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Donate A Mattress In Australia

If you think about it, donating a mattress serves multiple purposes.

The first is obvious- you can get rid of a mattress you no longer use. The second is that donating an old mattress is equivalent to recycling it, so this method of disposal will not cause any waste. Lastly, you’ll be participating in a good cause by helping someone obtain a mattress for free or at a nominal cost.

But if you’re wondering how mattress donation works in Australia, we’ve curated just the guide for you. So, without further ado, let’s dive in…

Why Should You Donate A Mattress?

Once used and thrown away, your mattress will contribute to environmental pollution and climate change. Sounds absurd? Well, every year, more than 1 million mattresses end up in landfills in Australia only. Now, imagine the waste from each household all over the world!

Hence, donation, recycling, and reselling are ethical and responsible ways to get rid of your old bedding or any other item for that matter. 

How To Donate An Old Mattress?

1. Check The Condition Of The Mattress

First of all, you must check that the mattress is good enough to be donated. While it may have some wear and tear, ensure that it does not have any significant defects. 

Here are some signs you should watch out for before sending old mattresses for donation…

A. Infestations

Mould and bug infestations are a clear no-no! In fact, that’s the main reason you’re getting rid of the mattress, so there’s no way someone else would want to keep it.

Note that even thorough cleaning cannot get rid of certain insects, bacteria, etc. So, simply throw it away.

B. Uneven Surface

Most donation organisations do not accept structural defects like torn foam, broken coils, large holes on the cover, etc.

C. Stains

Old mattresses with stains on the surface can be recycled. But if the stain cannot be removed and has caused mould growth and emits an odour, the mattress cannot be sent for donation.

2. Decide Where To Donate

According to the condition of the mattress, you can choose where to donate it. The Australian government supports various local charities and non-profit organisations. In the private sector, you can opt for rubbish removal services, homeless shelters, or your local goodwill store- the options are endless!

However, note that not all organisations may offer pick-up service, and you may have to deliver the old mattress yourself. 

Where To Donate An Old Mattress?

Given below are some online communities that can be contacted with a click of a button and do not charge any fee for mattress disposal or recycling.

1. Gumroad

While you can’t wait to post your Sunday brunch on social media, why not upload a picture of an old mattress on Facebook so that it can reach someone in need? Gumroad is a Facebook community for this purpose and has helped distribute old mattresses among interested people. 

2. Freecycle

As the name suggests, on Freecycle, you can donate an old mattress for free. Simply list the mattress and box springs on the website, and the interested individual can collect them from your place.

Mattress Removal Sydney

The Council of Sydney offers a free weekly service for Sydney residents to request a mattress pick-up. You can decide on a date and schedule a collection of bulky items and not just mattresses. However, keep in mind that they do not collect small items, hazardous chemicals, and business and commercial waste. 

Another option is Paul’s Rubbish Removal which provides same-day rubbish removal at a small fee. After collecting the mattress or any other junk, the team also cleans the area before leaving. 

Where To Donate An Old Mattress In Sydney?

1. The Salvation Army Australia

This Christian charity movement helps connect donors with the homeless and the less fortunate. Hence, other than mattresses, the Salvation Army accepts all sorts of goods in the form of donations. They also offer mattress pick-up at home, which you can schedule from the official website. 

2. Generous And The Grateful

Here’s another charity organisation that helps donate essentials to people in need. Much like the Salvation Army, they also offer home pick-up if your mattress is in good condition and already packed for donation. Note that you will have to upload pictures of your old mattress to prove its quality and condition.

Mattress Removal Melbourne

Mattress recycling and removal in Melbourne can be done via hard rubbish collection services. The local council can help you find a suitable service according to the condition of the mattress, size, weight, etc. 

Other than that, you can opt for private services like Soft Landing, Same-Day Rubbish Removal, and more. However, you will have to pay a small fee for their mattress recycling services.

Where To Donate An Old Mattress In Melbourne?

1. Bed Collect

The company collects mattresses in Melbourne, repairs them if required, and donates them to charities. So, by opting for Bed Collect, you’ll be doing away with the trouble of restoring the mattress and delivering it to a suitable organisation. 

Additionally, you can book a pick-up according to your convenience. But make sure that the mattress is suitable for donation. Even if it’s slightly worn out, it should be good enough to be restored. 

2. Donate Direct 

Donate Direct is a non-profit initiative to help you give directly to those in need. As such, the organisation is quite strict about the quality of the goods, so make sure that the mattress is free from structural damage, tears, stains, etc. 

For delivery, you can either take the mattress yourself or apply for a mattress pick-up. 

Mattress Removal Brisbane 

In Brisbane, too, you have plenty of government organisations and private companies that recycle and dispose of mattresses. So, you can either opt for the Brisbane City Council for free pick-up or check out the services given below… 

Where to Donate An Old Mattress In Brisbane?

1. Lifeline

Lifeline is the largest national charity in Australia and helps those in need. Other than donating and recycling mattresses, it is also a safe online space for suicide prevention and mental well-being. 

But before requesting a pick-up, make sure that the mattress is in usable condition. 


This one is another non-profit organisation for donating goods to those in need. Simply visit the official website, fill in the details of the mattress and upload pictures to prove its quality. You can also donate other essential items through this organisation and “get the fuzzies,” knowing that you just helped someone out there!

Alternatives To Mattress Donation

1. Mattress Recycling

Needless to say, recycling any item is the most environment-friendly way to dispose it of. Hence, you can send your mattress to a recycling company like Soft Landing, Got Junk, Mattress Recyclers, and more. Alternatively, you can DIY the recycling process!

If you opt for the former, the company will send its team to pick up the old mattress from your residence. Thereafter, the mattress is broken down, and various components may be repurposed or reused. The rest of the parts, like coils and box springs, are recycled to make scrap metal, wooden chips, etc.

The fee for collecting such mattresses and other rubbish usually ranges between $25 to $50. 

But if you don’t want to pay an additional fee for pick-up, you’ll have to take the mattress to the recycling centre or any of the drop-off points. And in case you want to save up more, try breaking and repurposing the mattress yourself!

Of course, you can’t magically transform it into a new mattress, but you can use various parts in future DIY projects. For instance, the foam from the mattress can be used to wrap fragile items. 

2. Resale

Re-selling or giving away the mattress is another alternative to donation. However, the mattress should be fairly new to be sold because, let’s be honest- no one wants to sleep on a stinky, old, used mattress! Hence, we suggest reselling mattresses if they are still within the trial period and seem unsuitable for you. 

Or, you could have a relative or friend looking for a second-hand mattress, so you can always give it to them. 

3. Hauling Away

For hauling away a mattress, you can contact a mattress disposal service to pick it up and dispose of it in a safe and legal manner. Basically, you don’t have to do anything other than pay a small disposal fee.

No wonder this is one of the most preferred methods to get rid of an old mattress!

Final Words

Finally, our only advice would be to spend some time looking for the most suitable organisation or private service that can help you donate a mattress properly. By doing so, you’ll be making way for a new mattress and helping the less fortunate, all while creating zero environmental waste!

That said, we hope this guide helped you learn about mattress donations in Australia. Stay tuned for more such guides because we’ll be back very soon.

Until then, stay safe!

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