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Best Mattress For Airbnb

Emma Comfort

This versatile, supportive and pocket-friendly mattress is backed by a long trial period and warranty.

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Dual comfort layer allows you to choose between firm and medium-firm support, this option is perfect for those who move a lot and don’t want to disturb their partner.

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Dusk & Dawn

Packed with Eco-Air comfort layers, dual coil formula and hundreds of pocket springs, the Dusk & Dawn Signature provides unparalleled comfort and pressure relief. 

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Emma Diamond

With memory foam and pocket springs, this durable mattress will fit right in your vacation rental property.

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Delta Sleep

Delta sleep mattress is a great holiday let if you have an Airbnb on a beach.

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Maintaining a restful environment in your Airbnb is of prime importance.

After all, the visitors should be able to enjoy a fulfilling sleep on their vacation. And for that, you’ll have to ensure that everything from the sheets to the bed frame is cosy and homely. This stands especially true for the mattress as it can make all the difference. 

You wouldn’t want your guests to be tossing and turning on the bed all night long out of discomfort. Nor would you like it if they feel too hot or sink inside the mattress. So, if you’re looking for the best mattress for Airbnb, we’ve got a few tried and tested suggestions for you. 

Want more details? Then dive right in!

Some Of The Best Mattress For Airbnb Are:

1. Emma Comfort

Starting off our list, we have the Emma comfort mattress that was awarded as the Top Scoring Mattress of 2021 by CHOICE®. Specially designed for Australian sleepers, this one can accommodate everyone. So, whether your guests sleep on their stomach, back, or side, comfortable sleep is guaranteed because of its high-quality polyether and plastic foam that adapts to the body well. 

Furthermore, its innovative Airgocell® layer regulates the mattress temperature and won’t get hot despite all its plushness. If you don’t believe it, go ahead and give it a try as the company offers a 100-night trial and 10-year warranty. What’s more, it comes in five sizes and will fit most bed frames like a glove. The weight can vary from 17 kg to 35 kg, depending on your preferred dimensions. 


Our only complaint is that the king-size weighs 35 kg, which can be difficult to move in a rental property


This versatile, supportive and pocket-friendly mattress is backed by a long trial period and warranty. All types of sleepers can give it a try to enjoy a temperature-regulated and comfortable sleep. 

2. Koala Mattress

Moving on, the next vacation rental mattress on our list is from Koala. It is a medium-firm mattress that can be tweaked as per your preferences in a jiffy. The mattress is well-suited for every sleeper and has three support layers to keep you comfortable in any position. So, when your customers are back to the Airbnb after a long day of sightseeing, the mattress will provide them with a restful night’s sleep. 

Furthermore, there are five sizes to choose from, but the king size is our favourite owing to its large surface area. The hybrid mattress, certified by GECA, features a special cushioning to prevent you from sinking inside the plushness. And for those who move a lot in sleep, it has an anti-slip bottom, reducing the mattress movement on the bed frame. 


With top-quality material and construction, the Koala mattress comes with a high price tag. 


Since the dual comfort layer allows the user to choose between firm and medium-firm support, this option is perfect for those who move a lot and don’t want to disturb their partner. Similarly, the anti-slip comfort base is also a great addition to the cause.

3. Dusk & Dawn Signature

Whether you are looking for a plush mattress or a hard one, this option is for you. The plush design is rated 3-4 on the firmness scale and cushions the body softly while providing pressure relief at crucial points. At the same time, the comfy-medium firm lies at levels 5-6 and offers the perfect combination of plushness and support. 

However, those who want a hard mattress can opt for the firm 7-8 one. So, you get all the types in one model; just choose whichever one you feel is perfect for your Airbnb. The signature has a unique construction with more than 1,000 pocketed springs in the double-decker Iso-mini and Iso-coil system. Plus, its dual coil design is hands-down the best thing for those with back or spinal issues.


This one is the priciest option on our list and will not fit tight or medium budgets.


Packed with Eco-Air comfort layers, dual coil formula and hundreds of pocket springs, the Dusk & Dawn Signature provides unparalleled comfort and pressure relief. 

4. Emma Diamond Hybrid

We’ll finish our list with the Emma Diamond, one of the best hybrid mattresses on the market. It is a high-density memory foam and pocket spring mattress that’ll make a fitting vacation rental. Firstly, the foam layer is dusted with graphite to keep the temperature low. Next, the springs provide firm and bouncy support to provide maximum pressure relief. And to top it all, the mattress toppers are anti-bacterial and machine washable.

If you have any last-minute bookings, you can still order this mattress and receive it in two to seven business days. Also, its hybrid construction is up to date and exceptionally good for stomach sleepers. What makes things even better is its affordable price tag that won’t break your wallet.


It lies in the higher firmness range and isn’t the best choice if you want an ultra-plush mattress.


With memory foam and pocket springs, this durable mattress will fit right in your vacation rental property. It is the perfect medium firm choice for side sleepers and guarantees a good night’s sleep after a tiring day. 

5. Delta Sleep

Our next pick is the Delta Sleep mattress, which is the best option for joint support and soothing pains. Since it is Aussie-owned, it is built with the firmness preferred by most Australians. What makes it even better is its adaptive temperature technology that stays cool in summer and hot in the winter months. And thanks to its revolutionary Intellicool Technology™, it is the best mattress for beach rental. 

Talking about the construction, the top layer is about 7cm thick and cradles the body’s alignment without sagging. Therefore, no matter how much their partner moves, your guest won’t feel any disturbance. To top it all, it comes covered with an environmentally-sourced Tencel, which is super breathable, moisture-wicking and soft. Lastly, you need not worry about its performance, as it is backed by a 120-day money-back guarantee. 


It is a soft memory foam mattress that doesn’t have pocketed springs.


Delta sleep mattress is a great holiday let if you have an Airbnb on a beach. Providing maximum body support, it will help your guests wake up energised on their vacation. 


How To Make A Bed For Airbnb?

Making a bed for Airbnb is simple; you just need to do it methodically and with precision following these steps:

1. Declutter The Bed
Take everything off the bed, including the comforter, sheets, pillows and cushions. Also, move the mattress every few days to ensure that the bedframe is clean and nothing gets lodged in it. This will also keep the bed bugs and other insects or fungi at bay. 

2. Spread The Fitted Sheet
Get a soft and breathable, good-quality fitted sheet and put it on the mattress, tucking it snuggly in every corner. You can also use suspenders to keep it taut so that it doesn’t come out due to too much movement. 

3. Fit The Top Sheet
Spread the top sheet over the fitted one with the large hem towards the foot of the bed. Then, tuck it in, preferably in the hospital corner style, to make it last longer. Be sure to straighten it out, removing all the creases before tucking.

4. Put On The Comforter Or Duvet
Moving on, put on the comforter or the duvet, folding it a little from the top to avoid getting trapped by the pillows. This way, the bed will remain more accessible without disturbing anything.

5. Fluff The Cushions And Pillows
Lastly, fluff the pillows and place them nicely on the bed. You can even spray some lavender essential oil on top to help de-stress the vacationers after a long day of travelling.

Should You Use A Mattress Protector For Airbnb?

Yes, you should use mattress protectors for Airbnb to be on the safer side. More often than not, mattress toppers are made of non-washable material, and you cannot risk spilling something on them. So, in order to keep yours safe from such strains and spillages, using a protector is a must, as it can be taken off and conveniently washed in the washing machine. 

However, it is important to note a few things while buying a cover. You’ll have to pay close attention to the fabric, ensuring that it is breathable and regulates the temperature well. Even better if it is anti-bacterial and bed bug-resistant. 

Speaking of which, the Australian Made Fitted Protector is an excellent choice. It is made of 100% fine cotton with a well-ventilated polyester filling. Furthermore, it fits the mattress well, owing to its 40 cm long skirt with durable elastic bands. What’s more, with the reliability of Luxor Linen, it is non-allergenic and comes in five mattress sizes, namely, single, king single, double, queen, and king.

The best part is the comforter is pretty water-resistant, so if your guests have babies or toddlers, you can consider protecting the Airbnb mattress with this one. 

What Mattress Should I Buy For Airbnb?

All the options mentioned on our list are worth considering if you’re looking for an Airbnb-friendly mattress. If you have a limited budget, Emma comfort is a durable and cost-effective option. However, if there aren’t any budget constraints, you can give the Koala mattress a chance.

That said, a mattress isn’t the only thing one needs in an Airbnb. You’d also need proper bedding, bed frames, pillows, etc., so we have a few suggestions for you:

1. Best Bedding For Airbnb
Once you buy the perfect mattress, it’s time to find the best bedding for it, for which we recommend the Merryfeel Linen Quilt Cover Set. This set is woven with pure French flax for a high-end luxury finish and might be the best fit for an elegant bedroom. 

Moreover, it is a queen size three-piece set available with two pillowcases and a quilt cover made of super absorbent linen. The material is well-suited for sensitive skin and has anti-allergic properties. So, top your temperature-regulating mattress with this bedding, and your guests will stay dry and comfy even on the hottest night. 

No doubt that cotton sheets give a smart and crisp look to the bed, but this linen set is for those who love sleeping in luxury. Its colour doesn’t fade like other low-grade fabrics, even after multiple washes, which is a useful feature in Airbnb bedding as it will be washed after every customer uses it. 

2. Best Sofa Bed For Airbnb
Those who want to save both money and space can invest in a sofa cum bed instead of the traditional bed frame and mattress. And if you agree with us, then you might like the Koala Cushy Sofa Bed, voted the “product of the year” in its category. 

You can pick from three sizes – single, double, & queen and four colour options. So, if your Airbnb has a dark and modern theme, this sofa bed will fit right in with its cool and elegant colours. The user will be able to go from sitting to sleeping mode within a few seconds (hassle-free), and they’ll surely appreciate the extra space when the bed isn’t in use. 

Although it is a little pricey, it is the comfiest solution for small rooms and compensates the price in terms of durability. Backed by a five-year warranty and 120-night trial, this one is made to last for a long time with a supportive polyurethane foam layer. Not only is it perfect to sleep on, but it also provides all-angle sitting support with cushioned arms and a perfectly-tilted backrest. 

3. Best Bed Frames For Airbnb
Coming to bed frames, investing in a sturdy one is a wise thing to do, and the Zinus Ironline Industrial will fit the bill perfectly. This sleek metallic model has a low profile and elegant lines with a pinewood headboard and footboard.

Furthermore, it is constructed with closely-placed gorgeously-grained wood slats with a robust steel framework and interior. Plus, its compact size and easy assembly give it an edge over others. Speaking of size, the frame is available in four sizes – single, double, queen, and king. 

How To Improve Airbnb Listing?

No matter how good your Airbnb services are, they won’t matter unless customers know about them or can access them easily. In this modern world of online presence and marketing, it’s important for your business to be high up on the Google listing for feasible conversions. So, here are a few easy ways to boost your Airbnb listing:

1. Complete Your Airbnb Profile
First and foremost, your profile should be a hundred percent complete to build customer trust. Airbnb equates complete profiles with active hosting, so the more information you provide, the more likely you will appear in the top results. 

Simply put, it’s a way to portray that you’re responsible and serious for hosting guests. So, don’t leave a single profile section empty; do the research and take out the time to give out genuine information in a coherent manner. If you aren’t sure about what information to put out, there are several tools and tutorials that’ll help you.

2. Update Your Calendar Regularly
Once your profile is complete, your job doesn’t end there, as the easiest way to improve your Airbnb SEO is by keeping the calendar up-to-date. It’s logical because your services will appear in the top listing only when the open dates are clearly mentioned. This will ensure that you never miss potential bookings.

Furthermore, the Airbnb algorithm favours the hosts who are responsive and actively update their booking status. As a result, your business will attract more bookings and inquiries, which in turn, will positively affect your listing.

This move is so efficient that even a monthly update can increase the chances of bookings by 70%; hence, you can only imagine what weekly updates could do.

3. Set Appropriate And Competitive Prices
Moving on, Airbnb suggests suitable prices once you make a profile based on your location, amenities and accommodation quality. But if you don’t find them appropriate, you can refer to some externally-sourced price calculators.
However, note that simply choosing the right price won’t help your listing or beat the local competition. For that, you need to stay in tune with the competitors, keep an eye on their prices and adjust yours accordingly. It’s advisable to keep the charges lower than your rivals until your reviews build up.

4. Keep Your Services Flexible 
To satisfy the maximum search permutations, it’s best to keep your services flexible. Meaning, the more options you provide, the better your listing rank will be. 

For instance, some Airbnbs offer bookings for a minimum of three days, because of which, they won’t appear in searches for one night stays. But if you are flexible enough to host guests for only one night, you’ll be shown in a higher number of search results. The simplest way out is to widen your services and provide as many amenities as possible; the more unique, the better. 

5. Use Appropriate Visuals, Illustrations And Photographs
The importance of quality photographs cannot be argued, not only for attracting more customers but for a high SEO ranking as well. In fact, Airbnb provides photography programs in select cities for certain criteria listings. So, if you fit in these categories, do go for these sessions.

On top of increasing your bookings by 20%, the Airbnb watermark on the photographs optimises your SEO listing on its own. The best part is, you won’t even have to pay for these sessions, as they’ll automatically get paid with your future bookings. Experts say that the majority of the hosts cover the cost in just one night. 

6. Be Attentive And Responsive
As we already mentioned, updating the calendar is crucial; similarly, responding to customer queries and your response speed also affect your SEO. Not many people know this, but being ignorant and unresponsive to these inquiries downgrades their listing.

So, by actively answering, your ranking will increase significantly, and you’ll never be penalised. For those who cannot take the time to address all guest queries, there are softwares to optimise this aspect. 

7. Avoid Booking Cancellations
Airbnb heavily penalises the hosts who inconvenience the guests by cancelling their bookings last minute. Therefore, ensure accepting only those bookings that you are entirely sure of. 

At times, there’s mismanagement or miscommunication among the workers that often lead to double bookings, so make sure such accidents are kept to a minimum. To avoid such situations, using a central calendar that clearly blocks occupied dates is prudent. 

8. Build A Social Presence
Lastly, just like other search engines, Airbnb also trusts the hosts that are active on multiple platforms. Linking your other social media business accounts to the Airbnb profile can have a huge positive impact on your listing. 

Want to go the extra mile? Create engaging posts, provide internal links, give call-to-action captions or start a public Airbnb wishlist.

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To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, making your Airbnb comfortable and cosy is essential. Your visitors should feel at home on their vacation, and the mattress plays a huge role in establishing that. Hence, we hope that our guide on the best mattresses was helpful for you.

Before signing off, we’ll let you in on our favourite pick. Without a doubt, the Emma comfort comes out on top because of its affordable price point and comfortable all-foam mattress design. It is the best Airbnb mattress and provides unparalleled all-position support.

That said, we’ll wrap up for the day. Goodbye, take care and happy hosting!

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