on third-party websites, we recommend always going through the official websites to purchase bed frames. This ensures that you have the benefit of the manufacturer’s warranty on the product and can be assured of high-quality products at all times.

How To Fix A Creaky Bed Frame?

There are a number of DIY methods that you can use to fix a creaky bed frame. Creaky bed frames usually occur due to loose joints or sprung slats rubbing against each other. So, begin by checking the joints and curved slats on the bed frame. If required, tighten any loose bolts you can see and lubricate the joints. 

You can also cushion squeaky wooden slats with socks, towels, or shirts, using them as a buffer or a barrier between the bed frame and slats. Besides, an uneven floor can be the culprit behind creaky bed frames, so consider adding some sort of cushion under the legs of the frame to fix it. 

An important thing most people forget to do is to rotate their mattresses regularly. Doing so can help prevent lumps and an uneven surface on the mattress. You can also get a mattress topper to help this.

However, did you know that rotating the mattress can also fix a creaky bed frame sometimes?

Often, the feet of your bed frame may be rubbing against the floors, causing annoying creaking sounds. In this case, consider using furniture pads or a DIY cushioning method to dampen the sounds.

Now, if your bed doesn’t have a metal frame but a wooden one, it is important to note that the wood joints rubbing against each other could cause a creaking sound. To prevent this, place some cork in the creaking areas of your bed frame. It will also help fix any imbalance if it exists.

Finally, if you cannot fix the creaky bed frames on your own, we recommend contacting the manufacturer for professional help. You can also call a local service person to check out the bed base and frame to fix this issue.

How To Stop Squeaky Metal Bed Frame?

Before we tell you how to stop metal bed frames from squeaking, you need to understand why this happens in the first place. Typically, the squeaky sound originates from the metal parts rubbing against each other during any kind of movement on the bed.

One of the reasons for this could be improper assembly. However, this may also occur due to wear and tear or heavy usage of the bed. Moreover, you should also consider checking the box spring and the headboard and baseboard to look for issues.

Moving on, let us tell you how you can stop a metal bed frame from squeaking.

One of the best ways to stop squeaky metal bed frames is to lubricate them, but ensure that you purchase the right type of oil for metal bed frames. Otherwise, you may end up damaging them. WD-40 is an example of a high-quality lubricant you can use for a metal bed frame.

However, if you don’t want to invest in this lubricant, there are a couple of cheaper alternatives you can explore. For one, you can choose to add a bit of wax or oil to a squeaky bed frame, and most types of wax will work for this method. In fact, you can even use candle wax if you don’t have anything else.

Alternatively, you can consider adding padding to the metal frames. You can use an old sock, shirt, or any other soft item to do this. Or, if you want a more durable option, consider adding foam bed padding to the metal frames. 

Loose joints can also be the culprit of squeaky metal bed frames, so check every part carefully and tighten anything that appears to be loose. You can also add a washer in between the bolts and the bed frame to help them fit closely and stop the squeaky sounds.

If all else fails, you can call a professional to get the bed base looked at.

What Is The Best Bed Frame For A Heavy Person?

Metal and steel bed frames are among the best ones you can get for a heavy person. While solid wood bed frames can also be sufficiently durable, heavy-duty steel bed bases are by far the best option. 

Before purchasing bed bases, ensure that you check the manufacturer’s description and weight capacity details of the bed frame. Also, make sure that you opt for a supportive mattress that can withstand pressure and weight so that the frame shape is not compromised.

Although some people may think that a good mattress is the best solution for heavy people to enjoy a proper night’s sleep, this isn’t entirely true. Indeed, a comfortable mattress can completely change your sleeping experience; however, a sturdy bed base is just as important.

Here are a couple of things to consider when purchasing a bed frame for a heavy person:

1. The weight capacity 
2. The construction material 
3. Extra support legs
4. The type of slats it has and the spacing between them
5. The ease of setting up the bed frame
6. The warranty period and trial period 
7. Whether the bed head has padding and cushioning to prevent noise 

Can A Bed Frame Cause Back Pain?

Opting for low-quality bed frames or those made from cheaper alloy materials can definitely cause back pain and bone and joint issues in the long run. When it comes to purchasing the best bed frames, it is advisable to look for those with sturdy construction, high-quality materials, and a reinforced steel frame. 

Furthermore, it is essential to purchase mattresses that support back issues and can provide comfort. Sleeping on the wrong sized or shaped bed frame can lead to multiple health issues, so it is always best to consult a professional when purchasing one. 

Another little tip for those with back pain is to opt for a higher bed with flat pack slats. These can be a better option than going for bouncy curved wooden slats, as they may cause unnecessary stress on the lower back and neck. 

Often, we don’t even realise when it is time to get a new bed base to replace our old ones. In this regard, an upholstered bed frame can be an excellent choice for a new bed, especially if you want to avoid back pains and injuries

That said, there are a couple of signs you need to look out for, which will tell you that it’s time to change a bed frame. Carefully consider if:

1. The mattress hangs out too much or does not fit properly on the bed frame 
2. The fabric from the upholstered bed frame is fraying or damaged
3. The slats on the bed frame are curved or bent out of shape
4. The bed frame is creaking 
5. You notice split wood 
6. There are loose screws or damaged hardware 
7. The bed frame feels uncomfortable during sleep 

Where To Buy Unique Bed Frames?

If you go through our list of bed frames carefully, you will find that most of the products that we have included have unique designs that can complement any bedroom decor. However, if you are looking for unique bed frames, consider searching online for the best options. 

You can also choose to customise your bed bases by providing specific details about the size and shape to the manufacturer. Many brands and websites offer this option to their customers, and you can design an incredible customised bed frame that is completely unique and complements your bedroom personality best. 

Unique bed frames can completely change the look and personality of your bedroom. However, it is vital to take into account the rest of your bedroom decor like your hybrid mattress. After all, you wouldn’t want your new bed base to clash with the rest of the decor of the bedroom, so it might be best to ask a professional for guidance or look online for inspiration.


After going through our detailed review-based guide on the best high-quality bed frames in Australia, which one have you picked for your home? 

Before purchasing any bed frame, we recommend checking the bed frame size and measuring your mattress size accurately. Also, compare the different products to gauge what type of bed frame would fit best in your home. Whether you want a sunset bed or a Venice bed depends entirely on your personal preference. 

Overall, we loved the Zinus Ironline Industrial bed frame due to its industrial-style design and high durability. However, those looking for a simpler bed frame with clean lines and edges can also consider the Zinus Mia King for their homes.

So, with all the information at hand, you are finally ready for a new bed for your home. Don’t delay any longer; pick the best bed frame and enjoy the most comfortable and peaceful sleep to start the day fresh!

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