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Best Weighted Blanket For Kids

Calming Blankets

This Kids Weighted Blanket is extremely comfortable, durable, and completely machine-washable.

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Buzio Blanket

Buzio Weighted Blanket ensures that when you tuck in your kids at night, it calms the nervous system, which may permit them to rest easily.

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Oodie Blanket

When buying weighted blankets for kids, you might have an eye out for the softest weighted blanket or one with a removable cover.

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Florensi Blanket

Does your child like adorable prints on the blanket? If so, we recommend giving this model a try.

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Joyching Blanket

Founded in Germany in 2015, the Emma mattress has made waves across the globe.

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All parents wish their child would fall asleep faster and sleep longer to wake up energetic for school the next day.

However, most kids struggle with their sleep pattern, tossing and turning in bed without getting proper rest. What you need is a calming blanket that will support the child’s body weight and help regulate temperature.

This may soothe children once you tuck them in, and rest assured, they will sleep peacefully and enjoy the even weight distribution of the blanket. In today’s guide, we have shortlisted the best-weighted blanket for kids on the market to help you.

If you are ready, let’s get started.

Some Of The Best Weighted Blanket Are:

1. Kids Weighted Blanket (Calming Blankets)

This Kids Weighted Blanket is extremely comfortable, durable, and completely machine-washable. Just like most calming blankets, it offers deep touch pressure stimulation that may allow the body to relax.

Younger children may especially find it pleasing, thanks to its ability to produce deeper REM sleep. Naturally, it may soothe the mind, which may boost brainpower to make kids feel energetic.

How Does The Blanket Feel?

It comes with an ultra-soft pink flush fabric that delivers a velvet feel. Moreover, the eco-friendly design consists of evenly distributed glass beads for deep pressure stimulation, making it one of the softest weighted blankets for kids available right now.

Especially pleasing is the fact that it may come in handy during winter, providing snugness.

What’s The Blanket Made From?

The inner weighted blanket and the outer cover features a polyester coating, ensuring that the blanket doesn’t lose its shape. Plus, the designers have securely woven the fabric for reliability while guaranteeing that it traps heat.

We also found the presence of luxurious fur coats on the outside that add an extra layer of comfort and softness.

Blanket Weight And Thickness

For kids, the ideal blanket weight will be 2.2 kg, but for adults weighing more than 60 kg, a 6.8 – 9kg blanket will be ideal. What’s more, it is not very thick despite its durable construction, permitting easy maneuverability.

Bonus Features

Unsatisfied consumers can return the weighted blanket within 30 days to opt for a full refund. Not to mention, it delivers across Australia, thanks to its fast and efficient shipping service.


2. Buzio Weighted Blanket

Have you heard of something called tight sleep when it comes to choosing kids’ weighted blankets? It refers to weighted blankets that allow kids to sleep better, thanks to their cuddle-like pressure.

Similarly, the Buzio Weighted Blanket ensures that when you tuck in your kids at night, it calms the nervous system, which may permit them to rest easily. Moreover, the inner blanket is super soft and skin-friendly, making it suitable for snuggling or protecting the child’s head.

On the other hand, the outer layer features a cotton design to prevent sweating even on hot nights.

How Does The Blanket Feel?

The blanket is extremely comfortable and suitable for kids of all ages. You will find that the designers have created an all-natural product to help even restless kids lie down for a cosy and soundless nap.

In other words, the fabric is proprioceptive and has a tactile input for deep pressure stimulation, thereby making it more popular than other blankets. Also, the breathable design comes with eight interior corner straps that prevent the beads from leaking while reducing noise for a worthwhile experience.

Long story short, it’s not your average blanket but a unique product that delivers a better night’s sleep.

What’s The Blanket Made From?

It has extra layers of fabric supported by weighted beads that keep the blanket from losing its shape. Not to mention, it provides constant pressure without feeling overbearing because of its breathable cotton exterior and soft, pink internal layer for tactile support.

Moving on, the non-toxic glass beads are odourless, and the manufacturers have evenly distributed them throughout the weighted blanket. These beads are present inside small pockets that may help cuddle the child’s body, thereby making them feel at ease.

What’s more, compared to other weighted blankets, this calming blanket has non-glue polyester fibres that prevent slippage and lead to noise reduction.

Blanket Weight And Thickness

Due to its 7-layer structure and triple-layer anti-leakage protection, the blanket weighs 3.2 kg or 10% of a child’s weight. Its total length is 105 x 150 cm, making it suitable for kids over three years of age or weighing more than 40 kg.

That said, you can choose a different size for your kid from the website or by visiting the nearest Target store.

Bonus Features

There are no harmful substances or chemicals in the structure for safety reasons, making it suitable as a weighted blanket for kids. Plus, academic research institutions and scientists have conducted tests to see if the company delivers on its promise.

You will be pleased to know that it has a safety certificate, which makes it suitable for kids in most age groups. The brand also offers a warranty of 12 months and takes responsibility for any damage or deterioration.

In fact, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, whereby unsatisfied consumers can return the order to opt for a refund.


3. Oodie Weighted Blanket

When buying weighted blankets for kids, you might have an eye out for the softest weighted blanket or one with a removable cover. But what if we told you that you could get all these attributes and more in this latest eco-friendly blanket?

Compared to other brands, the Oodie Weighted Blanket is typically filled with plant-based ingredients rather than animal derivates, making it worth the investment.

How Does The Blanket Feel?

Unlike most weighted blankets, the ultra-soft material makes you feel that you are getting a giant hug. It’s extremely snug and suitable for both adults and kids alike.

As a result, it may reduce anxiety and help individuals rest better, ensuring that it is a desirable yet affordable option. You will also find that the design features glass beads sewn into the fabric for optimum comfort.

What’s The Blanket Made From?

The primary material of the blanket is a soft fabric that has the same properties as wool or silk. As a result, you can clean it in the washing machine but remember to choose a mild setting.

Now, due to this ultra-light material, you may experience something called deep pressure stimulation for added comfort. Moreover, because of its cuddly properties, you can rest for extended periods to re-energise easily.

Blanket Weight And Thickness

The blanket is available in several weights, but for the best results, we recommend that you choose one that’s around 10% of your body weight. For instance, if you weigh between 25 and 45 kg, it would help if you choose a 4.5kg blanket.

There are more varieties in W and Aldo stores, but people usually opt for the 6.8kg model while slightly heavy users prefer the 9.0kg weighted blanket.

Bonus Features

If you go to the website, you will find that it offers special discounts. Simply enter the code to avail of $25 off, or you could pay the money through four small instalments.

Additionally, delivery and returns are free, making the product popular among the masses. But in case all the weighted blankets are out of stock, you may contact the customer support team to resolve your queries.


4. Florensi Weighted Blanket

Does your child like adorable prints on the blanket? If so, we recommend giving this model a try. The manufacturers have used the latest techniques to design a state-of-the-art weighted blanket that clings to the body but doesn’t lose its shape.

Despite hugging the body, children won’t feel claustrophobic, thanks to its even weight distribution. That’s why many people regard it as the best weighted blanket for kids on the market.

How Does The Blanket Feel?

We found that the blanket has several small stitched areas with beads on the surface, resulting in all-round comfort irrespective of your body weight. These beads add to the constellation design, but they have an even more important function.

They prevent leakage while ensuring that the quality of the product remains intact. In other words, the material is super soft and lulls kids to sleep quickly.

What’s The Blanket Made From?

It has several materials due to the manufacturers’ extensive research and planning. For example, many weighted blankets only contain polyester or silk, but this product is made of 100% cotton and other natural ingredients.

Also, some of these compounds like silk, linen, and bamboo are not usually found in weighted blankets for kids, thereby making this product unique.

Blanket Weight And Thickness

The blanket weighs seven pounds, while the largest option has a weight of 12 pounds. But if you feel that your child won’t be able to handle a big blanket, you may choose the five or ten-pound options.

Bonus Features

You can use it as a cooling blanket for kids while it also doubles as twin size for toddlers. Meaning, your kids won’t feel uncomfortable in any weather condition.

Moving on, the removable cover is machine-washable so that you don’t damage the glass beads or the structural integrity of the weighted blanket.

If shopping around Kmart or Myer is a hassle, you can purchase it online below.


5. Joyching Weighted Blanket

This Joyching Weighted Blanket has numerous prints, consisting of animals, space, and cars so that kids don’t have to sleep with a dull blanket. Not to mention, the fabric will feel great against their skin, thanks to the special microfibre cotton construction.

If you want, you can also use a duvet cover to glam up the bedroom since it will look great with stuffed animals.

How Does The Blanket Feel?

It is one of the most suitable options for children because of its skin-friendly design and soft feel. Meaning, the fabric won’t sweat during summer and captures the heat in winter due to its breathable nature.

Plus, its minute pockets help distribute the weight and cancel out noise, making it ideal for kids who toss and turn in bed.

What’s The Blanket Made From?

We found that the designers have used 600TC Egyptian cotton fabric, resulting in a cloud-like microfibre construction. On top of that, it comes with eight loop ties that help bind the duvet cover for a snug fit. Thus, your kids will wake up well-rested and feeling refreshed.

What’s more, the primary material is 100% cotton, thereby making it worth the investment.

Blanket Weight And Thickness

There are multiple options for consumers to choose from, with the weight ranging between two and seven pounds. While there is not much difference in weight, the dimensions vary, and you need to consider your kid’s height to find the right fit.

The smallest option is 17 x 22 inches, while the largest blanket is 41 x 60 inches.

Bonus Features

Using the weighted blanket is similar to a mother’s hug, and you wouldn’t want to damage its texture. That’s why the brand recommends you air dry it or hand wash the material, thereby making it low maintenance.

However, unsatisfied customers can return the product within 30 days to opt for a full refund.


Summing It Up!

Hopefully, our guide was able to throw some light on the best weighted blankets for kids available on the market right now.

It will help if you have an idea about the child’s body weight to make the right decision. Not to mention, bed size and number of siblings play a part in determining whether your kids will sleep comfortably.

That’s why it would be best to provide them with a blanket each. Let’s face it, with the right amount of care; these products will last a long time so that you get your money’s worth.

Have fun choosing the most suitable option. You can order them online or make a purchase from nearby retail stores like Aldi and Big W. Sweet dreams!

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