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Koala Calm As Mattress Review

Koala is well-known for its contributions to WWF Australia and the high quality of its goods. They adopt a koala for every mattress sold. Plus, they give 1% of their revenue to green organisations annually. After the terrible fires of last year, this is fantastic news, and other manufacturers should follow suit. 

One of their new mattresses is the Koala As Calm Mattress. How will you feel sleeping on this mattress? Is it worth the price? In this article, we’ll review the mattress and cover everything from its production materials to its customer-focused policies, among others. Our aim is to provide you with just enough information to make an excellent purchase decision. Keep reading to learn more.

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The Koala Mattress: Materials

Construction materials are a major determinant of quality, comfort, and longevity, yet few shoppers consider it. Before buying a mattress, you should educate yourself about the various materials available. This will help you pick the ideal mattress according to your preferences.

For example, it’s not worth the trouble in the long term if you find out that you have an allergy to one of the components of the mattress. Here’s how the Koala Calm As mattress ensures you have a good night’s sleep without compromising the support level your body needs.

The Outer Layer

The seven-centimetre-thick layer of comfort is constructed from COOLMAX Fibre and polyester, which include durable perspiration-wicking technology to keep you dry and comfortable all night long. This makes the Koala Calm As mattress a great option for the hot summer evenings in Australia and for sleepers who tend to run overheated.

The Non-slip Bottom Fabric

The Calm As mattress’ non-slip dot-patterned bottom consists of 100% polyester and PVC. The latter generates sufficient friction with the bed’s foundation to prevent the mattress from shifting.

Diverse Textiles

The other components of the Calm As mattress are similarly constructed entirely of polyurethane and polyester. The foam provides a firmness that’s not very soft or very firm, making it ideal for any sleeper.

Antibacterial Features

Due to its moisture-wicking properties, the Calm As mattress is highly resistant to the growth of germs and bacteria. Therefore, the firm has included antibacterial materials in the mattress to ensure your safety and your children’s.

The Koala Mattress: Support and Comfort 

The medium-firm variant is inviting, and unlike other mattresses, this one is not too soft or squishy. It does a great job of cushioning your body and relieving discomfort. It’s not as springy as an innerspring bed, but you can move about on it just fine. This setup should work well for those who sleep on their side, back or stomach, but this is very individual. Simply put, all sleeping positions should be comfortable on a mattress with this firmness setting. The majority of side sleepers should feel sufficiently supported by it. On a scale from 0 to 10, our team gave the firm level of this mattress a 7.


We’ve already mentioned that the Calm As Mattress lacks the reactivity and bounce of a traditional innerspring bed. As a result, certain mattresses may be more suited to facilitating switching positions. Please keep in mind that everyone has different preferences regarding responsiveness. Moreover, an innerspring mattress is often more reactive than a memory foam mattress, which is something to keep in mind.

Thickness and Size

The comfort level of the mattress greatly depends on its proportions. If your mattress is thin, it will not perform its job of supporting and comforting you. Alternatively, a youngster or a smaller person may have trouble getting on a bed with an excessively thick mattress.

Additionally, the mattress’s weight will indicate how convenient it will be to transfer it. This is a must if you often rearrange your furniture and think you may want to relocate your mattress. Or you may need a compact mattress if you have many relocations planned.

The Calm As mattress, however, eliminates the need to be concerned about any of these considerations since it comes in various convenient sizes. Simply measure your current frame and the space available for the mattress and choose the appropriate size.

We suggest the king single or single size if you are a single sleeper. Most of the other Koala beds are also great for couples.


  • The bed’s reassuring softness and buoyancy
  • Adjustable sturdiness that may be reversed to suit your preference
  • The right materials to keep you cool on warm evenings
  • Koala is dedicated to environmental and sustainable practices


  • It’s difficult to turn and move since there are no handles

The Price of the Calm As Mattress

We believe the Koala mattress is well worth the investment, given its many convenient features, high quality, and lengthy guarantee. The price ranges from $980 up to $1,950.

Whether you need a new mattress, you should try to get the set that includes the pillow and sheets. Please be aware that there will be a separate payment for the supplementary items.

However, if you’re on a limited budget, consider exploring elsewhere since the Calm As Mattress is more expensive than some of your other alternatives.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Policies

A mattress that isn’t sturdy enough in the first few months is of little use. The mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial from the company. Since adjusting to new mattresses might take some time, trial periods are particularly useful when making such a major purchase. Naturally, a single restful night isn’t enough to declare a winner.

Koala wants to make sure the bed is perfect for you by having you use it for sleep, dreams, and games. If not, don’t hesitate to contact them so that they may arrange for a refund or a return. The brand allows for free returns to most addresses in Australia.

The lengthy ten-year guarantee is the icing on the cake for this high-quality mattress. You may rest easy knowing that the firm will pay for any significant repairs or flaws for as long as the guarantee is in effect. It’s worth noting that Koala’s furniture comes with a five-year guarantee and a one-year warranty for bedding goods.

In addition, you’ll be glad to know that the firm is an active player in protecting the environment. This means that one per cent of their profits go towards environmental causes.

Does This Mattress Suit Your Needs?

The Calm As Mattress gets a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, making it somewhere in the middle of a very firm and soft mattress. The medium-firm mattress makes it a good choice for people of all body types, including those with back pain, spinal discomfort, and other forms of chronic discomfort when sleeping.

The Adaptive Core and edge support contour to your body for a snug and comfortable night’s sleep. Thanks to this function, there will be no disruption to your sleep, not even from a sleepwalker.

Last but not least, Australians love Koala mattresses because they include a cooling comfort layer that makes sleeping comfortably convenient, especially on the warmest evenings. Don’t forget the antibacterial fabric that keeps your bed free of germs that might cause illness.

For What Kind of Sleeper Is the Calm As Ideal?

We think the Koala Calm As mattress is ideal for side sleepers. Since it comprises five layers of foam, it provides gentle enough, sinkable cushioning for side sleepers’ necks and spines. As a result of its two additional layers, the Calm As mattress will be much more effective. Anyone who sleeps with a partner will appreciate this.

However, while side sleepers will appreciate this mattress more, you can still get it for yourself regardless of your sleeping position.

Final Thoughts

The Calm As mattress is a great choice for you and the many people who suffer from back discomfort and other health problems that prevent them from sleeping well.

The medium-firmness is perfect for any bedroom and every sleeper because of its comfort and cooling features. Couples may be certain that they will love this mattress due to its softness and comfort. 

A small drawback of this mattress is that it does not come with holding straps, a feature seen on many other mattresses. Because of its price, we can afford to be choosy.

However, we have no qualms about this bed. Those interested in learning more about the Koala’s ease of use and other features may do so by reading customer reviews on the brand’s official website.

Moreover, the refund policy is another reason you buy the mattress without worrying about it. We hope this article is useful to you in your search for the ideal bed.

Koala Calm As Mattress Review
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