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Koala Mattress Review

To function at optimal capacity, human beings need a proper sleep of at least eight hours. 

Unfortunately, in our hectic modern lifestyles, getting a good night’s sleep is becoming more and more difficult. Issues relating to work, family and stress often lead to improper sleep schedules that affect productivity. And the problem becomes more complicated with a poor quality mattress that impacts the sleep cycle, causing health issues.  

While there are several measures you can take to deal with this problem, changing the mattress is among the most important steps that can help improve the quality of sleep. That’s why we’ve created this detailed review of the Koala Mattress, a high-quality mattress that offers maximum comfort for proper sleep and better health.

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The New Koala Mattress Review


Koala is a leading Australian manufacturer known for its range of premium quality home products that include beds, mattresses, sofas, and more. The new Koala mattress is a very popular choice in Australia, thanks to the range of useful features it offers. Let us take a look at some of these features before diving into the detailed review of this superb mattress:

  • Zero Disturbance Tech
  • Three-zone support with adaptable firmness levels
  • 10-year warranty
  • 65% polyester, 35% Tencel Lyocell 
  • 100% polyester anti-slip base fabric with PVC dot
  • Free trial 
  • Free and fast delivery
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • GECA certified
  • Anti-bacterial treatment

How Does The Koala Mattress Feel To Sleep On? 

The purpose of all mattresses is to ensure comfortable and peaceful sleep, and in terms of comfort, nothing comes close to the Koala mattress. It comes with the Zero Disturbance Tech, which ensures minimum disturbance while guaranteeing unhindered sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed. 

Besides that, the Koala mattress offers two different easily adjustable firmness levels. While one side of this flippable mattress has medium-firm support, the other side offers standard firmness. And selecting between the two is as simple as unzipping the mattress and flipping it to the preferred side. 

Another impressive feature of this mattress is its ability to control the temperature and promote better breathability. Like other Koala mattresses, this one also has a 7cm comfort layer of Tencel Lyocell fibre, which helps absorb and release moisture more efficiently. This helps your body remain cool all through the night while sleeping. 

Moving on, this mattress provides support to areas like the hips and shoulders, preventing your body from sinking into it. Not only is this vital for maintaining a healthy sleeping posture, but it also reduces pressure from such points, providing greater relief. 

Then, there is an anti-slip bottom which reduces the movement of the mattress by creating friction when it is placed on the bed frame, ensuring greater stability and comfort. 

What’s more, this comfortable mattress has antimicrobial additives which do not allow conditions for germs and harmful microbes to propagate. The manufacturer has used anti-bacterial treatment to ensure that germs and harmful microbes stay away while ensuring the highest social, environmental, and ethical standards. This enhances the level of hygiene while simultaneously reducing the level of maintenance that the mattress requires. 

Finally, you’ll be happy to know that the Koala mattress comes with both CertiPUR-US and GECA certifications. 

What’s The Koala Mattress Made From?

Now that we’ve discussed how the Koala mattress can offer greater comfort while sleeping, it is time to look at the materials that go into its construction. Knowing about these materials is essential as they determine the quality, durability, and effectiveness of the mattress. 

Additionally, certain types of materials might not be suitable for you or your partner, and knowing about them beforehand can help save a lot of discomfort in the long run. It can even make the process of selecting the right mattress easier. So, let’s look at what the Koala mattress is made up of.

1. Tencel Lyocell Sleep Surface (Primary Comfort Layer)

The 7cm top layer of the Koala mattress is made of Tencel Lyocell fibres, which effectively absorb and release moisture. This prevents the heat from getting trapped in the mattress and ensures that your body remains cool all through the night, irrespective of your sleeping positions. 

2. Flippable Kloudcell Comfort Layer

The second comfort layer uses Kloudcell, a proprietary memory foam exclusive to the Koala brand. This provides the foam mattress in a box with one medium-firm surface, with the other side of the mattress offering standard firmness. 

3. Adaptive Core

The core of the Koala mattress is manufactured using an adaptive material that helps reduce pressure while sleeping by providing three high-density support zones. These three targeted areas of this support layer are meant to relieve pain and improve overall sleep quality. 

4. Anti-Slip Base Fabric

The anti-slip bottom of the Koala mattress is made up of 100% polyester with PVC dots that ensures stability and prevents the mattress from moving about by creating friction. 

Weight And Thickness

How comfortable you will be on a particular mattress also depends upon its dimensions, and that is why they should be an important consideration when selecting a mattress. The dimensions include not only the size of the mattress but also its weight and thickness. And these determine the ability of a mattress to be able to provide adequate support to the entire body. 

For instance, some people prefer a thinner spring mattress that provides firm support and is easier to get in and out of. This also makes it easy to move the mattress about if required. On the other hand, a thicker mattress is more suitable if you want a plusher, softer feel.

Fortunately, the Koala mattress offers a wide range of sizes that can make it simple to select one which meets your requirements perfectly. Here are the different measurements of the new Koala mattresses available for purchase:

  • Single size: 25 x 92 x 188 cm, which weighs 20.47 kg
  • King Single size: 25 x 107 x 203 cm, which weighs 25.25 kg
  • Double size: 25 x 138 x 188 cm, which weighs 29.98 kg
  • Queen size: 25 x 153 x 203 cm, which weighs 35.43 kg
  • King size: 25 x 183 x 203 cm, which weighs 42.04 kg

 The King or Single King size is the perfect option if you sleep alone, while other options are more suitable for couples. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Even though Koala products are not the most economical options on the market, this mattress is among the more affordable choices from the brand. It is a great mattress with superb build quality, and you don’t need to break the bank for purchasing it. 

  • Single mattress: $750
  • King Single mattress: $880
  • Double mattress: $1,000
  • Queen mattress: $1,050
  • King mattress: $1,250

What’s more, you can even purchase the entire set of the new Koala mattress online, in case you require bedding, which includes a set of sheets and a pillow. However, do note that you will need to pay separately for each of these products.

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Bonus Features

Besides being known for its high-quality furniture and mattress products, Koala is the only Australian brand to be a part of the “1% for the Planet” campaign. The company donates 1% of its gross sales revenue to organisations that work for conserving the planet.

Additionally, it is a B-corp certified business that is constantly working to create a sustainable economy. 

As for the mattress itself, Koala makes selecting the right product a simple process by offering a 120-night free trial on all its mattresses. This facility helps customers test the new Koala mattress before making a decision, especially since purchasing a mattress involves a significant investment of both time and money. 

Moreover, the process of getting a refund is very simple. If you are not satisfied with the mattress you’ve selected, simply contact the team and place a request for a refund.

The brand also offers a warranty of ten years on the new Koala mattress. The warranty covers large damages to the mattress for the entire period, ensuring a worry-free experience.  

Finally, what makes the entire purchasing experience even better is the fact that Koala offers free returns in several areas in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Thus, you can simply throw out your old mattress and replace it with this value for money option without hesitation.

Other Koala Mattresses

In case the Koala mattress does not work for you, there are other alternatives available online that you can check out. There are two other mattresses on offer along with this mattress, so let’s take a quick look at them. 

1. The Koala Calm As Mattress

The Koala Calm As mattress is a worthy choice for those who are not constrained by their budgets. 

It comes with a 7cm polyester comfort layer and COOLMAX fibre, specially designed for wicking moisture to ensure your body remains cool while sleeping. Besides being suitable for Australian nights, it is a great option for hot sleepers in general. 

Additionally, it features two different levels of firmness, including firm and medium-firm, for meeting varied sleeping requirements. And there’s the StayPut Edge Support feature that prevents the mattress from moving about while you change your sleeping position. 

2. The New Koala Soul Mate Mattress

Among the three different mattresses from Koala, the Soul Mate mattress has been designed for those wanting the most luxurious sleeping experience. 

It comes with a bamboo charcoal memory foam that allows you to sleep better while enhancing hygiene in a natural yet effective way. On top of that, six support layers provide optimised support to each part of the body along with its Sensapole technology, helping control the temperature for a relaxing experience. 

The adaptive foam springs are another noteworthy feature of this mattress since they allow it to react to your body’s movements and adjust accordingly to help you sleep soundly.

Is This The Right Mattress For You?

The Koala mattress takes the components that made the original Koala mattress great and makes them even better. Instead of using regular memory foam like other online mattress brands, Koala has used Kloudcell, which is a polyurethane Dunlop foam offering greater breathability and better support. 

This foam also ensures zero disturbance, which means you won’t get disturbed even if your partner keeps fidgeting all night long. Additionally, the bottom has an anti-slip coating that guarantees stability while you sleep, ensuring that the mattress stays in its place.

Last but not least, this mattress comes with GECA and CertiPUR-US certifications, which means you won’t have to worry about bacteria and germs infesting it. 

Thus, the Koala mattress is a compelling choice if you are restrained by your budget but do not wish to compromise on quality. However, if you are willing to spend more, both the Koala Calm As and Soul Mate mattresses are worth considering. 

Final Verdict

The Koala mattress is the perfect choice if you are looking for a product that offers maximum comfort but does not require you to break the bank. 

It offers two different levels of firmness as well as a highly efficient cooling technology, making it suitable for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. Plus, it can be used by both single people and couples, thanks to its zero disturbance construction. 

The only downside to this impressive mattress is that it does not come with side handles. However, that is a minor complaint and can be easily overlooked, as there are no other issues with this mattress.

If you have any doubts, check out the customer reviews, which are available on the manufacturer’s official website, where all the features of this mattress have been explained in detail. 

And with that, it is now time to conclude this new Koala mattress review. Hopefully, it proved helpful to you in finding out if this mattress is worth purchasing. 

Koala Mattress Review
Zero Disturbance Tech
Anti-bacterial treatment
100% polyester anti-slip base fabric with PVC dot
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