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Best Luxury Mattress In Australia

Emma Diamond Hybrid

The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress has decent spinal support and a graphite-infused foam layer helps in regulating your body temperature while sleeping.

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Koala Soul Mate

Despite being out of most mattress customers’ price ranges, the Koala Soul Mate Mattress is a sturdy mattress that exudes comfort and quality.

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Dusk & Dawn Signature

The Dusk & Dawn Signature Mattress has five distinct layers contributing to the durability and comfort of the mattress.

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Origin Hybrid

Overall, the Origin Hybrid Mattress is an excellent purchase. It provides excellent spinal cord support and comes with an extended period of trial and guarantee.

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We spend around one-third of our life in bed, perhaps more if you prefer to catch up on sleep in the mornings or on weekends. 

What does this imply? A decent mattress is an investment worth making. But finding the best mattress takes a lot of trial and error. No wonder brands (including reputed names like Emma and Koala) offer lengthy trial durations where you can try out the mattress and decide if it’s comfortable and meets your sleep requirements.

We examined the internet for the most ergonomic solutions available. So, whether it’s a king, a queen, or a single mattress of any form or size, these are some of the most comfortable luxury mattresses in Australia to buy right now.

4 Best Luxury Mattresses In Australia

1. Best Mattress For Back Support: Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress 

The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress is from the section of hybrid mattresses that combines foam layers and springs into a single cohesive unit. It features a sleek, contemporary appearance. Moreover, it employs a white, grey, and greenish tint scheme and sophisticated lines and indentations. A unique feature of this popular mattress is its ‘climate-regulating’ elastic cover that also helps in temperature regulation. 

Since this cover is detachable and washable, it is simple to keep your bed clean. The comfort layers have a thick texture with a subtle ‘hardness.’ Nonetheless, this comfort layer provides enough pressure relief and effectively distributes body weight. This mattress should be suitable for all sleeping positions, although its appropriateness will vary across individuals. Even the pocket springs with individually enclosed steel springs provide pressure relief and should fit people of all sizes. It feels pretty steady, and motion disturbance is minimal.


Emma mattresses are composed of deep memory foam and other synthetic foams, which may be excessively stiff for certain sleepers.


The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress has decent spinal support and a graphite-infused foam layer helps in regulating your body temperature while sleeping. And with its adjustable firmness,  you get restful sleep irrespective of the sleeping position without feeling hot.

2. Best Mattress For A Good Night’s Sleep: Koala Soul Mate Mattress

The Koala Soul Mate Mattress is the flagship model in the new Koala mattress lineup. Due to the innovative design, this mattress arrives in two boxes: one for the mattress foundation and one for the flippable comfortable layer. In terms of aesthetics, the Koala mattress has a warm, contemporary appearance. The mattress comprises five separate parts: the sleep surface, the Kloudcell comfort layer, bamboo charcoal memory foam, support layer, and edge support.

It features a useful personalisation option which allows you to select the stiffness level that is optimal for you. The medium-firm version is spongy, but it’s still rather comfortable. It provides a lot of pressure alleviation and evenly distributes body weight. This design can accommodate all sleeping positions. And since motion transmission is negligible on this mattress, a restless partner will not be an issue. Moreover, the edge support is pretty substantial; therefore, you should be able to enjoy restful sleep without the concern of slipping off. 


The mattress doesn’t regulate body temperature as well as the Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress.


Despite being out of most mattress customers’ price ranges, the Koala Soul Mate Mattress is a sturdy mattress that exudes comfort and quality. It is certified as non-toxic and available with a 120-night trial period.

3. Best For A Luxurious Night Of Sleep: Dusk & Dawn Signature Mattress

The Dusk & Dawn Signature Mattress is a high-quality mattress. Proudly created in Australia, it is available in three firmness levels (firm, medium, and plush). Aesthetically speaking, it has a black-and-white colour scheme with a stylish design. It also includes a ‘Comfort-Stretch Premium Fabric’ top cover that allows proper ventilation. The washable cover protects the breathable and long-lasting Dusk-Air Tech layer, an ‘Eco-Air’ comfortable layer, graphite memory foam, Premium Breathe Tech Comfort Foam, and a 5-zone small pocket system. 

If you’re a hot sleeper, the eco-air technology offering ideal temperature management could be quite helpful. The small pocket springs should also allow adequate ventilation in this area. In addition, the ‘Power Edge Support’ foam encasement provides good edge support. All Dusk & Dawn mattress types include side handles, making rotating or transferring the mattress simple. And it’s worth mentioning that Dusk & Dawn is now giving away a free silk pillow cover with every Signature mattress purchase.


The only drawback is that the mattresses are pretty heavy to lift when changing the bed linen.


The Dusk & Dawn Signature Mattress has five distinct layers contributing to the durability and comfort of the mattress. It is supportive, comfortable, and has a good mattress grade. Produced in Australia, this pocket spring mattress comes with a 100-day comfort warranty.

4. Best Mattress For Adapting Your Body Shape: Origin Hybrid Mattress

The Origin Hybrid Mattress is a good pick in the mattress-in-a-box industry. It features a basic yet contemporary appearance, a monochromatic colour scheme, and a prominent turquoise brand mark. In fact, its features are quite similar to the extremely popular Eva Mattress. The Tencel fabric makes up the upper cover of the Origin Hybrid Mattress and is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, smooth, and airy. Additionally, this Tencel cover is layered atop natural latex, gel infused memory foam, and ‘reflex stability’ foam.

These comfortable layers have a thick feel but absorb body weight effortlessly. Moreover, these layers lie on top of a pocket spring system known as ‘Vanadium Calico Encased Pocket Springs’ by Origin. As such, the support structure is strong, balances the body really well, and provides excellent support to the back. It should be able to accommodate individuals of all sizes, and there’s no sinking. 

The Origin Hybrid Mattress has a solid overall construction quality and good edge support. In addition, the memory foam utilised in the mattress is free from chemicals and REACH-approved.


Since the cover is not detachable, you cannot wash it in the washing machine.


Overall, the Origin Hybrid Mattress is an excellent purchase. It provides excellent spinal cord support and comes with an extended period of trial and guarantee. In addition, it offers motion isolation which means you’ll have a comfortable sleep even if your partner has a habit of tossing and turning. 


1. Is it necessary to put a bed framework below my luxury mattress?

People utilise a variety of items to support their mattresses, including bed frames, bed foundations, and milk crates. But do you need a frame underneath? While no one will force you to use one, owning one has several important advantages.

For starters, despite its spinal support, a mattress alone will not be sufficient for all sleepers. Bed frames beneath your mattresses will provide the extra support you’ll need throughout the life of your mattress, strengthening the soft mattress feel. 

Bed frames are significantly more resilient than mattresses and will not droop. A bed frame also prevents your mattress from slipping onto the floor.

Since you’ll release body heat and sweat throughout the night, you will want a bed frame to offer crucial airflow below the bedding as you sleep. If you don’t have enough room below your mattress to distribute air and keep it fresh, mould can grow and ruin your mattress. Bed frames also appear better and provide a more polished vibe to your space than a mattress on the floor.

2. Is it better to have a hard or soft luxury mattress?

Let’s be honest: a brief lie-down on the showroom floor sample mattress doesn’t offer you the best sense of your sleep positions. You’ll have to go through the laborious chore of obtaining much-needed rest to observe how your body reacts. 

However, deciding which mattress to try might be tough with gentle to firm options and components ranging from a gel memory foam layer to an innerspring mattress.

To simplify things, if you sleep predominantly on your stomach, get a firm mattress. If you like to slumber on your back, a medium mattress will provide adequate support for your spine, neck, and lower back while being comfortable. 

A softer mattress is excellent for side sleepers! It will conform to the natural features of your body. 

3. How long will a mattress last?

There is no satisfactory answer to how long a mattress will endure any particular user. The amount of years you spend on your mattress is determined by various factors. A mattress should typically last between seven and ten years before it has to be replaced. 

The quality of the mattress, the elements used in its manufacture, and sometimes even your weight and sleeping pattern are all important variables in determining the longevity of your mattress! It will be the personal preference of the sleeper to pick an appropriate mattress of their choice.

You could be excused for getting accustomed to the softness of your mattress after a decade. Even if you don’t feel you need a new mattress, reviewing your sleep after that period is crucial. Trying out a new mattress for alternative sleep quality can be just what you need.

4. Is it necessary to spin my mattress?

The necessity to rotate a mattress is something that only some individuals consider when purchasing one! Depending on its design, rotating or turning your mattress will allow the top cover to deteriorate evenly. 

Some manufacturers say rotating the mattress once every two weeks for the first three months gives you undisturbed sleep. After that, you should rotate the mattress once every three or four months. While this is a suggestion, manufacturers feel it might help your mattress last longer.

5. How frequently should I clean my mattress?

You should use your best judgement when determining how regularly you wash your mattress. To put things into perspective, if you own a mattress that can last its whole lifespan of seven to ten years, it will require washing at some point in time.

A thorough cleaning can also assist in handling any odours or stains that have undoubtedly accumulated over time.

You should brush and clean your mattress regularly, but you should do a full cleaning twice a year, regardless of the material. This includes scrubbing it thoroughly with soap and bicarb soda and drying it under the sun.

6. What are the different types of luxury mattresses available on the market?

Conventional innerspring mattresses, latex foam mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and hybrid mattresses are the four most prevalent types available on the market (a combination of the two). There are also different types, such as air mattresses, which are popular among couples with various mattress options.

The benefits and drawbacks differ depending on the type of mattress, so be certain you understand what will work best for your bed. Here’s a quick rundown of each:

1. Air Mattresses 
These are among the greatest types of mattresses because you can tailor the hardness of the mattress to your liking – and the greatest feature is that many of these mattresses allow couples to adjust their side of the bed to their liking.

However, with all of these advantages, as you may have guessed, the cost of these mattresses is pretty high, albeit worthwhile.

2. Innerspring Mattresses 
These mattresses are the most popular and least expensive type of mattress. They provide enough support as well as a variety of firmness options. The downside is that they may not be very long-lasting.

Since pocket spring technologies are extremely sensitive, innerspring mattresses provide enough support. When you sleep on an innerspring mattress, the body weight is distributed uniformly, preventing you from sinking into the sleep surface.

Innerspring variants are said to benefit people suffering from back and hip problems. Another aspect where innerspring mattresses excel is edge support, which allows you to sleep or sit at the edge of the bed without the danger of slipping off.

3. Hybrid Mattresses 
These are made up of springs with foam layers. A decent-grade hybrid mattress will give a blend of innerspring and foam types. However, always get a high-quality hybrid mattress since a low-quality one will provide inadequate support and lack the mix of spring and foam. You may get hybrid mattresses with latex or memory foam, and you can select which one you prefer.

4. Memory Foam Mattresses
Memory foam and latex mattresses are quite similar. While pricey, foam mattresses offer cushions for hurting muscles or tight joints. However, this mattress may offer a lot of warmth, especially in humid areas. 

Latex is considerably more elastic, providing an even more generalising “hug” that memory foam does not. Memory foam is not extremely bouncy, but it provides adequate support and is thus, suitable for people suffering from back discomfort.
These mattresses are classified into classic, open-cell technology, and gel memory foam.

Traditional memory foam is made from a polyurethane byproduct with closed cells, which retain body heat. On the other hand, open-cell memory foam has spongy openings that facilitate airflow, enabling body heat to escape while you sleep. However, the sleep surface is less thick than typical mattresses, so that it won’t last as long.

On the other hand, Gel-infused memory foam is known to be cooling. It helps in temperature regulation by releasing heat, making it ideal for persons who sleep hot. To sleep comfortably, hot sleepers should choose an open-cell or gel-infused memory foam mattress. If you feel cold while sleeping, we recommend a traditional memory foam mattress that keeps you cosy by holding body heat.

5. Latex Foam 
Latex foam is created from a wide range of synthetic, organic, and mixed ingredients. And latex mattresses are well-known for their outstanding durability. They are made of latex, which is a milky liquid extracted from the trunk of a rubber tree. This rubber tree extract is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and dust-mite-resistant. 

Furthermore, latex mattresses do not retain heat as well as memory foam beds. As a result, latex mattresses promote a healthy and sanitary resting environment, making them ideal for asthma and allergy patients.

Final Verdict

Having a mattress that caresses your body and provides dreamlike levels of relaxation without sacrificing support is nothing short of a luxury. So, if you’ve been tossing and turning at night because the bumps beneath your old mattress won’t let you sleep, it’s time to switch to a new mattress.

All of the mattresses evaluated in this guide go above and beyond to provide a restful night’s sleep. If you’re looking for the pinnacle of comfort, the best luxury mattress might just be your ideal choice. Whatever you select, we’re confident you’ll sleep well all night.

If you ask us, we’d suggest the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress, a plush mattress with excellent comfort offers targeted support and distributes the body weight evenly. You get to try it for 100 nights, so it’s worth the money spent!

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