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Emma Comfort Premium Mattress Review

The Emma Comfort Mattress, was the winner of several industry awards, seems to have all the desirable qualities of a high-quality sleep surface.

Now with the Comfort Premium, you’ll get a restful evenings are guaranteed thanks to the mattress’s pressure-relieving properties, breathable cover, and cool, breathable inside. This kind of mattress is a result of extensive research, and it has several innovative features in addition to six layers of comfort.

Even though it looks promising on paper, we were curious to see whether the brand delivers as it promises. Our findings were pretty interesting. The best part is that most buyers have awarded the original mattress a perfect score of five stars.

Learn all about the Emma Comfort Premium Mattress here.

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What Makes up the Emma Comfort Mattresses?

This mattress has three parts: the foam core, the cover, and the outside layer. For specifics, there is a special nighttime layer made of Airgocell to keep the foal cool. It’s great for folks with terrible backs because of the material’s pressure-alleviating capabilities. There’s also a layer of supportive HRX foam in there to help you out. This layer is sliced into zones that provide even pressure distribution and correct spinal alignment.

Is It Comfortable to Sleep on It?

Sleeping on this mattress is neither a hollow sensation nor a sharp crest. Infact, customers often term it as floating. The cover is also rather comfortable to touch. However, we doubt its breathability since the material didn’t seem airy.

You will feel good support around your hips and shoulders when you turn onto your side. Even when you sleep on your back, you will not feel like you are sinking to the bottom of the mattress. While lying on the back, the mattress provides support across its surface, such that not a single body part is lower than the rest. In essence, the six mattress layers prove to perform when it cushions users to sleep and comfort.


We found the Emma Premium to be, just as stated, a medium-firm mattress. Since most of us like to sleep on our sides, a mattress with this tension is ideal for side sleepers. But whether you sleep on your stomach or back, we think you’ll find this mattress comfortable, too.

This demonstrates that you will sink somewhat into the mattress, but just into the foam, with your weight (and your body) being maintained by the five-zone CarbonFlex technology to your direct advantage at all times, especially while you are moving about.


To improve support and comfort, the designers of this hybrid mattress layered it with six different materials. You don’t experience the layers individually but as a unified mattress that assures you of a good nightโ€™s sleep.

Emma’s UltraDry cover is the foundation. It can be taken out and washed in the washing machine, and it is breathable and helps maintain a comfortable temperature. Even though you are advised to use the finest mattress protector possible, a detachable cover might be useful in protecting the mattress from spills and stains.

You’ll find Halo Memory Foam behind the cover. This cutting-edge foam moulds your body for customised support and comfort. Not only is it stylish, but it’s also quite comfortable. The top of the mattress consists of Point Elastic Airgocell to provide further temperature control and breathability via the absorption and evaporation of sweat. 


Mattress technology has come a long way since the days when people worried about becoming too hot when sleeping on a foam mattress. With this mattress, we can now put that old stigma to rest. Using a double-layer of breathable and supportive Point Elastic Airgocell, Emma can ensure that you won’t overheat while you sleep.

Hybrid mattresses are fantastic because they blend foam and springs, and the Emma Premium mattress has 5 Zone CarbonFlex technology as the fifth layer. Packed into each of the five sections are individually-wrapped coil springs that contour to your body while you sleep. This mattress is great since it provides individual body support, regardless of how you want to sleep.

Emma HRX Supreme Foam, the topmost layer, contains everything mentioned previously. With this layer in place, the mattress will last longer, won’t sag, and better distribute your weight. 

The Cover

This mattress has a polyester cover with an extra 1% stretch from elastane to make it more comfortable. For its breathability and cleanliness, polyester was the ideal option. To top it all off, it’s a long-lasting material, so your cover won’t need replacing anytime soon.

The cover has a sleek, contemporary style with a white upper half and a grey lower half. There are four convenient grips on the side of the mattress for easy transport. You may wash it in the washing machine at 30 degrees if you wish to clean it.

Various Sleeping Positions

Now, let’s move on to the next part of our Emma Comfort mattress review and discuss how it feels to sleep on. Every kind of sleeper may find comfort in this medium-firm mattress. 

The foam layers will perform a great job of conforming to your body, even while you lay flat on your back. The zoned system will keep your weight distributed properly and provide comfortable support.

When you rolled onto your side, sinkage would increase, and your spine would finally be able to find its natural curve. Unlike many mattresses of this type, this mattress provides excellent pressure relief without compromising comfort level.

While sleeping on your stomach, the mattress provides enough support for your hips and shoulders. We found that this mattress works well for various sleeping positions. Taking into account the cost, this is rather remarkable.

Due to its ability to reduce motion transmission, the Emma Comfort is ideal for couples. This mattress is also an excellent choice if you are looking for a foam mattress that has above-average edge support.

Packing and Shipping 

Each Emma mattress is compressed and packaged in a box. After the package is delivered to your address, you’ll need to take it out of the box and let it decompress. The company will ship your order within one to ten business days, and shipping is free of charge with no minimum order amount.

The delivery also depends on your zip code, but generally speaking, Metro region residents may anticipate their packages arriving within three to five business days. The courier arrived promptly and was kind and helpful throughout the delivery process. Throughout the whole purchase process, many users have commented that they received exceptional service from every aspect of the company.

Does Emma Comfort Have a Trial Period?

You may sleep on an Emma mattress for three months before making a final decision, thanks to the company’s generous 100-night sleep trial. There is a 100% money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the product. It is essential that we mention that you may return the mattress without the original packaging.

Furthermore, they also offer a lengthy guarantee that lasts for a period of 10 years. Their dedication to their clients is evident in this wonderful package, and Emma is a shining example of that.

The Cost of the Emma Comfort Premium Mattress

The Emma Comfort Mattress comes in 5 different sizes at a quite reasonable price. Prices range from $1289 for the smaller Single to $1,929 for the larger King. But we want to point out that Emma often has sales, so you won’t have to pay full price. 

Emma Comfort Premium Coupon
DEAL: Sale | Up to 55% offย Now!

Is the Emma Comfort Premium Mattress Worth It?

Whether or not you invest in an Emma Comfort mattress depends on your preferences. Now that we’ve had enough opportunity to test out and write about the Emma Comfort mattress, we can give you our final impressions. We would recommend this bed to anybody interested in a premium-quality mattress because of the following:

  • It’s a multi-positional memory foam mattress
  • German craftsmanship and premium materials go into this luxurious mattress
  • An inexpensive and comfortable mattress, ideal for couples

The Emma Comfort is a good choice if you’re in the market for all these features. It’s a high-quality all-around bed with a superb cooling system and unmatched service and support. As far as Australia goes, we think it’s the greatest bang for your buck and a fantastic addition to the Emma lineup.

Wrap Up

Emma, a well-known European mattress manufacturer, has three unique models available in the Australian market. They’ve integrated temperature-regulating foam and zoned support systems into their premium Emma Comfort mattress, which results in exceptional cooling.

In addition to being reasonably priced and of high quality, these mattresses have received great customer reviews. Hence, we would recommend this mattress. Besides being ideal for a variety of sleeping positions, it also comes with a generous refund policy.

Emma Comfort Premium Mattress Review
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