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Best Pillows In Australia

Calming Pillow

True to its name, this germ defence pillow helps you maintain a clean and germ-free sleeping environment.

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Emma Pillow

This is one of the best memory foam pillows that offer contouring and support for side, back and stomach sleepers.

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Koala Pillow

We’d say that this product is suitable for people looking for a memory foam contour pillow without breaking the bank.

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Macoda Pillow

This Macoda pillow will be a good investment if you’re a naturally hot sleeper.

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Sleeping Duck

This zero-gravity foam pillow combines the comfort of a memory pillow and the flexibility of latex for all-round comfort.

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Getting a good night’s sleep requires much more than, well, sleep!

It requires you to have the right bedding that provides all the comfort and support your body needs at the end of a tiring day. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that most people spend days searching for the suitable material, thickness and size.

So today, we will assist you in the process by reviewing the top 7 pillows that have garnered praise from people across the country. Dive in, then! 

Some Of The Best Pillow Are:

Calming Blankets Pillowed Germ Defence Pillow

Featuring a three-layer design, the Calming Blankets pillowed germ defence memory foam pillow is one of our top recommendations. Its top cool silk cover is infused with the anti-microbial properties of charcoal and copper, which prevent the intrusion of acne-causing bacteria, germs, dust mites and mould. At the same time, it keeps the skin fresh and young-looking. Likewise, the middle layer is a breathable soft layer with anti-germ properties so that your pillow stays clean inside-out. 

It’s finished off with a purified charcoal-infused memory foam layer that facilitates proper ventilation and resists odour formation. The best part is that the pillow provides optimum support to the neck and head for a comfortable sleep. Plus, you can get it in packs of two or four, making it the perfect housewarming gift.


This pillow comes with a steep price tag, so you may have to extend your budget by a bit.


True to its name, this germ defence pillow helps you maintain a clean and germ-free sleeping environment. Additionally, it provides the right head and neck support to facilitate a better night’s sleep.

Emma Foam Pillow

The Emma foam pillow (70cm x 40cm) is a unique product that can be customised instantly to suit all sleeping positions and reduce the chances of neck pain. While the first layer is made of highly durable HRX supreme foam for proper weight distribution, the breathable Airgocell foam ensures temperature regulation for a cooling effect. Furthermore, the zero-gravity memory foam contours your head, neck and shoulders for maximum pressure relief.

Talking about the customisation, the brand suggests using all three layers for side sleepers to keep their head in the right position while aligning with the spine. Back sleepers should use two layers to support their shoulder and spine, while stomach sleepers will be comfortable with one layer. The moisture-wicking cover is compatible with all the layers and keeps you cool and dry throughout the night.


Removing and putting on the cover can be difficult, especially for the bottom layers.


This is one of the best memory foam pillows that offer contouring and support for side, back and stomach sleepers. In addition, the UltraDry moisture-wicking technology of the cover will please hot sleepers.

The Koala Pillow

Widely regarded as the country’s number one pillow, this Koala pillow also allows users to customise their experience by offering both a soft and firm side. The interior has an out-and-out gel-infused memory foam construction that keeps moisture and heat at bay. Besides, the well-ventilated design accounts for improved airflow, and the outside cover is a blend of polyester and Tencel Lyocell fibres. 

We like how the outer edges of the pillow are firmer compared to the middle for reinforced neck support. This prevents sore neck and helps users seeking neck pain relief. Some buyers are also of the opinion that it can easily be used as a contour pillow minus any awkward shapes or the hefty price tag. Lastly, the machine washable cover has a zipper design so that you can remove it anytime. 


People specifically looking for a firm pillow may not be impressed with the firmness of this one.


We’d say that this product is suitable for people looking for a memory foam contour pillow without breaking the bank. Its dual firmness feature provides ample support to the head and neck to eliminate any undue stress.

Macoda Pillow

The next entrant on our list is one of the best memory foam pillows – the Macoda pillow. It has a unique open design that promotes maximum airflow, keeping the pillow cool throughout.  And the special gel glaze coating reduces the buildup of heat to help you sleep cooler. 

The memory foam is infused with bamboo charcoal, which can effectively absorb moisture and drive away heat so that you don’t have to flip the pillow every time you sweat. Additionally, it can eliminate odour-causing bacteria to keep the pillow fresh and hygienic. It’s finished off with a bamboo pillow cover that feels extremely soft and luxurious on the head. Overall, this memory foam pillow does a good job of striking the right balance between comfort and support.


Since it’s not exactly a high-density memory foam pillow, the contouring may not be accurate.


This Macoda pillow will be a good investment if you’re a naturally hot sleeper. Moreover, the charcoal-infused memory foam interior reduces its maintenance needs.

Sleeping Duck AntiGravity Foam Pillow

Next, we have this Sleeping Duck pillow that’s made from the brand’s patented antigravity foam. Simply put, this pillow makes your neck and head feel weightless as if resting on a feather pillow – no matter what your sleeping position is. Beyond that, its 9.5 cm height is perfect for front and back sleepers. It will also keep your head popped up if you prefer sleeping on the side.

The interior of this pillow is equipped with the pressure-relieving properties of memory foam while providing users with the flexibility and mobility of any high-quality latex pillow. Hence, you get the right comfort and support, as it keeps your neck, upper back and spine aligned in different sleeping positions. You will also be happy to know that the brand uses the latest pressure expansion technologies (instead of chemical reactions) to fluff up the pillow.


Cleaning the pillow can be a hassle since the interior cannot be washed or even spot-cleaned.


This zero-gravity foam pillow combines the comfort of a memory pillow and the flexibility of latex for all-round comfort. Furthermore, thanks to the open structure of the pillow, it feels cooler and more comfortable than the standard latex pillows.

Peacelily Latex Pillow 

If you’re on the hunt for a firm pillow, then we have something that may just fit the bill. This affordable unit is made from 100% natural latex and an organic cotton cover, which helps buyers make an environmentally conscious purchase decision. However, rest assured that it won’t compromise on comfort or support, as the mid-level firmness provides the right support for the neck and head for different sleep positions.

Like some other pillows on our list, it has an open design (with big perforations) that enables proper ventilation through all the layers. Besides, the high-thread-count natural cotton cover repels heat and moisture, thereby keeping your head cool and dry all night long. But our favourite attribute is its affordable price tag, which ensures that you don’t have to break the bank to buy it.


In the absence of firmness variations, it may not be suitable for people who prefer soft pillows.


If you want a Eco friendly firm pillow that’s compatible with any sleeping style, then this product is worth considering. The blend of natural materials ensures that you don’t remain exposed to harmful toxins and chemicals in your sleep.

Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow (Chiropractic Pillow)

The Elviros cervical memory foam pillow has the right contour specifically designed to keep your back, shoulders, neck and head perfectly aligned. Buyers loved the slope angle on this one, which keeps their head in proper position and prevents it from rolling off the surface. Its structure adheres to the natural curve of the body, thereby facilitating maximum airflow for reduced snoring and uninterrupted sleep.

Furthermore, its core is made of high-density memory foam that serves the dual purpose of keeping the pillow in shape and providing the right blend of softness and firmness. In terms of variations, there are two weight and height options to choose from, which suit all sleeping positions. Even tummy sleepers can experience the benefits of reduced stress on the vertebra and spine.


The firmness of the slow rebound memory foam interior may not be suitable for everyone.


This high-quality pillow from Elviros can function as an effective chiropractic pillow, preventing undue stress on the spine and vertebrae. Moreover, its zip-on pillowcase and cotton interior cover mean you can tick off easy maintenance and comfort from your must-have list.

Sleeping Duck Vs. Koala Pillow

Both the Sleeping Duck and Koala pillow provide similar types of comfort and firmness, which prevent the head, neck and shoulder from excessive stress in different sleeping positions. The former effectively combines the pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam and the natural mobility of latex to ensure smooth position changes. On the other hand, the Koala pillow allows users to choose between a firm and medium-firm side by simply flipping it over.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Pillow Types For Side Sleepers?

We’d suggest side sleepers to go with pillows made from memory foam, buckwheat, latex, or feather. While memory foam adapts to the shape of your neck and head for better contouring and reduced stress, buckwheat pillows offer firm support. Plus, the firmness can be customised by adding or removing the buckwheat kernels.

Latex pillows, on the other hand, are designed to provide a similar contour to that of memory foam pillows with much more response. This means that they don’t sink your head too much- something which side sleepers will like. And feather pillows have the right amount of density that keeps the head and shoulder aligned with the spine. Their cooling properties will come in handy if you tend to sleep hot.

What’s The Best Pillow Material For Stomach Sleepers?

Stomach sleepers can also opt for the above-mentioned materials. But if you’re looking for something different, then a down pillow may fit the bill. 

Made from the under feathers of birds like ducks and geese, down pillows appear lightweight and fluffy at first glance. However, they become flat under the bodyweight of the sleeper, which helps align the spine and upper body, especially in case of tummy sleepers.

What Is A Down Alternative Pillow?

Down alternative pillows are usually made from different materials like shredded memory foam and microfibres. They provide similar characteristics to down pillows and are ideal for people who may be allergic to bird feathers or are looking for cruelty-free pillows.

What Are The Advantages Of Talalay Latex Pillows?

Talalay is a natural form of latex that has become a popular bedding material due to its open-cell structure and breathability. It has ample contouring or cushioning properties, which “hugs” the shoulders and neck to keep them aligned and free from any stress or pressure. 

Moreover, most Talalay latex pillows don’t contain any harsh chemicals and are considered naturally hypoallergenic. They generally last longer than traditional pillows and can resist dust mites without requiring heavy-duty maintenance per se.

Are Body Pillows Any Good?

Although some people consider body pillows only for decorative purposes, they can be highly functional provided you choose the right shape and size. In fact, they can help provide relief from various conditions like arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, bad posture, post-joint surgery recovery and body support during pregnancy.

For instance, you can buy a full-length body pillow (ranging between 54 and 72 inches long) for complete head-to-toe support and pain relief on the pressure points (shoulders, knees, etc.). However, you should make sure that the length of the pillow is compatible with your height and the available bed space.

Aside from that, don’t forget to factor in the shape of the pillow. While C-shaped pillows are considered suitable for pregnant women, the U-shaped variants can aid back pain relief. And the J-shaped body pillows will appeal to side sleepers looking for full-body comfort.

What Is The Difference Between A Low-Loft and High-Loft Pillow?

The loftiness of a pillow refers to its thickness. Hence, a high-loft pillow will be thicker or fluffier than a low-loft pillow.  Although many people are tempted to go for a fluffier pillow, it may not always be the right choice, as it will depend on various factors. 

We’d strongly recommend choosing a low-loft pillow if you’re a stomach or back sleeper to keep your head and spine aligned and negate the risks of neck or back pain. Similarly, side sleepers should opt for high-loft pillows to keep their heads sufficiently popped up.

Are Memory Foam Pillows Better Than The Shredded Foam Ones?

Honestly, there’s no one answer that fits all users, as the decision will rest on your preferences. However, let us quickly point out some of the major differences between them to help you pick the right pillow according to your needs.

Memory foam pillows are designed from one single piece of foam, which usually has effective contouring properties. These are suitable for people who want some support for their heads without sinking down into the pillow. Additionally, this material reinforces the weight distribution property of the pillow, meaning it won’t put excessive or uneven pressure on the neck or shoulders.

Shredded memory foam pillows, as the name suggests, are made from multiple pieces of memory foam. This makes them more flexible or mobile compared to memory foam pillows, as the material can accurately take the shape of your head in different sleeping positions. The gaps between the foam pieces also make them more breathable.

In short, go for a memory foam pillow if you want firm support and a shredded memory foam pillow if you want more flexibility.

Are Wool Pillows Comfortable?

Although you may think that wool pillows lack comfort and support, the truth is that they are fast becoming a popular alternative to synthetic or chemically-designed pillows. Since wool is a natural fibre that can soak in moisture and help it evaporate within a quick time, it can make the perfect pillow for hot sleepers. 

Furthermore, its naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic strands can regulate body temperature, keeping you warm in winters and cold in summers. They also provide adequate firmness and stability, making these pillows ideal for all types of sleepers.

Should You Go For Polyester Pillows?

A polyester pillow can mimic the softness and bounce of a cotton pillow without burning a hole in your pocket. Hence, they are mostly preferred by people on a budget or those who like to change pillows often to change the decor of the bed. 

They are easy to care for and dry quickly, making maintenance a breeze. However, you should be wary of allergies or rashes, as the synthetic polyester filling can cause skin issues, especially in people who are prone to them.

What Is The Difference Between A Pillow Protector And A Pillowcase?

A pillowcase is designed to add a layer of decorative fabric on top of the pillow. Although they come in various shapes, sizes and colours, they don’t do a very good job of shielding the pillow from dirt, stains, or moisture. On the positive side, they are easy to clean and last for prolonged periods.

In contrast, a pillow protector is specially designed to protect the pillow surface from everyday dirt and moisture. They may add extra comfort to the pillowtop top. That’s why many people prefer adding a padded protector underneath the pillowcase.

You will also find dome pillow protectors that basically comprise thin layers of a waterproof material to resist the accumulation of sweat and humidity. Likewise, some protectors serve as a pillow cover so that you don’t have to purchase one separately.

How To Choose The Best Pillow Brand?

We’d suggest going through the customer reviews on the brand website and third-party websites. This will help you understand more about the product experience as well as the customer service offered by the brand.

While it may be virtually impossible to find the “perfect” brand with zero criticism, the best pillow brands are the ones that receive mostly positive reviews. You can also check the quality of customer service and the ease of replacements and refunds, if applicable.

How To Take Care Of Your Pillow?

The best way to take care of your pillow is to follow the maintenance guidelines provided by the brand. As a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended to wash the pillow cover once every 1 to 3 months and change or wash the pillow cover every week.

However, always check the instructions to see if you can wash it in the machine or need to hand wash it. In both cases, maintain the recommended water temperature and opt for tumble or air drying as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

a. On that note, here are some signs that your pillow needs cleaning:
b. There are stubborn stains or marks that can’t be spot cleaned
c. It has developed lumps in the middle or the corners
d. You have suddenly developed neck pain after sleeping on it
e. You have a headache or stuffy nose after waking up
f. The pillow smells mouldy or damp

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That brings us to the end of today’s guide.

While we give you some time to go through our reviews again to make the right decision, here’s a quick shoutout to some of our favourites. The Calming Blankets pillowed germ defence is one of the best memory foam pillows that you will find on the market.

But if you want to adjust the firmness of your pillow, then we’d suggest opting for the Emma foam pillow. No matter which option you choose, ensure that it’s of the right size and thickness to perfectly meet your needs.

See you next time, mate!

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