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Australian Bed Sizes

You may have heard of a single bed, queen bed, and even king bed, but which one do you need?

Maybe you are looking for a new mattress or trying to figure out which bed size would be ideal for your room. In either case, it would help immensely to get to know the Australian bed sizes, so you can avoid the mistake of selecting the wrong size.

To help you out, we’ve created a short guide that explains all you need to know about bed and mattress sizes in Australia. So, without further ado, let’s find out more about the seven standard bed sizes

Bed And Mattress Sizes

The first thing you must know is this – bed and mattress sizes are not the same around the world. The sizes you see in the UK or the USA are very different from Australian ones. However, they are pretty similar to the ones used in New Zealand. Here in Australia, you will find five basic sizes: single, single king, double, queen, and king. 

Although these are the five basic sizes, some companies produce two extra options – long single and super king. Whether you are purchasing a mattress or bed, these sizes will remain the same for most stores and brands. In rare cases, the base might be slightly larger, but the corresponding mattress should fit them nonetheless. 

7 Common Bed Sizes In Australia

1. Single

This is the smallest size of bed or mattress available and is the smallest one for adults. The only thing smaller than this bed is a cot for very young children. Due to its compact size, it is perfect for children and younger teens in their bedrooms. It is also used in bunk beds, dorm rooms or exceptionally small bedrooms for adults. 

Basically, people with small rooms or those on a budget can make good use of this bed size. However, remember that it would be a tight squeeze for adults, and they would be better off with a bigger bed. A room of about 9 x 9 feet should be good enough for this option.

Dimensions: 188 x 92 cm 

Ideal for: Kids, young teens and adults with a smaller body frame 

2. Long Single

The second option you’ll find is the long single bed that is much longer than it is wider. This size could help growing children who are developing quickly and gaining height rapidly. It is also suitable for people who don’t move much while sleeping. 

Moreover, this size could be pretty helpful for adults who are planning to install a single bed in a smaller room. Anyway, remember to check the bed and mattress both before purchasing either one because not everyone stocks this size.

Dimensions: 203 x 92 cm

Ideal for: Tall sleepers who do not move much during sleep or single sleepers with small rooms.

3. King Single

If you are looking for a single bed with enough length and width to stretch, toss, turn, and wiggle around, try a king single. This option is longer than your average double bed, giving one person ample space to move around while sleeping. Don’t underestimate the extra length, for it prevents the dangling of feet over the edge for tall people.

Also, people looking to include an extra bed at home or make sleeping arrangements for friends and family can add this option to a guest room. Even if the room is 9 feet in width and 10 feet in length, a bed of this size can comfortably fit inside. 

Dimensions: 203 x 107 cm 

Ideal for: Single sleepers who need a little extra space to move around.

4. Double

Since a double bed is wider than the king single, adults or teens with a larger build can comfortably sleep on a bed of this size. Sometimes, two adults can fit in a double size bed, but it would not leave room to move around. It may be alright for a few days, but a larger size would be more suitable if two people need a bed for the long term.

This size is better for a single sleeper who likes to stretch on their back and needs a larger surface for moving around. Also, people who sleep with small pets will find this option pretty convenient. 

Dimensions: 188 x 138 cm 

Ideal for: Single sleepers who want to stretch during sleep, guest rooms, or even two sleepers for short periods of time

5. Queen 

Queen-sized beds happen to be the most common size Australians choose to sleep in. Its popularity can be explained by its ability to fit in standard rooms without taking up all the space. But, another reason people like it is because it fits two people comfortably. 

So, if you and your partner tend to move while sleeping, this size will prevent elbows from landing on each other’s faces! Alternatively, it can accommodate one sleeper comfortably with multiple pets. The good thing is, this bed will fit in an average 10 x 10-foot room without taking up too much space.

Dimensions: 203 x 153 cm 

Ideal for: Two sleepers in a standard bedroom or a single active sleeper

6. King

Here we have one of the largest bed sizes that pretty much serves best for a couple sleeping with pets or small children. This bed is around the same size as two king-size mattresses joined together, so you get more than enough length and width. With this option, there is plenty of space to move around and change sleeping positions.

However, this size can look overwhelming in a small bedroom, so opt for this one if you have a relatively bigger area. A 9 x 9-foot room might be small for this option, but a 12 x 12-foot area should be big enough to accommodate it.

Dimensions: 203 x 183 cm 

Ideal for: Two sleepers with young children or small pets 

7. Super King

The final size option you can find on the market is the super king making it the largest bed size available in Australia. This option is ideal for two sleepers who share the bed but still want plenty of space to themselves. In fact, this size can easily accommodate children and pets with some room to spare. 

Actually, this option is almost luxurious because you need a pretty large bedroom to fit this bed size while retaining some space. Keep in mind that not every mattress and bed store stocks this size. So, before buying the bed, check with them to see if the mattress of the same size is available too. 

Dimensions: 203 x 203 cm 

Ideal for: Couples or two sleepers with children or pets with room to spare, larger bedrooms

How To Select The Best Bed Size 

1. Size Of The Room

As we mentioned earlier, the room size will play a role in the final size of your bed. You don’t want to end up with a king-sized bed in a tiny room that barely leaves any place for other furniture. Even if the room is small, you can go for a double bed which is comparatively smaller and could accommodate two people for some time.

2. Number Of People Using The Bed

It is also important to determine the sleeping members of the family that will use the bed in the first place. Some families consist of a couple, a small child or a pet that needs to fit in the bed. In this case, you may need something large like a king or super king-sized bed to accommodate them all comfortably.

Similarly, a bed for the guest room may require only one single bed for solo guests, while a double bed is good enough for couples.

3. Age Of Individuals Sleeping

For instance, a child or teenager may not need anything larger than a single bed. Even if the teen in question is particularly tall, you may not need anything bigger than a long single or king single. But, if you buy a single for a fully grown adult, it might get uncomfortable for them to toss and turn while sleeping.

4. Budget

Write down the amount you are willing to spend on a brand new bed. Most families tend to buy queen-sized beds, and honestly, there is a huge range of options available at a reasonable price. Exceeding the budget slightly might be alright for some people if they are happy with the product overall. 

Final Words

Essentially, selecting a bed or mattress is a relatively long term decision, and you cannot pick them out in a hurry. We hope this short guide helps you the next time you need a new bed or mattress for the bedroom or guestroom. Since we have mentioned the dimensions and who can use the bed the best, you should have a decision ready in no time. 

That’s all for today, see you next time!

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