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Dusk And Dawn Signature Review

In the fast-paced world we live in, it is not surprising that prioritising health, rest, and sound sleep has become the ultimate mission.

Just like everyone else, you’re probably looking for the simple pleasures in daily life- enjoying a good meal, relaxing with a book and sleeping comfortably. Indeed the quality of your sleep can affect the entire day ahead of you. This is why ensuring adequate hours of undisturbed sleep is recommended by doctors and fitness coaches alike.

In case you were interested in upgrading your regular mattress for a delightful and cozy one, we’ve found the perfect pick. We decided to dig deep into the features of the Signature mattress by Dusk and Dawn, a popular brand in Australia. 

Awarded as Australia’s Best Spinal Care Mattress in 2022, we felt sure you’d love this mattress just as many others in the country do. So, here’s our compilation of all the details you need to know about this mattress… 

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Dusk and Dawn Signature Mattress Review 


Before we touch upon the nitty-gritty aspects of this award-winning mattress, we wanted to highlight the best aspects of this option. So, out of many reasons, here are the few that we loved about this mattress:

  • Comfort stretch fabric
  • GECA certified
  • Eco-air comfort technology
  • 100-day comfort guarantee
  • Anti-bacterial guard
  • Power edge support
  • 3D mesh breathable gusset
  • Australian-made
  • Fast delivery

How Does The Dusk and Dawn Signature Mattress Feel To Sleep On?

Above everything else, a mattress needs to fulfil the criteria of providing comfort and relaxation to the body. With the Signature mattress by Dusk And Dawn, you do not have to worry about this one bit because it is all they strive for. 

Since the makers solely focus on the user experience, they created a mattress that not only allows sound sleep but also feels no less than an indulgence. Its soft materials made of the highest quality fabric make the mattress irresistibly smooth and silky to touch. In fact, the premium Australian wools used for the mattress are perfect for drifting into a quick and relaxing sleep.

With the independently encased pocket coil system, your body gets targeted support in five main zones. As such, the mattress offers maximum body contouring and better body support using high-quality materials. 

Additionally, you get ISO coil independent pocket springs that offer maximum airflow properties between each comfort layer. So, sleeping on the mattress gives the perfect back and spine support with superior memory foam. 

Also, did you know their GECA certified foams are perfect for regulating body temperature? The premium mattress gives you a cooling effect due to warm seasons and feels warmer during colder seasons. To add to that, you get an Italian Graph-Tek foam that is naturally anti-microbial, ensuring a hygienic sleep environment. 

Besides, the Dusk And Dawn Signature mattresses use natural wool that is widely known to have better insulating properties. And, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the silk-blend quilt layer, which is by far the most luxurious material you can use in any hybrid mattress.

What’s The Dusk and Dawn Signature Mattress Made From?

The search for the ultimate sleeping experience ends here. Awarded as Australia’s best luxury mattress by Sleepy’s Express in 2022, you can expect only the highest quality from Dusk And Dawn Signature mattresses. Apart from mesmerising customers with its luxurious and modern look, the mattress has plenty of hidden features that you will love.

When we talk about hidden features, we mean the nine innovative layers that make up the entirety of this mattress. Yes, you read that right; the makers have painstakingly researched what makes a mattress the very best and incorporated them all in this Signature mattress. 

1. Outer Fabric Shell

The whole mattress is enveloped in a premium outer layer that uses a more luxurious material than any other mattress. With hard-wearing properties that withstand wear and tear, prepare yourself for using the mattress for many years to come.

2. Power Edge Support

The next layer is a firm foam box that upholds the mattress support system. Since it creates maximum surface support, it is an essential component of the Signature mattress. The edges get firm support, thus keeping the structure in place. 

3. ISO Coil 5 Zone Pocket Spring System

Essentially, this layer consists of an independently encased pocket coil system with five targeted zones for total body support. These support zones take the bulk of the body weight and remain stable, so you don’t need to worry about movement since it will minimise partner disturbance. 

4. ISO Coil Mini – 5 Zone Mini Pocket System

Carefully placed on top of the previous layer is the independently encased and zoned micro pocket coil system. It provides five additional support zones for key areas of the body while also allowing efficient airflow. These sections are specifically designed for back support and provide a comfortable night’s sleep. 

5. Premium High-Density Comfort Foam

The next layer consists of a highly breathable comfort foam that assists in pressure relief and balanced body temperature. These comfort foam layers play a role in maintaining optimal temperature regulation and promote heavenly sleep minus night sweats.

6. Graph-Tek Graphite Comfort Layer

You may find this strange at first, but a graphite memory foam layer in your mattress has many advantages. This layer adds another support system to the mattress structure while maintaining breathability and sufficient airflow. With the use of natural graphite minerals, this memory foam layer also prevents microbial growth.

Thus, you can enjoy a clean sleeping environment, stress-free. 

7. Eco-Air Comfort Technology

One of the last layers, such as this eco-air layer, is designed explicitly with improved breathability and excellent thermoregulation properties. Experience the ultimate comfort while sleeping as this layer slightly brings down the body temperature.

8. Australian Natural Wool-Silk Blend

The use of pure wool and silk in this layer makes it a superior, highly breathable, and natural comfort layer that regulates body temperature splendidly. Not only that, but this natural fabric is anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite, thus promoting hygienic sleep.

Hands down, this wool-silk blend is finer, softer, and lighter than plain wool, which automatically improves your comfort and sleeping experience. 

9. Comfort-Stretch Fabric With 3D Mesh Gusset

On top of all these layers, you have a premium knit, stretch fabric surface panel that feels exceptionally soft to touch. Also, this is combined with a 3D mesh gusset for maximum airflow and breathability. The soft layer also maintains a comfortable temperature while you sleep soundly. 

Weight And Thickness

The weight of objects becomes essential when they need to be transported across rooms or while moving houses. Of course, frequent movement and transportation call for a lighter mattress. Similarly, a thin mattress might not offer proper back support.

While purchasing, don’t forget to check the size and dimensions of the mattress to match your bed. Note that Signature mattresses are 38 cm high, which is slightly higher than average mattresses. So, if you are looking for bedsheets for a Queen size mattress, be sure to buy a sheet in Super Queen size to get the right fit. 

Here are the size and weight details-

  • Single: 29 x 92 x 188 cm, weighing 25.73 kg 
  • King: 38 x 183 x 203 cm, weighing 65 kg
  • Queen: 38 x 153 x 203 cm, weighing 60 kg
  • Double: 38 x 137 x 188 cm, weighing 58 kg
  • King Single: 38 x 107 x 203 cm
  • Single: 38 x 92 x 188 cm 

How Much Does It Cost?

You may be wondering if this mattress is available in retail stores, but all of Dusk And Dawn products are sold exclusively online. There is a pretty good reason for avoiding retailers altogether, and the main reason is to keep the cost reasonable. The makers know that once they start selling their quality mattresses to retail stores, the product cost will double. 

Instead, they wish to provide the customer with value for money by eliminating the retailers and making their Australian made workmanship widely available. Here’s what the original and discounted prices look like currently-

  • King: $3,549 discounted price $2,999
  • Queen: $3,249 discounted price $2,699
  • Super King: $4,149 discounted price $3,599
  • Double: $3,149 discounted price $2,599
  • King Single: $3,049 discounted price $2,499
  • Single: $2,749 discounted price $2,199
Dusk And Dawn Signature Coupon
DEAL: Black August Sale | Save up to $550 off + further $300 OFF using code: BLKAugust

Bonus Features

1. Firmness Options

An interesting feature about a Signature mattress is that they offer three levels of firmness which can be customised based on your preferences. The three comfort types are plush, comfy medium and firm support. 

a) Plush Mattress

This one is the absolute softest and plush mattress Dusk And Dawn provides. The mattress cushions your entire body, helping you fall asleep in all its snug layers. This mattress stands at 3 or 4 on a firmness scale out of 10.

b) Comfy Medium Mattress

There’s something about the medium-soft mattress that appeals to the masses. Thus, it is no surprise that this mattress, with a score of 5-6 on the firmness scale, is the most popular one. This option gives a slight sink in feel while offering full support to the body. 

c) Firm Support Mattress

For those of you who love sleeping on firm surfaces, this option is exactly what you need. However, this hard mattress with 7 or 8 on the firmness scale does not compromise on comfort just because it provides additional back support.

2. 100-Day Comfort Guarantee

With Dusk And Dawn, you get a 100-day comfort guarantee after purchasing the Signature mattress. This guarantee allows you to get the mattress adjusted to suit your individual needs precisely. So, you can request the team at Dusk and Dawn to change the firmness during the first 100 days of purchasing the mattress. 

If after this free firmness change you are still not satisfied with the product, they will refund the money if an additional 30 days have passed. Note that the shipping fee is not eligible for refunds.

Is This The Right Mattress For You?

With this mattress, it is difficult to go wrong with firmness because they offer customisations tailor-made to your needs. Essentially, the 100-night comfort guarantee is another feature that allows you to use the product and understand it well before committing to it. Plus, you can try the mattress for 30 days which is enough time for your body to adjust. 

After this period, if you feel dissatisfied with the product, the company collects the mattress, adjusts the firmness and returns it to you free of cost.

Also, the brand does not burden the environment by tossing out any unused mattresses. Instead, they take out or add layers to match the customer’s needs. 

Besides, this is one mattress that will suit everyone since you don’t have to think twice about the comfort and relaxing aspects. As far as delivery is concerned, they deliver all across Australia, including the regional areas, with metro areas enjoying free delivery.

Apart from that, all Dusk And Dawn products, including foam, fabrics, and wool, are Australian made. The brand uses GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) and Oeko-Tex certified materials that help maintain the environment. And by using Australian wool, this brand supports local farmers and companies.

Lastly, this mattress has all the right elements to upgrade your sleeping experience. So, if budget permits, consider investing in a high-quality product like this one which is sure to be worth the cost.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, if you wish to enhance your sleeping experience, it doesn’t get better than Dusk And Dawn Signature mattresses. With the option to customise mattress firmness and enjoy layers upon layers of foam, coil, fabric, and wool, you can experience the magnificence of sleeping luxuriously. 

It was apparent that the brand wanted to leave nothing to chance, so they used the best quality materials from local sources. But, we suggest looking into a few customer reviews to know others’ opinions about the product as well. 

Ultimately, we hope this in-depth review helped widen your perspective and clear any doubts about the Dusk And Dawn Signature mattress!

Dusk And Dawn Signature Review
Eco-air comfort technology
Anti-bacterial guard
Power edge support
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