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Noa Mattress Review

Tired of tossing and turning aimlessly on your old mattress?

Well, it’s not your fault – the mattress should be blamed for your turmoil. Your sleep quality directly depends on the quality of your sleeping surface. So, to get your much-deserved forty winks, you should consider buying a new mattress.

And we’re here to help you with our honest and fact-based Noa review. Continue reading for more details!

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Noa Mattress Review


Before talking about the Noa mattress in detail, we’d like to discuss some of its outstanding features:

  • Poly-knit antibacterial Tencel cover
  • Natural latex support
  • Adjustable firmness
  • Seven layers for maximum comfort
  • REACH-certified temperature regulating memory foam layer
  • Low Volatile Organic Compound emissions
  • 120-night trial
  • Free delivery in one to ten business days
  • Full refund on returns
  • Ten-year mattress warranty

Sleeping On The Noa Mattress 

Experts say that the Noa mattress was designed to provide next-level comfort and dreamy support. And we can say that it passed with flying colours based on its award-winning performance and excellent customer response. 

First off, Noa isn’t the kind of mattress that sinks down the moment you put your weight on it. For your reference, it is rated a solid seven on the firmness scale and offers maximum support with special attention to the pressure points. 

Furthermore, one of its unique qualities is that it is plush, despite being firm, and suitable for all body types and sleep positions. So, all stomach sleepers and side sleepers can enjoy its benefits.

Another notable quality – Noa is composed of seven layers, all of which are stuck together using a water-based adhesive that reduces heat retention and keeps you cool. We’ll elaborate on these layers in the next section, but for now, let’s discuss a little more about the Noa mattress feel.

The surface is anti-bacterial and breathable, so you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief while hitting the hay. Even the back and shoulder support is phenomenal, so no sleeping position will hurt the next morning. Lastly, the mattress stays cool and doesn’t feel like a heat pit, no matter how long you stay on it. 

Noa Mattress Construction And Layers

Having talked about the comfort provided by the Noa mattress, let’s discuss its construction and durability, along with its constituent layers. This is an important aspect that is often overlooked by homeowners. The material and build of the mattress play a pivotal role in determining the overall sleep quality, so you should look into that front before purchasing.

Therefore, to ensure that you get the restful night’s sleep that you deserve, here’s a rundown of all the layers present in the Noa mattress:

1. Topmost Comfort Layer 

The first mattress layer is made of an ultra-soft and exceptionally breathable fabric called Tencel. As the top is directly exposed to microorganisms, this layer has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties to keep your skin safe. 

Additionally, its hand-tufted minimal body impressions construction doesn’t let it get messy or wrinkly with use. It compactly secures the support and comfort mattress layers in one place, keeping them intact. 

2. Cooling Layer

Providing superior breathability, support, and bounce, the second layer is made of sublime and cool open-cell latex. It is also hypoallergenic for added safety and specialises in cradling the sleeper’s body while maintaining a cool temperature throughout the night.

Moreover, it’s fair to say that the latex layer provides cloud-like bouncy comfort because it is buoyant, responsive, and supportive, especially for your back, hips, and shoulders.

3. Gel Infused Memory Foam

You might have heard of the unparalleled temperature regulation provided by gel-infused memory foam already because it has been the talk of the town lately. And undoubtedly, the layer stands up to these expectations by eliminating the heat out of the mattress and keeping you cool. 

Furthermore, it has been certified by REACH for its innovative technology of providing extra support to the body’s pressure points. It has exceptional contouring, pressure relief and cushioning properties, making it a must-have for people with chronic back pains or slip discs.

4. Transitional Layer

The next layer was added by the makers to solve the petty squabbles spouses usually have due to sleep movements. After all, there’s no denying that it is annoying when one person on the mattress changes their sleeping positions too frequently. That’s what this zero-disturbance transition layer focuses on.

It is made of adaptive transition foam, which offers motion isolation so that your partner’s movements stay localised and don’t disturb your beauty sleep. 

5. Pocket Spring Layer

All the layers above the transitional one are thin and provide added comfort, but post that, the layers become structurally integral and form the base of the mattress. Supporting this statement, the pocket spring layer is thick and composed of multiple pocket springs. 

Moreover, these individual springs are pocketed in a breathable mesh to promote good airflow in the mattress. Since they are composed of durable thick gauge steel, the springs make the mattress extra bouncy. 

6. Edge Support

Moving on, the Noa mattress is encased by a nine-metre thick high-density foam for added sturdiness. This provides an increasingly comfortable sleeping surface and saves all other layers from sagging. You can say that it’s like a foam box that snugly keeps all the mattress constituents in place, adding several years to their lives.

What’s more, the edge support is practically like a comfort barrier that protects the individually pocketed steel springs, isolating them from all other parts.

7. Side Perimeter

Much like the mattress cover, the side perimeter is deep-hand tufted with noteworthy details on the breathable quilt made from poly-knit. Its function also resembles the pillow-top as it keeps the fabric wrinkles and creases in check.  

That said, we’ve discussed all the layers that make up the Noa mattress. Being familiar with them will definitely help you understand their qualities better. Let’s move on to other specifications now.

Weight, Thickness, And Dimensions Of The Noa Mattress

What if you order the mattress of your dreams, but it is two sizes smaller than expected? Now that’d be a major turn off, and that’s why we’ll tell you the nitty-gritty of Noa mattress sizes beforehand. 

To begin with, it is available in five different sizes, and all of them come in different weights and dimensions with varied price tags. So, here’s a breakdown of these variations:

  • Single: 92 x 188 x 28 cm and weighs 25 kgs
  • King single: 107 x 203 x 28 cm and weighs 31 kgs
  • Double: 38 x 188 x 28 cm and weighs 36 kgs
  • Queen: 153 x 203 x 28 cm and weighs 44 kgs
  • King: 183 x 203 x 28 cm and weighs 55 kgs

We recommend opting for single or king single if you sleep alone, while the others would work well if you have a partner. 

What’s The Cost Of The Noa Mattress?

The unique selling point of the Noa mattress is that it’s luxurious yet designed to fit all budgets. It’s far more affordable than its competitors without compromising on quality or durability. To get the exact idea, read through the prices mentioned below:

  • Single: $449
  • King single: $549
  • Double: $649
  • Queen: $749
  • King: $849

On top of this, you can get the whole set consisting of the alternative down pillow and the mattress protector. However, note that they aren’t complimentary with the mattress, so you’ll have to shell out some extra cash for them.

Noa Coupon
DEAL: Winter Sale | $400 Off all Mattresses

Some Other Features

Not only is the mattress loaded with top-quality features, but it also comes with an excellent service from Noa Mattresses. For starters, if your experience has left you sceptical and unsure if this one would stay clear of sagging or losing its shape, we’ve got good news. 

The brand provides a trial period of 120 nights so that you can try out the product first-hand. And if it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you are free to send it back and get a full refund, no questions asked. You need not even pay for the pickup charges, as the company will come and get it from your house for free.

Next, everyone knows that pick-up trucks and movers charge a bomb to carry the mattress to your room. But the company is generous enough to provide free and fast shipping to save you the hassle of transportation. Furthermore, your Noa will reach your doorsteps within one to ten business days of placing the order. 

What makes things even better is the 15-year warranty that covers visible indentations greater than one inch. It can also be availed of in case of splits and cracks in the foam. 

Is Noa Mattress The Right Choice For You?

Undoubtedly, the mattress is pristine and offers everything people generally expect in a mattress. But the bigger question is if it’s well suited for your personal needs? For deciding that, you need to consider the following factors:

1. Firmness

If you’re looking for a mattress that is firm and doesn’t sink down while you sit on it, Noa mattress will serve the purpose. But if you’re looking for something more plush and soft, you’ll be better off buying some other product. 

That’s because, though Noa is adequately plush, it leans on the firmer side and is designed to support the back properly instead of creating a depression. 

2. Size 

Hopefully, you’ll find this mattress in your preferred dimensions, as the company offers five different sizes. So, there’s a good chance that size won’t be a constraint. 

3. Weight

You can say that this mattress is slightly heavier than the average weight; hence, it may be a little difficult to move it around single-handedly. But it only weighs more because of its intricate seven-layer construction, and you can easily shift it with another person’s help.

4. Layers

If you want top-notch comfort with the softness of Tencel and breathability of natural latex foam, this one will fit the bill. The memory foam layer underneath regulates the temperature well, and thick pocket springs give it a bounce. Not to forget the responsive foam that maintains the medium-firm feel.

All in all, all the layers work together like a unit and provide the maximum support possible. Therefore, people with back problems and chronic pains should definitely consider buying this mattress. 

5. Price 

Despite its grandeur, Noa doesn’t come with a luxury price tag. It is a comfortable mattress, made to fit most budgets and costs less than other mediocre options on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should The Noa Mattress Be Setup?

The Mattress is versatile and can be placed on a platform or slatted bed frame. It can also be kept on a box spring or on the floor if that suits you. 

How To Clean The Noa Mattress Cover?

Since the mattress cover is non-removable, putting on the protector immediately after purchase is recommended. But the minor spills and stains can be cleaned by gently dabbing with a mild detergent. Make sure not to rub the surface and avoid putting the protector back on unless it is completely dry. 

Verdict – Should You Buy The Noa Mattress?

Having discussed all the features, we can conclude that the Noa mattress is worth buying. Having seven layers, it provides superior quality support and is a durable addition to your bedroom.

It is available in five size options that fit the needs of most, not to forget its budget-friendly price. And the 120-night trial period and 15-year warranty reinforces our trust in this mattress. 

Furthermore, you need not pay for the shipping as the company delivers the product for free and even covers the pickup charges for returns. These qualities make the Noa mattress a smart purchase whose benefits you’ll reap for years on end.

That said, we’ll sign off for the day. Goodbye and take care!

Noa Mattress Review
Poly-knit antibacterial Tencel cover
Seven layers for maximum comfort
Ten-year mattress warranty
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