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Are Aldi Mattresses Any Good?

If you’ve been looking for affordable mattresses, you must have heard of Aldi!

Known for their incredibly low price, Aldi products have earned quite a fanbase in the Australian market. The brand aims to bring high-quality products at the lowest price possible and offers attractive discounts twice a week as “Special Buys.”

However, the Aldi mattress has received mixed reactions from the customers. So, if you’re wondering whether this budget-friendly memory foam mattress is a steal or a stinky deal, make sure to read till the end!

Aldi Mattress Review

How Does The Aldi Queen Size Mattress Feel To Sleep On?

On our firmness scale, the Aldi mattress scores a solid 7/10, with 10 being the firmest. In fact, it is safe to say that the mattress felt somewhat “hard” to sleep on. While this may be preferred by those looking for back support, it may not be the best pick for someone looking for sinkage or that “cushiony” feel.

However, the brand claims that the mattress provides a medium firmness level. We believe that one might have to try different sleeping positions on it to decide how soft or firm the mattress is. As such, the feel of the mattress can be subjective. 

It is also important to note that the mattress may not provide enough spinal support for larger people as the foam layers do not feel durable.

In addition to that, this queen size mattress offers excessive responsiveness, much more than what we’d prefer. Again, this aspect is subjective, but one thing is for sure- the mattress does not offer motion isolation. 

What Is The Aldi Queen Mattress Made From?

1. Knit Fabric Cover

Unlike the mattress itself, the knit cover is soft to touch and adds some amount of comfort to the product. Other than that, knits can retain their shape after being packed for a long period of time. They are also known to be durable, but we’re not sure how long this one by Aldi lasts!

However, one good thing about the cover is that it’s removable and washable. This allows convenient maintenance as you will not have to wash the entire mattress and can simply toss the cover in the washing machine instead.

2. Latex Layer

Latex is known to be highly durable not just in terms of retaining its shape but also because of its resistance to mould infestations. Also, the material is extremely comfortable, relieves chronic pain, and promotes spine alignment. However, the quality of the latex used in this mattress is quite questionable, considering that it isn’t exactly comfortable to sleep on!

3. Memory Foam Layer

Next up is the memory foam layer, designed to hug the contours of your body and provide pressure relief. As a result, memory foam mattresses are quite popular despite being a new addition in the bedding industry.

But because of this reason, you’ll find starkly different qualities of this mattress type. From what we experienced, the Aldi mattress does not feel like it’s made out of high-quality foam. So, we suggest you do your research before opting for these “trendy” mattresses.

4. PU Foam Layer

Much like the previously-mentioned materials, PU foam also enhances the comfort and support levels of the mattress. More importantly, if the foam is dense enough, it can offer temperature control and heat retention, making it suitable for hotter areas like Australia. 

PU foam is often resistant to daily wear and tear, which makes it ideal for hospitality mattresses. But, again, from our experience with the Aldi mattress, the multiple foam layers feel far from durable. 

5. Base Fabric

The last layer of this latex mattress is the base fabric that holds all the layers together. 

Weight And Thickness

The dimensions and weight are important considerations while buying a new mattress, especially if you often move houses or like to change the bedroom setting once in a while. As such, you would require a lightweight mattress that does not lose its shape easily. 

Weighing 25 kgs, this queen size mattress is definitely on the heavier side, so you will require a helping hand to carry and unbox the product. The assembled size comes up to 2.03 m(L) x 1.52 m(W) x 22 cm(H). 

However, the mattress box sports wheels and a carry handle, making the unboxing process slightly easier. So, kudos to the brand for these valuable additions!

How Much Does It Cost?

Currently, the Aldi mattress retails at $499, making it suitable for those on a tight budget. However, you get what you pay for, and maybe even less, depending on individual preferences and requirements from a mattress. 

We certainly believe that the Aldi mattress comes with its fair share of limitations, so make sure you check enough customer reviews before settling for it. Another bummer is the lack of a trial period, so once you purchase the mattress, you can’t turn back!

Is This The Right Mattress For You?

As mentioned multiple times before, the answer to this question is highly subjective. It all comes down to what you need and expect from a mattress-in-a-box at this price point. 

Although the ridiculously low price makes the Aldi mattress a safe bet, we always recommend paying a few extra dollars for better quality. After all, the lack of a good night’s sleep will result in multiple health issues in the future. So, you might as well invest in a high-quality mattress that will last you many more nights than a cheap pile of foam!

Moreover, unlike other mattresses in the market, this one is not backed by an attractive warranty. The brand offers a mere 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. 

However, if you’re really low on budget and do not mind a stiffer mattress, this product could work for you. Alternatively, you can opt for this mattress if you want something to use for a short period, say, in the middle of a trip.

Aldi Mattress Alternatives

By now, we’ve established the fact that the Aldi mattress is decent and offers good value for money if you are not a nitpicker! However, there are tons of other mattresses that promise better quality and durability. Let’s take a look at some other brands and online retailers with better mattress options… 

1. Emma Comfort Mattress

Available in various sizes and with the single size mattress priced at a similar range, the Emma Comfort is a best-seller and the top-scoring mattress in 2021 by CHOICE.

The mattress boasts a layer of Airgocell foam that compresses and supports your body with zero motion transfer. Then you have the HRX foam layer that ensures better alignment of your spine, shoulders, and hips. Top it off with the Fresh Air comfort cover, and you are set for a comfortable and cool slumber, even on the hottest of days.

Impressively, the brand offers free delivery, a 100-night trial period, and a 10-year warranty, making the Emma Comfort mattress a bang for the buck!

2. The Koala Mattress

Koala is known for its high quality and comfortable mattress collection. Although the prices are on the steeper side, you get a conveniently adjustable mattress that offers the perfect amount of edge support. And in case you’re wondering about the firmness level of the mattress, you get both firm and medium-firm. How? Just flip the mattress and see what works for you!

Additionally, you get no motion transfer and impeccable breathability. Thought that was all? Well, the mattress is also equipped with an anti-slip bottom and contains antimicrobial additives. The brand even offers a 10-year warranty and a trial period of 120 nights. 

3. Zinus Support Plus Pocket Spring Mattress

This medium-plush to medium-firm mattress is an ideal pick for couples who want motion isolation and something suitable for all seasons. Despite the bouncy feel, the mattress offers back pain relief, thanks to the five different types of foam layers. 

Interestingly, the foam is infused with charcoal and green tea for long-lasting freshness. Also, the fusion foam layer combines soft memory foam, reactive comfort foam and supportive base foam to offer the best sleeping experience.

Final Words

That said, we’ve reached the end of this comparative guide and review of the Aldi queen size mattress. We hope our inputs helped you determine whether it is the right mattress for you or not. 

Also, note that despite the lack of a trial period, you can return the Aldi mattress within 60 days of purchase if it doesn’t live up to your expectations. However, returning it could be another challenge as this mattress-in-a-box cannot be repacked into its original cardboard box. So, you’ll have to transport it yourself.

Overall, we believe this Aldi product is decent, but there are much better options from other popular online retailers at a similar price range. 

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