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Onebed X Review

After a gruelling day at work, all one wants to do is crash on the bed!

But unfortunately, a good night’s sleep is a luxury for some as every 1 out of 10 Australians suffer from mild insomnia. And lack of quality sleep bites back in the form of health problems like chronic back pain, weakened immune systems, and more. 

While there may be multiple reasons behind one’s sleeplessness, an uncomfortable mattress is the culprit most of the time. As such, we searched the market for popular hybrid mattresses and stumbled upon Onebed X.

Apart from offering excellent back and edge support, the mattress is backed by a 15-year warranty. And you even get a 125-night trial period, making this luxury mattress a valuable investment.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the deets of the Onebed X mattress…

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Onebed X Mattress Review


Before getting into the nitty-gritty, we wanted to highlight some features of this premium mattress that makes it a hit in the Australian market. So, here’s what makes Onebed X better than other mattresses out there… 

  • Suitable for all types of sleepers
  • 5-zoned pocket springs for advanced orthopaedic support
  • Charcoal foam ensures durability and freshness
  • Base foam offers edge support
  • Cooling gel and breathable fabric cover keep you cool at night
  • Zero partner disturbance 
  • Available in various sizes
  • Free shipping 
  • 125-night trial
  • 15-year warranty 

How Does The Onebed X Mattress Feel To Sleep On?

Comfort is key for any mattress, and Onebed X excels in this aspect! Catering to two types of sleepers- those who prefer plush comfort and those who require back support- the Onebed mattress offers a medium-firm feel. However, it is more on the firmer side, so we believe it is also suitable for those wanting a mattress to address health issues like back pain.

For back sleepers, this hybrid mattress feels like a warm and cozy hug as it shapes itself according to your body. But the adaptability does not mean any compromise on the firm support you will enjoy, thanks to the highly reactive springs. 

On the other hand, side sleepers can expect some sinkage, just enough to maintain your spine alignment. As such, you will not feel any strain on your shoulders, back, and hips, allowing for a comfortable slumber.

Lastly, stomach sleepers can also enjoy comfort and support as the mattress offers the ideal firmness for every part of the body.

On top of that, the foam layers of the mattress ensure minimum motion transfer, making it ideal for couples. So, even the lightest sleeper will not lose out on his/her sleep because of a sleepwalking partner!

Altogether, it is safe to say that Onebed X is suitable for any sleeping position. 

What’s The Onebed X Mattress Made From?

After understanding the feel of the mattress, the next most crucial factor is its material. While many buyers do not pay much heed to what goes into making the mattress, it largely determines its comfort level. For instance, if you live in Australia, where most areas experience hot, balmy nights, you’d want a mattress with cooling gel technology.

Moreover, if you’re allergic to certain materials like nylon, down, etc., checking the material of the mattress becomes all the more important. Hence, we’ve broken down the different layers of Onebed X to help you decide whether it is the right mattress for you.

1. Viscose Blend

First off, the mattress cover is made of a breathable blend of viscose, offering a silky “royal touch” to the Onebed mattress. In addition to that, the cover sports a cubic dimple-protruding design that provides a gentle texture underneath any bedsheet.

2. Davina Foam

Next is the top layer that provides breathability, buoyancy, and motion isolation. As such, the mattress has passed the wine glass test, allowing you to sleep comfortably with a partner.

3. Cooling Gel-Infused Memory Foam

The cooling memory foam layer further relieves your pressure points, offering weightless comfort all night long. Plus, its open-cell structure is infused with cooling gel, preventing hot flashes while you sleep.

4. Charcoal Memory Foam Layer

Interestingly, the charcoal memory foam layer not only adds to the already comfortable mattress but also makes maintenance a breeze. It even eliminates odour, maintains the temperature, and absorbs moisture.

Overall, even after years of use, the comfort layers of Onebed X will remain as good as new!

5. Pocket Springs

The 5-zoned pocket springs maintain the body’s weight distribution, thereby offering advanced orthopaedic support. As such, they support the painful pressure points of your body.

Hence, this layer offers a premium feel to the cozy Onebed mattress. 

6. High-Density Base Foam

Last but not least is the base foam that adds durability and edge support to the mattress. It holds the different foam layers together, and you get a 15-year warranty from the brand. So, you know getting a new mattress from Onebed is a safe bet!

Dimensions And Thickness

Thought the dimensions of the mattress only determine whether it fits your bed frame or not? Well, you’ll be surprised to know that it is just as important as the previously discussed factors in finding out the comfort level and quality of the mattress.

For example, a thin mattress will lose its shape within a few uses, while a thick mattress will be too difficult to maintain. Such mattresses may even be uncomfortable, especially for those with back problems. 

Moreover, it is essential to opt for a lightweight mattress if you often move houses or like to change your bedroom decor. This way, it’ll be easy for you to carry and pack the mattress as and when required. 

Thankfully, Onebed X is available in a variety of sizes, giving you the freedom to choose one as per your requirements. So, whether you want one for your bedroom for two or one for the kid’s room, there’s a Onebed mattress for all!

Here are the dimensions of the different types of Onebed X mattresses available…

  • Single: 92 x 188 x 30 cms
  • King Single: 107 x 203 x 30 cms
  • Double: 138 x 188 x 30 cms
  • Queen: 153 x 203 x 30 cms
  • King: 183 x 203 x 30 cms

How Much Does It Cost?

Since Onebed X is one of the popular luxury mattresses from the brand, you can expect it to be slightly more expensive than most mattresses. However, considering the advantageous features and warranty of the product, we think the premium price tag is justified. 

Given below are the prices of the different Onebed X mattress types… 

  • Single: $720
  • King Single: $930
  • Double: $1050
  • Queen: $1140
  • King: $1260

Note that you can opt for the complete set, which includes the Onebed protector and adjustable frame. Although you’ll have to pay for them separately, you’ll be able to bag attractive discounts by buying them together. 

Moreover, Onebed accepts payments in instalments, the details of which you can find on the official website. 

Onebed X Coupon
DEAL: EOFY Sale | Up to 55% off

Bonus Features 

Besides being a comfortably versatile pick, this hybrid mattress has a lot more to offer!

1. Easy And Quick Installation 

We know buying something as huge as a mattress often causes worries about unpacking and placing it in the right position. But with this Onebed mattress, that’s never an issue!

Basically, as soon as you receive the Onebed X mattress, you just have to perform three simple steps- unboxing, cutting the plastic, and unrolling. In just a few minutes, your mattress will be completely unpacked and it will release and decompress itself within the next few hours.

2. Compatibility 

Since Onebed X is designed to provide orthopaedic support, the brand has ensured that this hybrid mattress is compatible with an adjustable bed base. We recommend trying it with the Onebed Adjustable Frame that can be controlled conveniently with a remote. 

3. 125-Night Risk-free Trial

With online shopping, there’s always some level of uncertainty about the product. You cannot touch and feel it or even try it to figure out if the product is the right choice for you. But if you have such concerns about Onebed X, it’s time to let them go since the brand offers an impressive trial period of 125 nights.

We were further impressed to find out that the returned mattress is collected for free and donated to The Salvation Army. So, not only will you be getting rid of something you might never use, but also ensure a comfortable night’s sleep for someone less fortunate.

4. 15-year Warranty

While purchasing a Onebed X mattress, you receive a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty. Within the said time period, if your mattress requires any repair or replacement, you can apply for it for free. However, with any following claims regarding the same, you may have to pay the shipping and handling charges.

Other Onebed Mattresses

While we think Onebed X is our perfect cuddle buddy, you might not agree, and that’s okay! Currently, Onebed offers two more mattress models, so let’s take a look at each of them… 

1. Onebed Essential Mattress

Available at just half the price of Onebed X mattresses is this sweet and simple product. Despite its affordable price, the Essential offers maximum comfort and reliable support. 

Notably, the mattress boasts a simple two-layered foam design wherein the top layer adapts to the contours of your body while the bottom layer provides durable support. And like other Onebed mattresses, this variant also offers efficient cooling during hot summer nights.

2. Onebed Original Mattress

The most popular out of the lot is the Onebed Original mattress which offers customisable comfort, thanks to its multi-layered structure. As such, you can switch the position of the layers to choose from firm, medium, and medium-firm support. 

Moreover, the mattress is designed to bounce back in its original form when subjected to weight without affecting the surrounding area. So, rest assured of enjoying zero motion transfer when sleeping with your partner.

Is This The Right Onebed Mattress For You?

Speaking of firmness, this Onebed Mattress scores a solid 6.5, with 10 being the firmest. So, it is neither too plush nor too stiff, giving the best of both worlds- comfort and support! Additionally, the mattress is suitable for different sleeping positions and can be used with an adjustable bed frame to get rid of back pain, sleep apnea, acidity, etc. 

You’ll also appreciate how the mattress acts as a cozy hug while keeping you cool, thanks to its gel-infused open-cell foam structure and breathable cover. It even isolates motion with paramount precision, ensuring no partner disturbance and accidental spills.

Further, the mattress earned brownie points from many of its users because of its ability to retain its shape and bounciness even after years of usage. But if it happens to lose its shape or get damaged within the warranty period, you can avail yourself of a free repair or replacement. 

However, if we had to nitpick, we must mention that the Onebed X mattress cover does not include holding straps. Other than that, we didn’t find any shortcomings in this hybrid mattress. But if you wish to opt for something more affordable, you can check out Onebed Essential or Onebed Original.

Final Verdict

Sounds too good to be true? Then try any of the Onebed mattresses for 125 nights and decide if it meets your requirements. 

Onebed is also popular for its free and fast delivery service, so rest assured that you will get your mattress on time and in good condition. Thereafter, you’ll not require more than 10 minutes to unpack the mattress. However, we recommend having a helping hand while unboxing and unrolling it. 

If you’ve got more doubts and queries regarding the Onebed X mattress, you can visit the official website and check out the customer reviews. 

Onebed X Review
125-night trial
15-year warranty
Zero partner disturbance
Doesn't have holding straps
Relatively pricey
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