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Are Kmart Mattresses Any Good?

A mattress is one of the most important household items and needs significant investment.

Be it your room, your kids’ room, or the hall- a mattress may be used in a variety of places and for a bunch of purposes. This is why getting the right kind of mattress becomes important because getting something just because it’s cheap can have long-term ramifications.

Kmart is one of Australia’s most popular shopping hubs, and there are good odds that you’ve probably been there before. However, the brand isn’t particularly well-known for its range of mattresses and does not have an extensive variety like other furniture places.

But the mattresses that are on offer are quite affordable, making them good entry-level options. What’s more, Kmart hopped on to the mattress-in-a-box trend a while ago and began packaging its mattresses in a compact way.

So, read our Kmart mattress review to find out the best options on offer in Kmart.

Top 4 Best Kmart Mattress

1. Queen Bed Euro Top Pocket Spring Mattress

The first entry on our list is this pocket spring mattress which has CertiPUR US Nurest foam. The mattress has been designed to afford maximum comfort to the user via its iCoil 14-gauge pocket springs that are individually wrapped. Plus, it provides optimum spinal support as it conforms to the shape of one’s body.

Moving on, it is worth noting that this affordable mattress has multiple quilted layers of foam and fibre, with 100% polyester jacquard stretch knit fabric. This, as well as the fact that it is Euro Top designed, makes it a good choice for comfortable sleep.

This product levies a delivery charge and is available for purchase in VIC, QLD, SA, WA, NSW, TAS, and North Island, New Zealand. It comes packaged in one carton, making it easy to carry. Moreover, it comes with a 10-year warranty and a 60-day return period.


The mattress is packaged such that it suddenly pops out when the carton is opened, making it dangerous since it can knock an unsuspecting person off their feet.


Overall, this mattress is a decent buy for the price it is sold at. However, it isn’t as comfortable as one would want it to be, and if you’re looking to luxuriously sink into the bed as you sleep, this isn’t it.

2. Queen Bed Bonnell Spring Viscolatex Memory Foam Mattress

The next mattress on our list is this one with a Bonnell spring. In addition to that, it is made of Viscolatex memory foam, which makes it super comfortable and ideal for the guest bed or the main bed. Apart from that, it is made using no flip technology, and despite its roster of features, it is pretty affordable.

One of the highlights of this mattress is that it is pain-relieving and supports the body efficiently, thanks to its 13-gauge steel coil units.

Moving on, the mattress has a warranty period of 5 years, but unfortunately, it lacks a trial period, which is something most of its competitors have. Also, note that this product doesn’t have free delivery, and can be purchased in VIC, QLD, SA, WA, NSW, TAS, and North Island, New Zealand.


It’s a decent bargain considering the price, but it’s too thin for regular use and, at best, can only be used as a spare.


This mattress received a lot of hype when it first came out. However, it is only worth it if you’re on a shoestring budget and willing to settle for something less than ideal.

3. Queen Bed Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

This CertiPUR US memory foam hybrid mattress sold by Kmart is surely a good buy, despite some flaws. It conforms to the body of the person lying on it, ensuring adequate support as well as a good night’s sleep. In addition to that, it has a full foam box that encapsulates iCoil 14-gauge pocket springs, which reduce disturbances by a partner and provide added edge support.

What’s more, these springs help make the sleeping surface larger in size to prevent one from rolling off the edge and falling. It’s also worth noting that the mattress is quilted with fibrous foam layers that feature a 100% polyester jacquard stretch knit fabric. Lastly, it incorporates no flip technology and can fit any standard Australian queen-sized bed frame.

Speaking of delivery, the product is available for purchase in VIC, QLD, SA, WA, NSW, TAS, and North Island, New Zealand. Additionally, it has a 10-year warranty and can be returned defect-free within 60 days.


The delivery for this mattress was a lot slower than expected, which was quite disappointing since we’d paid a substantial delivery fee.


To put it succinctly, this is a decent enough mattress if you’re looking for something moderately comfortable on a low budget. However, its design may not be suitable for many people, and we feel that there are definitely better options available.

4. AlwayzAire Airbed With Built-In Pump

The final product on our list is also the most unique of them all since it’s an air mattress. So, in case you’re on the lookout for a decent spare mattress for when guests are in town, game nights, or for a siesta, then this is a good choice. It combines modern technology with traditional comfort to create a product that is sure to be liked by most people.

One of the key highlights of this air mattress is the advanced dual pump technology, which is able to sense a drop in air pressure. After it senses a drop, it automatically reinflates the mattress to the desired firmness. Plus, it has an LED light that can illuminate a dark room and even a USB port that can charge your phone.

Moving on, as for the delivery options, it is eligible for free delivery since orders above $65 are delivered free of cost. In addition to that, it can be returned within 60 days but doesn’t have any warranty.


As an air mattress, it is quite nice actually and worth the money. But it is an air mattress, after all, and cannot stack up against the other items on our list.


This mattress has many features that make it a great choice for a spare room or casual sitting. But, it cannot be used on a bed long-term, and thus, it is actually quite useless compared to the other products reviewed in this guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I flip Kmart mattresses?

No, it’s highly recommended that you don’t flip these mattresses. Most of the products on our list come ingrained with no flip technology, and the air mattress will be rendered ineffective if flipped. Also, keep in mind that flipping one irrespectively might void the warranty.

Can any Kmart mattress fit a standard bed frame?

Yes, Kmart mattresses are designed to fit most standard queen beds. In case you feel that there’s a mismatch between the bed and the size of the mattress, then you can reach out to Kmart customer support. 

Can you fit a mattress in a car?

“Bed-in-a-box” mattresses are usually small enough to fit in the back seat of the car or in its boot. We genuinely feel that the compression technology used to get the mattress inside the box is astounding. However, an unboxed mattress may not fit in anything smaller than a pickup truck or van with collapsible seating.

Is a full bed the same as a double?

Bed sizing can, unfortunately, get quite confusing. A double-sized mattress is just another way to refer to a full-size mattress. 

However, these names can get a little misleading since a double mattress is only suitable for one person to sleep in. If two people were to accommodate onto one of these, they’d get a paltry 27 inches to spread out, which is a lot lesser than the room offered by a twin mattress.

Final Verdict

Now that we’re nearing the end of our guide, it is time for us to pick a winner. Our pick out of the list would be the Bonnell Spring Viscolatex Memory Foam mattress since it is the best among its counterparts. 

However, none of the mattresses reviewed is worth losing a restful sleep on, so you’d be better off investing in other choices. Brands like Emma, Koala, and Zinus make brilliant mattresses within the same price range, so it makes no sense to get a Kmart mattress. The only thing they really have going for them is their handy packaging.

With this, we’ve reached the end of the guide. Hope this detailed review of various Kmart mattresses will help you find the ideal one for your needs. 

That said, keep a watch on this space for more interesting reviews. Until then, take care and stay safe!

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