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Best Weighted Blankets In Australia

Hand Woven

This attractive blanket helps you get a night of restful sleep due to the even weight distribution provided by the weighted cotton-polyester blend fabric.

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Overall, this blanket provides a good night’s sleep, which is supported by the evenly distributed glass beads that create a calming pressure on the whole body.

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If you’re suffering from anxiety or insomnia, the even pressure created by the small pockets of glass beads in this affordable weighted blanket can give you much-needed relief.

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Oodie Grey

If you’re searching for the best weighted blankets meant for adults, you’ll love this one due to its optimal weight distribution.

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Knitted Blanket 

This is one of the best weighted blankets due to its unique knitted design, which has been engineered to apply personalised pressure on one’s body.

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Do you often have problems falling asleep because of anxious or stressful thoughts? Perhaps, weighted blankets can help calm you down. 

Unlike regular blankets, these blankets are typically filled with shifting weights or beads that put pressure on your body. The feeling is similar to a loved one hugging you throughout the night, stimulating your nervous system to feel at peace. 

Among the several benefits reported by regular users, weighted blankets are said to help with severe anxiety, feelings of depression, pain, and insomnia. Thankfully, you can get a variety of weighted blankets, including hooded blankets with suitable weights for your body. 

And if you’re confused about which one to buy, take a look at our carefully curated selection of the five best weighted blankets. Moreover, we have “weighed” the pros and cons to give you a better idea of what to expect.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Some Of The Best Weighted Blankets Are:

1. Hand Woven Weighted Blanket

Let’s begin with this hand-woven weighted blanket from Calming Blankets. Weighing about 9 kgs, it is made with a heavy cotton-polyester blend fabric rather than shifting weights or beads to provide pressure. The hand-woven fabric allows heat to escape, letting you use this blanket in all-climate conditions without feeling uncomfortable. And due to its breathable fabric, you can even consider using this as a secondary blanket during winters. 

What’s more, the weighted blanket is designed to stretch over your entire body to provide deep pressure stimulation. As the design does away with glass beads, the blanket is machine washable, which makes it easier to keep it clean. And the best part is that you get a 30-day risk-free trial to test if it can really help you fall into a deep slumber.


Unfortunately, this is one of the most expensive options on our list, which is a letdown to those looking for a budget buy.


This attractive blanket helps you get a night of restful sleep due to the even weight distribution provided by the weighted cotton-polyester blend fabric. Moreover, it measures 198 cm x 122 cm, making it a go-to while sleeping or lounging — whether you are alone or snuggling with a loved one. 

2. Bamboo Weighted Blanket 

The highlight of this product from Calming Blankets has to be the moisture-wicking Lyocell bamboo fabric with micro gaps that provide adequate breathability to restrict sweating. Moreover, it’s proven to have antibacterial properties for a hygienic and odour-free experience, even in sweltering summers. The materials are also hypoallergenic and dust-resistant, making the blanket an ideal pick if you face frequent allergy flare-ups. 

This blanket has been weighted using non-toxic and noise-free glass beads with evenly distributed weight for deep pressure stimulation for a restful sleep. And since it is available in three weight options of 4.5 kg, 6.8 kg, and 9 kg, you get enough options while picking a blanket corresponding to your body weight. Plus, all buyers get a 30-day “Love it or return it” trial period to decide if the blanket is meant for them.


Our only complaint is that the recommended outer blanket cover is not included in the product and needs to be bought separately. 


Overall, this blanket provides a good night’s sleep, which is supported by the evenly distributed glass beads that create a calming pressure on the whole body. And the breathable bamboo fibre makes it a cooling weighted blanket that’s incredibly comfortable for hot sleepers. 

3. BUZIO Weighted Blanket

Apart from providing an affordable option, the BUZIO weighted blanket happens to be a product that follows the Oeko-Tex Standard, guaranteeing that the makers limit the use of harmful chemicals. Instead, the blanket comprises high-quality materials, like breathable cotton and non-toxic micro-glass, that are safe for use. This popular weighted blanket is currently available in a 7 kg model suitable for most adults weighing 60-80 kg. 

The glass beads are evenly distributed and locked into the core using precision sewing between two layers of polyester padding that limits their movement. Moreover, the thin five-layer structure of this blanket keeps it breathable even in the hot summer months, ensuring you are always cool and comfortable. And there’s no need to worry when winter arrives — the premium cotton can retain enough warmth for a cosy night.


Like the bamboo weighted blanket, this one also comes without a duvet cover, even though the brand recommends its use to maintain service life. 


If you’re suffering from anxiety or insomnia, the even pressure created by the small pockets of glass beads in this affordable weighted blanket can give you much-needed relief. On top of that, the 100% breathable cotton layer and thin design ensure that hot sleepers remain comfortable throughout the year. 

4. Oodie Grey Weighted Blanket Bundle 

Oodie is a brand that carries some of the most innovative wearable blankets — this one being a combo of a cosy oodie and a premium weighted blanket. Non-toxic glass beads are filled into separately sewn pockets of the blanket to induce a relaxing deep pressure stimulation therapy for better sleep. And you can get it in various weight options, including 4.5 kg, 6.8 kg, and 9 kg. 

Besides, the highlight of this combo has to be the oversized hooded blanket that features a cruelty-free soft flannel fleece exterior and a sherpa fleece interior. It’s specially made to be used in the winters when you need that extra layer, even under a weighted blanket. This hooded blanket is available in cute colours and prints, while the weighted blanket is a classic grey. 


Though not really a drawback, we wish the weighted blanket was available in more sizes, especially so that it can cover couples sharing a bed. 


If you’re searching for the best weighted blankets meant for adults, you’ll love this one due to its optimal weight distribution. Moreover, the hooded blanket will be your everyday companion as the premium fleece layers feel equally comfortable throughout the year.

5. Knitted Weighted Blanket 

Finally, we have another knitted weighted blanket, which is well-loved due to its unique chunky knit design. Made by Neptune Blanket, this 9 kg piece comes in a size of 150 cm x 200 cm, making it suitable for one person or two. Either way, the loose-knit links get stretched or compressed based on your body shape to apply the optimal amount of pressure. 

One of the things we love about this chunky weighted blanket is the cotton and polyester blend material, which increases its breathability. You can use it every day without worrying about getting too hot, especially during the summer months. Plus, the blanket comes with a 30-day guarantee, so there’s no need to commit if the product doesn’t suit your needs. 


Some customer reviews pointed out that this weighted blanket smells odd when removed from its packaging, but a couple of washes should fix the issue. 


This is one of the best weighted blankets due to its unique knitted design, which has been engineered to apply personalised pressure on one’s body. Other than that, the chunky links make the blanket extremely breathable and cuddly — an ideal recipe for a relaxed sleep. 


Do weighted blankets help with stress and anxiety?

Yes, several studies on the use of weighted blankets have shown that they can help with anxiety and stress. These blankets can provide relief to adults as well as children, leaving them more relaxed for a good night’s sleep. 

It is worth noting that if you often have sleepless nights, it might be due to raised cortisol levels, a stress hormone. A weighted blanket may bring down the cortisol levels to induce sleep. As the cortisol levels come down, it may also help you deal with bouts of depression or other stress-induced complications. 

The weighted blankets also simulate deep pressure touch (DPT), which is quite similar to the feeling of a loved one hugging you. As a result, users may experience reduced chronic stress and lowered anxiety levels.

Some even believe that the pressure applied by weighted blankets can trigger your body to release feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin. Hence, it may lead to an instant mood boost while combating stress and anxiety. 

Overall, a weighted blanket can calm your overactive brain and nervous system by applying pressure to bring down the state of alertness. You can even use the weighted blanket while lounging or watching TV to reduce the day’s stress before going to bed.

Also, remember that choosing weighted blankets based on your own body weight can provide a cocooning effect, limiting too much movement during sleep. Some health practitioners even suggest using weighted blankets to soothe people after they have had a panic attack to decrease the possibility of further episodes. 

What’s the best way to clean weighted blankets? 

Believe it or not, most people are too scared to wash their weighted blankets. We understand that there’s always a fear of losing the glass beads or damaging the washing machine. However, rest assured that renowned brands design their weighted blankets to be machine-washable. 

Having said that, make sure to read the care instructions before you place an order for a weighted blanket. Following the directions will help you to prolong the life of your blanket and limit damages. Needless to say, we prefer to get machine-washable blankets as they are easier to maintain and keep clean, especially in areas with hot summers. 

Another thing to check before starting a wash cycle is the capacity of your washing machine and dryer. That said, some heavy weighted blankets may not get adequately cleaned in the usual household washing machines. In such a case, you’ll need to visit a commercial laundromat to get it washed, but be careful and remember to follow the care instructions. 

Typically, the blankets filled with micro glass beads or that don’t have weights can be machine-washed in a gentle setting and dried at low heat. On the other hand, variants with plastic fillers or premium fabrics may need to be hand-washed and air-dried. 

At home, some people prefer to hand wash the blankets in their bathtubs and air-dry them flat to reduce the possibility of stretching. Here, it is worth noting that you should never line dry a weighted blanket, especially when it’s made of knitted fabric, to prevent sagging and displacement of the weight. Let it sit on a plastic sheet for 48 hours and dry completely, and you may turn it over every four hours to speed up the process. 

Note that dry-clean-only weighted blankets should always be cleaned by a professional cleaner. 

What should be the weight of your weighted blanket? 

Well, one of the things to remember is that buying a weighted blanket isn’t as simple as picking up the first one you see in a store. Rather, it’s essential to spend time researching weighted blankets to find one that suits your needs. 

The most crucial aspect of choosing a weighted blanket is its weight, which creates the essential pressure to soothe your body. Typically, the weight of a blanket should be at least 10% of your body weight. For instance, if you weigh anywhere between 70 to 80 kg, the blanket should have a weight of 7 or 8 kg. Note that the recommended percentage may vary between 5-12% depending on the brand. 

Another thing to keep in mind while purchasing a weighted blanket is whether you are going to share it with someone. A couple may benefit from getting a blanket that weighs up to 15 kg as both would be able to feel soothed by the deep pressure. Just get a queen size or king size blanket to make sure that the blanket covers your whole body. 

However, if you have known breathing troubles, it might be better to choose a lighter blanket or avoid buying one. Luckily, most brands sell weighted blankets in diverse weight options so that people can pick one to suit their body weight and preferences. 

A great thing about weighted blankets is that they can be used by kids over the age of three who weigh at least 25 kg. You may want to purchase a weighted blanket for kids that usually have a weight of around 2-4.5 kg. It’s also recommended to consult a health practitioner before your child can start using a weighted blanket. 

How to select the best weighted blanket for yourself? 

Are you still confused about how to determine the best weighted blankets? Worry not, as we have gathered some points that will help you pick a comfortable product. But first, we recommend you calculate the ideal weight of a blanket for your body and then check the other features. 

A. Fabric 

One of the key aspects to check in a weighted blanket is the fabric. Most people prefer a breathable cotton fabric or bamboo fabric that allows proper airflow to keep the body adequately cool while sleeping. On that note, avoid synthetic fabrics that are either too thick or lack breathability, as they can make you quite uneasy. 

Many weighted blankets actually come with soft covers to keep the inner blanket clean and provide a more comfortable feel. Apart from the usual cotton cover, some are made of plush, luxurious minky fabric or silk for a cosy sleeping experience. 

B. Fillers 

People are often torn apart by the decision of choosing either glass or plastic beads. We will always suggest glass as it’s more sustainable and long-lasting. But when used properly, plastic pellets can work well, but they are often heaving owing to the larger size of individual pellets. 

Weighted blankets with micro glass beads are thinner and more breathable, but they tend to be costlier than those with plastic fillers. To get an affordable weighted blanket that’s thin and airy, you may even opt for products with a polyester filling. 

Another option that exists is hand woven or knitted blankets. The weight comes from using heavy yet breathable fabrics instead of uncomfortable fillers. These are also relatively easier to care for and can be regularly machine washed. 

C. Cover And Ties 

Most weighted blanket brands recommend the use of a cover to prolong its lifespan. A cover keeps it away from everyday dirt, pet hair, water, spills, or anything else that might ruin the fabric or harm the pellets. 

Even though a cover may not be included with a blanket, it should still have enough ties and loops. These will help you attach a cover to the blanket to keep it from getting too much movement, which can cause the beads to get displaced. 

D. Size 

To get the best results from a weighted blanket, you should stick to individual sizes. The blanket should be able to cover your body neck down to the feet so that the pressure is evenly distributed. 

Just make sure that the blanket isn’t hanging out of the bed, which may lead to sagging or stretching. It even increases the tendency for the blanket to end up on the floor by sliding off your body. The thumb rule is to choose a twin-size blanket for a queen-size bed and a queen-size blanket for a king-size bed. 

Can weighted blankets be used every night? 

When you choose a weighted blanket according to your body weight, it’s absolutely safe to use it every night. This is true for anyone who doesn’t suffer from issues like claustrophobia, respiratory problems, or any chronic ailments. In such cases, you should always consult a doctor before starting to use the weighted blanket. 

Even though it’s okay to use the blanket occasionally, you’ll be able to get most of the sleep-enhancing benefits by using it regularly. Besides, sleeping with a weighted blanket has been especially useful for those with sleep-related troubles or insomnia. 

Using the blanket every night lets you have the benefit of deep pressure stimulation, which can relieve excess stress and feelings of anxiety. Some define the stillness or state of restrictive motion to be like meditation as it sets the mind free and brings down the overactivity of your nervous system. 

Besides, sleeping regularly with a weighted blanket is said to benefit those who have arthritis. The blanket limits the movement of your body, so there’s less tossing and turning, which may reduce discomfort. Similarly, the deep pressure exerted by the blanket on your aching joints or muscles may provide relief from the pain. 

We would like you to note that the initial few days of using a weighted blanket may be a bit uncomfortable. But, you should get used to it within a week. If not, try out other weighted blankets or seek different methods of dealing with your anxiety and stress-related issues. In events when you feel suffocated or have breathing troubles, immediately stop using the blanket. 

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That’s everything we had to tell you about finding the best weighted mattress to help with anxiety and sleep issues. By now, you must know that there isn’t any one-size-fits-all when it comes to weighted blankets. 

Hence, we suggest trying out some blankets by taking advantage of the trial periods. On top of that, you must ensure that the blanket weight is at least 10% of your own body weight to feel the pressure. Also, check for blanket features like hypoallergenic glass beads, breathable fabric, and machine-washable parts to get added benefits. 

Coming to our favourites — the hand-woven weighted blanket by Calming Blankets is an overall high-performance blanket. It lacks the shifting weights or beads while having optimal comfort for hot and cold sleepers. 

Alternatively, the bamboo weighted blanket from the same brand is a better choice for those looking for a hypoallergenic, sustainable option with proper temperature control and gentle weight. 

Until next time!

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