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Best Pillow For Side Sleepers In Australia

Emma Cloud Hybrid

The Emma Comfort pillow is a suitable option for those who want soft pillows and suffer from migraines.

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Linenova Pillow

The Linenova Memory Foam Pillow is a good pick for those suffering from neck pain and in need of orthopedic sleeping pillows.

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Koala Pillow

The Koala pillow allows you to effortlessly adjust its temperature to get a temperature-neutral surface.

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Tontine Goodnight Pillow

The Tontine Goodnight Allergy Tontine Pillow is a suitable option for those with allergies and asthma problems.

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Kiss Dream Pillow

The Kiss Dream Talalay Pillow is good for those suffering from neck and shoulder pain.

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Are you aware that resting on a worn out pillow might cause sleep disruption, migraines, and neck pain? 

You may consider replacing it with a new one. But it’s important to choose the right pillow that supports the curvature of your spine and ensures neutral alignment of the neck and head. This will significantly reduce or eliminate shoulder pain and neck discomfort to give you a good night’s sleep.

Now, pillows come in various styles and sizes, including soft, hard, memory foam, anti-snore, and even boomerang pillows. With so many alternatives, it might be difficult to know if you’re sleeping on the one that supports your sleeping position.

Studies suggest that natural latex pillow is the best for minimising headaches and other awakening symptoms. The lowest performers were feather pillows.

So, be sure to read our assessment of the best pillows for side sleepers in Australia and replace your existing ones to have the most comfortable sleep possible.

5 Best Pillows For Side Sleeper In Australia

1. Best Pillow For A Restful Night’s Sleep: Emma Cloud Hybrid Pillow 

If you are seeking a uniquely designed pillow that will maintain its elasticity night after night, check out the Emma Cloud Hybrid pillow. The adjustable height makes it suitable for all kinds of sleepers be it back sleepers, side or stomach sleepers. Coming to the size, it is smaller than the Emma Foam pillow, measuring 60 x 40 cm with a maximum height of 18cm. 

The centre of the pillow is constructed using memory foam, and it’s designed to ensure support and pressure alleviation. And the anti-allergic microfibre pocket keeps dust mites at bay, making it a suitable option for those prone to dust allergies. The 100% super soft microfibre filling also helps keep the pillow cool for uninterrupted sleep even on hot summer nights. Then there’s the 100% polyester cover that’s easily machine-washable for added convenience. It ensures that the foam core and fillings don’t ever get damaged due to their repeated removal. 


A firm pillow will be more comfortable if you’re a heavy sleeper, but the Emma Cloud Hybrid is for those who prefer sleeping on softer surface.


The Emma Comfort pillow is a suitable option for those who want soft pillows and suffer from migraines. Due to the memory foam structure, it provides exceptional pressure relief. It has an adjustable height, providing customers with a comfortable sleeping experience irrespective of their sleeping positions. 

2. Best Pillow For Neck Pain Relief: Linenova Memory Foam Pillow

The Linenova Memory Foam Pillow offers therapeutic head and neck support. It has extremely resilient gel-infused memory foam that will help it hold its form for longer, providing you with the restful sleep you require every night. Acting like a contour pillow, it adjusts to the angles and contours of your head, neck, and spine to relieve pressure and give a personalised sleeping surface. And the outer pillowcase is constructed of very soft, breathable cotton with mesh sides to keep you cool while sleeping. 

It also comes with a permeable inner cover that substantially extends the life of the memory foam core, and the machine-washable cover keeps it clean and hygienic. The pillow includes two levels of a neck support to naturally support your neck and provides a customised fit for side, back, or back sleepers. Its ergonomic design further promotes muscular relaxation, and reduces stiff neck problems along with head, shoulders and back discomfort. As such, it’s a good option for seniors, office professionals, students and people of all ages.


The Linenova Memory Foam Pillow is firm and it might take some time to get used to.


The Linenova Memory Foam Pillow is a good pick for those suffering from neck pain and in need of orthopedic sleeping pillows. The wave-like design supports the natural curvature of the neck and cervical spine. It relieves discomfort in the neck, back, and shoulders and you’ll get adequate support whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach.

3. Best Pillow For Cool Night’s Sleep: Koala Pillow

Koala is a well-known Australian company that makes memory foam pillows with a Tencel outer covering. This pillow is well-rated and comes with a 120-night money-back guarantee. It comes with a flippable design, offering a hard and softer side, making it appropriate for most sleepers. This eliminates the need to choose between a firm and soft pillow. You can easily switch it based on your sleep style requirements. 

The Koala Cushion comprises gel-infused memory foam and has a well-ventilated design to keep you cool while you enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. It also provides adequate neck support since the outer edges are meant to be stiffer than standard pillows. Since side sleepers need to keep their neck and torso straight for proper posture, the edges ensure that the neck does not droop more than necessary.


A few users found the Koala Pillow to be a bit too flat for their liking.


The Koala pillow allows you to effortlessly adjust its temperature to get a temperature-neutral surface. Including gel-infused memory foam improves temperature regulation, helping the sleeper retain appropriate temperature. In addition, incorporating pores in its construction improves ventilation for the sleeper. And of course, sleepers can easily flip sides to acquire the optimal contour for comfortable sleep.

4. Best Pillow For Avoiding Allergies: Tontine Goodnight Allergy Sensitive Pillow

Tontine is Australia’s premier manufacturer and supplier of pillows, quilts, protectors, and underlays, with over 50 years of expertise. And the Tontine Goodnight Allergy Sensitive pillow is made with natural cotton fabric and long-lasting high-quality stuffing. It is a latex and memory foam pillow designed to include a cooling gel, topper, and covering to help you sleep comfortably on a clean and cool surface. And since it relieves strain on the head and neck, it is also known as a therapeutic pillow.

The National Asthma Council Australia recommends the Tontine pillow for efficiently inhibiting the growth of dust mites, which are common causes of allergies and asthma. This pillow, with a moderate height and medium support and firmness, is designed to accommodate the sleeping requirements of most people, particularly back and side sleepers. And since you can easily wash its removable cover in a conventional washing machine, the pillow stays soft, pleasant, and hygienically clean.


The only drawback of the Tontine Goodnight Allergy Tontine Pillow is that it might be a bit small in size.


The Tontine Goodnight Allergy Tontine Pillow is a suitable option for those with allergies and asthma problems. This is because of the treatment applied to the filling, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and germs. And due to its moderate height, it can easily accommodate the sleeping needs of most people. 

5. Best Pillow For Shoulder And Neck Pain: Kiss Dream Talalay Pillow 

The Natural Talalay Latex Pillow is soft while providing adequate support for back, stomach, and side sleepers. Made of natural latex, it includes no extra components like foam padding or artificial latex. The hyper-responsive latex gives good support and soft contouring for the neck and head while encouraging optimal postural stability for every kind of sleeper. 

Furthermore, several holes inside the pillow enhance air movement and avoid warmth to keep the sleeper cool in the summer. On the contrary, it retains heat to keep them warm in the winter. 

The pillow by Kiss Dream does not include shredded latex. Instead, the foam is formed in moulds to ensure that it is springy enough to support the head appropriately and effectively. The pillow is appropriate for both side and back sleepers. And it aids in the relief of neck discomfort, frozen shoulders, snoring, and sleeplessness. The contour pillow relieves pain by lowering stress on the neck and back muscles and minimising discomfort when sleeping.  


The middle part of the pillow is sturdy, but the edges may not properly support the head. 


The Kiss Dream Talalay Pillow is good for those suffering from neck and shoulder pain. In addition, the ventilated hole in the pillow core allows air to circulate freely, making the sleeping pillow breathable while swiftly dispersing heat. 


1. What is the best pillow for side sleepers?

A good pillow for lying on one’s side should be long and provide adequate neck and back support. It should have sturdy yet comfortable edges to keep your head from tipping sideward when sleeping on your side. 

2. How thick should a pillow be for side sleeping?

It depends on your body size and shape, but side sleeper pillows range from 7 to 15 cm.

3. Is memory foam helpful for side sleepers?

Yes, in general, assuming it’s solid enough. Memory foam is an extremely adaptable material that may embrace the head and support the curve of the neck when lying on one side. It should, however, be tall and substantial rather than mushy and spongy.

4. What materials are used in the best pillows for side sleepers in Australia?

When seeking the best side sleeper pillow in Australia, one cannot help but wonder: What is the finest type of pillow to use if I want to sleep comfortably?

The problem is that none of the pillow varieties are perfect. So, to find the ideal answer for you, let’s examine in greater detail what pillows for side sleepers are constructed of:

A. Solid Memory Foam
Memory foam is a suitable option for side sleepers because it can adjust to the body’s contours. As a result, a foam pillow may provide the necessary support (if hard enough) while softly supporting your neck and relieving strain.

This is why memory foam variants are typically rated the finest pillows for side sleepers with shoulder and neck discomfort in Australia. Foam can spread the weight evenly, which typically assists with pain reduction. However, if not infused with cooling components, most firm memory foam pillows will keep you warmer than usual.

B. Shredded Memory Foam 
Since ripped foam pillows are much more absorbent, they may keep you cooler than firm memory foam. Many of them also include height flexibility to accommodate additional sleeping preferences. Sometimes, shredded foam pillows can support and relieve pressure easily. However, keep in mind that foam fragments may create irregularities with time. 

C. Latex 
A latex pillow is a fantastic option for side sleepers since latex can give sturdy support without forgetting pressure relief. Like foam, it can adapt to the curvature of one’s neck and head, but it will not embrace you tightly. 

Furthermore, latex pillows will keep you cool, making them a great choice for hot sleepers and people who have hot flashes at night. Such pillows, on the other hand, fall into the pricey category.

D. Poly-Fibre 
Poly-fibre pillows are supposed to keep you well-ventilated and cool during summers. That’s why the majority of them aren’t as solid. 

These pillows are often quite inexpensive and might be an ideal choice for those on a tight budget. Poly-fibre pillows, however, are less robust than other pillows and, therefore, can collapse or form lumps. An adjustable, zipped pillow could be a nice option in this scenario. Once it has lost its loft, add extra stuffing to extend its life.

E. Buckwheat 
The rationale why buckwheat pillows are effective for side sleepers is that they may give solid, robust support. Furthermore, many have a moderate loft, which should accommodate most side sleepers. 

Furthermore, buckwheat pillows keep you cool while you sleep. The only drawback is that buckwheat shells could be quite loud. You will experience rattling noises when shifting or changing positions while sleeping on this type of pillow, While the sound isn’t particularly loud, it might wake some people, particularly light sleepers.

5. How does side sleeping influence pillow selection?

Everyone has different sleeping styles, and the need for pillows also differs. But the conditions for having a perfect pillow increase for those who sleep on their side. That’s because the lateral posture isn’t beneficial to our spinal health. 

First, your head is rather heavy, and if the pillow does not properly support it, you might stress out your neck. Second, sleeping on your side puts weight on your shoulder, which can cause discomfort.

So, what characteristics should a decent pillow for side sleepers have to address these issues effectively? They are as follows:

A. Loft
For side sleepers, the pillow must occupy the area between the ear and the bed, roughly equal to the breadth of your shoulder. So, you may gauge the distance from the base of your neck to your shoulder bone. 

Alternatively, choose a pillow with an adjustable loft, particularly if you alternate between side and back napping: in this instance, the pillow ought to be comfortable with both postures. Therefore, manual adjustment is necessary.

B. Firmness
Side sleepers may require a firmer pillow that holds its form without sinking too far under the head. Usually, solid memory foam, latex, or overloaded shredded foam pillows make an excellent selection.

A standard fibrefill model may also work, but only if it is generously packed and can provide firm support. However, customers should remember that almost all fibrefill pillows lose their height with time. 

As a result, sleepers will need to purchase a new pillow earlier than with other varieties. As a side sleeper, firm pillows are necessary and help with ventilation since they maintain less connection with the face.

C. Cover 
The pillow comes into contact with your face when you lay on your side. It also accumulates oils from the face and hair, as well as small skin cells and dust, which, when combined, may create an allergic bomb. 

The easiest approach to avoid this is to choose models with washable covers: they prevent dirt accumulation and let you enjoy the freshness for a longer period.

6. Is it necessary to wash my pillow?

You must keep your pillow hygienic in order to maintain sanitation and prevent the buildup of germs. Some pillows can be cleaned but some can not – therefore, read the pillow labels for care instructions. If you have allergies, we suggest a pillow that can be washed regularly, such as a polyester pillow with a high-quality pillowcase.


Choosing a pillow for a side sleeper is easy. Just make sure to choose one with greater loft to keep good postural stability while sleeping. The other factors include organic and airy materials, and a washable cover.

That said, in our opinion you can try the Emma Foam Pillow as it comes with a variable loft, which allows you to find your ideal degree of comfort. 

It also contains an absorbent open-cell foam that assists in producing a temperature-neutral resting environment, making it ideal for hot-side sleepers. However, there are other suitable options as well, such as the Linenova Memory Foam and the Koala pillows.

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