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Best Silk Pillowcases In Australia

White Marble Silk

The Shhh Silk White Marble Silk Pillowcase is among the most luxurious options currently available.

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Terse Silk

While silk pillowcases are generally expensive, this one is comparatively affordable without compromising on quality.

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Oxford Envelope

The Lilysilk Oxford Envelope Pillowcase is a good choice offering the softest material to ensure proper sleep for better health.

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Gioia Casa

This two-sided pillowcase from Gioia Casa is a compelling choice since, unlike cotton ones, it does not absorb moisture and regulates the temperature automatically.

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Andaz Mulberry

This is an overall well-built and highly comfortable silk pillowcase with features like temperature regulation that make it ideal for sensitive skin types and help improve sleep quality.

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Most people are unaware of the fact that the type of pillowcase they use also determines their sleep quality. 

In fact, pillowcases are among those items that people seldom pay any attention to. However, according to health experts, using the right pillowcase can help you get better sleep and improve your overall health. 

And when it comes to health benefits, silk ones are the best, offering several advantages, such as improving hair and skin hydration, preventing wrinkles and fine lines, and more. The only problem is that finding good quality ones is not an easy task, as going through multiple online reviews requires a lot of time and effort.

That’s where this guide can help you out, by offering detailed reviews of the top five options currently available on the market. So, let’s begin!

Some Of The Best Silk Pillowcases Are:

1. Shhh Silk White Marble Silk Pillowcase

Shhh Silk is a family-owned world-famous Australian brand known for its wide range of premium quality sleep products, including pillowcases, sleep masks, sleepwear, etc. Their pillowcases are made using 100% pure 22 momme high-grade 6A pure mulberry silk, which provides the softest, most durable material and ensures the most comfortable sleeping experience. 

Additionally, their silk has natural temperature regulating properties that keep the pillowcase warm in winter and cool in summer. It does not tug at your hair while sleeping, reducing problems like split ends and knots. But perhaps the best part is that the Shhh silk pillowcase prevents bacteria and dust accumulation, making it ideal for people with allergies. 


Since these pillowcases are filled with 100% silk instead of polyester, they are quite expensive.


The Shhh Silk White Marble Silk Pillowcase is among the most luxurious options currently available. One reason for this is the softness of this silk pillowcase, which is unmatched due to the natural silk fibres that make it up. This allows you to experience a calm and relaxing sleep throughout the night. 

2. Lilysilk Terse Silk Pillowcase With Hidden Zipper

Another great popular choice among the top silk pillowcase brands in the industry is Lilysilk, which aims to provide high-quality sleep products while helping promote sustainable living. This Momme terse silk pillowcase from the brand is made from the finest mulberry silk and has a friction-free finish to allow your hair to glide while sleeping. Due to this, breakages are minimised, preventing any discomfort while you are sleeping.

Other than that, the Lilysilk terse silk pillowcase is Oeko-Tex certified, meaning, it does not contain any harmful chemicals and is completely safe to use. The breathable and skin-friendly material also makes it great at retaining moisture, improving the overall quality of sleep. And, there is no scarcity of colours to choose from, with over 18 options ranging from blush pink to indigo blue and more.


Like silk pillowcases from most other brands, this one stains quite easily. 


While silk pillowcases are generally expensive, this one is comparatively affordable without compromising on quality. Coming with 6A Grade mulberry silk, it ensures a restful sleep while also keeping your hair and skin looking and feeling great. 

3. Lilysilk Oxford Envelope Luxury Pillowcase

This is another excellent silk pillowcase from Lilysilk that comes with a 750 thread count with unmatched durability. It has a metal zipper instead of a plastic one for promoting sustainability, while the envelope enclosure at the side makes it a better choice than regular zippers. Additionally, the high-quality silk pillowcase prevents bed hair and any wrinkles on your skin.

Like the previous product from Lilysilk, the Oxford Envelope Luxury Pillowcase is certified to be completely free of harmful chemicals. That is why it is an excellent option for those prone to allergies. Plus, it is available in ten different colours, making it easy to find the one you like most. You can also get it monogrammed for further personalisation. 


Avoid using harsh detergents while washing this silk pillowcase, or it will lose its softness. 


The Lilysilk Oxford Envelope Pillowcase is a good choice offering the softest material to ensure proper sleep for better health. Besides being made up of the finest quality mulberry silk, it provides a wide selection of colour choices and can be easily customised with monogramming. 

4. Gioia Casa Mulberry Silk Luxury Pillowcase

Gioia Casa is a luxury bedding brand that offers an amazing range of bedding products but is best known for its silk pillowcases. This mulberry silk pillowcase from the brand stands out as, unlike most silk pillowcases, it is two-sided and can be reversed when needed. The material is also gentle on the skin, so you can enjoy your beauty sleep without worrying about skin creases and lines. 

Other than that, this pure silk pillowcase can automatically regulate temperature, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you can use this hypoallergenic pillowcase since it is made from 100% natural fibres and will not cause any allergic reactions. Plus, there are multiple colour options to pick from, including copper, dark purple and more.  


The only downside is that this high-quality silk pillowcase is quite thin compared to other brands.


This two-sided pillowcase from Gioia Casa is a compelling choice since, unlike cotton ones, it does not absorb moisture and regulates the temperature automatically. Additionally, the smooth surface of the silk prevents wrinkles and lines on your skin while reducing hair frizz, helping you look great. 

5. Andaz Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

The Andaz silk pillowcase is another double-sided option with silk on both sides for promoting better sleep. It uses 6A grade silk, preventing hair breakage and tangles and naturally repelling bacteria and dust mites. Additionally, the soft surface reduces friction against the skin, avoiding wrinkles and sleep creases, making it perfect for those with acne-prone sensitive skin.

What’s more, the Andaz mulberry silk pillowcase helps naturally retain your skin moisture while automatically regulating the temperature according to the season. It does not absorb creams and oils, helping you get maximum beauty benefits from them. However, the best part is that it comes with a 60-day guarantee, and the company offers a full refund if you are not happy with it. 


These silk pillowcases are prone to damage if you do not follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.


This is an overall well-built and highly comfortable silk pillowcase with features like temperature regulation that make it ideal for sensitive skin types and help improve sleep quality. Plus, the 60-day guarantee makes it easy to experience the product before making a final decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Momme?

Silk momme, pronounced as moe-me, is a unit of measurement of silk fabric, originally developed in Japan and abbreviated as mm. A momme is equal to the weight of 100 yards long and 45 inches wide silk.
The greater the weight, the longer it will last; for instance, 33 momme indicates that the weight of 100 yards of silk equals 33 pounds. 

For cotton sheets, the quality is measured by the thread count, and a sheet with a higher count indicates better quality. Similarly, for silk products, the momme weight determines the quality. An increase in momme means you get stronger and more durable fabric. Generally speaking, silk that is 17 momme or lower is lightweight and therefore less expensive. 

A 22 momme fabric has about 20 per cent more silk than that in a 19 momme one. Most brands use at least 19 mm silk for regular pillowcases, which offers a luxurious feel while ensuring durability. Most manufacturers disclose the silk momme used in their products, and if that is not the case, it is best to stay away from that brand. 

Another factor to consider is the tightness of the weave because the tighter the weave, the more silk is used, resulting in a higher momme and weight. Silk fabrics with a lower momme count are generally translucent, while those with a higher momme are opaque.

Which Momme Is Best When Buying Silk Pillowcases?

Several factors need to be considered while deciding which momme is the best when buying a silk pillowcase, such as:

1. Softness

As facial skin is more delicate than the skin on other body areas, softness is an important consideration when selecting a silk pillowcase. At the very least, a silk pillowcase should have at least a 22 momme to provide adequate comfort while sleeping. A pillowcase using silk with a lower momme count will increase friction, causing wrinkles and bed head. 

On the other hand, a pillowcase with a very high momme count silk can feel uncomfortable and stiff against the skin, as it cannot drape properly. 

2. Durability

Silk is a highly resilient natural fibre, and the highest density silk will last for the longest period. This means that it can endure regular use more effectively without getting damaged. For that purpose, a pillowcase made with silk with a momme count of at least 22 should be used if you do not want to hurt it while washing. 

You can also get a pillowcase with a higher momme as it will last even longer. 

3. Skin Benefits

Silk offers several beauty benefits for your skin, which is why silk pillowcases and sheets are so popular. It contains 18 amino acids that are advantageous for the skin while also being able to regulate temperature naturally. Additionally, unlike cotton, silk does not wick away any night creams and serums you may use, helping you get maximum benefits.

It naturally means that silk with a higher momme count will offer more benefits than silk with a lower momme count.

What Is Charmeuse Silk

The word Charmeuse stands for a female charmer in the French language, and Charmeuse silk is a popular weaving technique generally used for making silk products. It provides a lustrous and shiny texture to silk on one end and a matte finish on the opposite side. Generally, products such as pillowcases, bed sheets, and other silk bedding are created using this technique.

Silk Charmeuse fabric is an extremely soft fabric with a lustrous drape and can also be manufactured using other materials such as rayon or polyester. However, pure silk remains the most popular choice as it offers several benefits that we mentioned previously. These include moisture retention, hypoallergenic properties, natural temperature regulation, etc.

While it is most commonly used for bedding products, Charmeuse is also used for women’s dresses and evening wear as well. It is popularly used for bedding products, as it is incredibly lightweight and soft to touch while also being an excellent insulator. 

What Are The Different Grades Of Silk That Manufacturers Use For Pillowcases?

Depending upon the quality, silk is assigned different grades that may be A, B, or C, with grade A being the highest quality. This is long strand silk that is obtained from white coloured cocoons and can be easily unravelled to great lengths without breaking. In addition to these grades, different types of silk are further subdivided using numbers.

For instance, grade A silk includes A, 2A, 3A, up to 6A, with 6A being the best. Grade 6A long fibre mulberry silk is the finest quality silk that manufacturers can use for their products. Pillowcases or other bedding and clothing items made from 6A grade silk are generally the most expensive due to this reason. 

When brands do not mention the silk grade, you can be sure that it is of inferior quality. 

What Is The Oeko-Tex Standard?

The Oeko-Tex Association was established in Switzerland in 1992 to establish safety standards for textile products. Generally, when we say the Oeko-Tex standard, we refer to the most well-known standard of the association, the Standard 100.

Products that meet this standard are guaranteed to be free of over 100 harmful chemicals that can be detrimental to humans and the environment. For a product to be Oeko-Tex certified, every component, such as the zipper, lining, buttons, etc., is tested because products such as pillowcases and bedsheets are in contact with skin.

If there are any harmful substances, they can easily be absorbed while you use the product. And since it is a universal standard, it is applicable everywhere, irrespective of the country or region. Every year, the criteria for this standard are reviewed and updated, which is why the certification lasts for a year, after which companies have to reapply for the certification. 

For Pillowcases, Which Is Better, Satin Or Silk?

While originally satin was made from silk, nowadays, it generally refers to artificial fabric usually woven from polyester. Polyester is made from oil polymers and has a chemical structure similar to plastic. It is often blended with other synthetic fabrics, making it more supple, flexible, and easier to clean than silk pillowcases. 

However, chemical polymers can make satin uncomfortable to sleep on in hot weather, as it tends to keep you warm. 

Real silk, on the other hand, is a natural fabric with temperature regulating properties. It can keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, making it a better choice than satin for almost all skin and hair types. Also, it is naturally hypoallergenic, making it suitable for people prone to allergies, and is great for acne as it doesn’t absorb oils and transfers them back to your face.

But the biggest difference between the two lies in the cost. Silk is more luxurious and therefore more expensive, whereas satin often contains a blend of other fibres and is more affordable.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Silk Pillowcases?

To prevent any damage to your silk pillowcase while washing, the first step is to determine the silk type used in the pillowcase. For instance, those made from mulberry silk are more durable and refined and can be easier to clean than others. 

Generally, it is recommended to hand wash silk pillowcases to ensure that they retain their softness, though occasional machine washing shouldn’t be a problem. Remember that, unlike other fabrics, you should always use a gentle liquid detergent for washing silk pillowcases. Such detergents should not contain optical brighteners, enzymes, or bleaching agents, as harsh chemicals can weaken the natural fibres in silk and damage the pillowcase. 

1. Hand Washing Silk Pillowcases

First, fill a clean bowl or sink with cold or cool water, which will help the fabric retain its colour. Then, add a few drops of the mild liquid laundry detergent and turn the pillowcase inside out before placing it in the water.

Agitate the water gently with your hand for a few minutes, then take out the pillowcase. Squeeze out the water from the pillowcase gently, but avoid wringing or twisting it. Repeat these steps three to four times after draining and refilling the bowl with fresh water.  

2. Machine Washing Silk Pillowcases

To wash the silk pillowcase in a machine, you first need to turn it inside out and place it in a mesh wash bag. Then, select the gentle cycle on the washing machine. Use a small amount of gentle liquid laundry detergent with cold water for the wash cycle. 

Why Are Silk Pillowcases Better Than Cotton Ones?

Silk pillowcases offer several advantages over cotton ones, as the former helps the skin and hair retain moisture more effectively, whereas cotton absorbs moisture from the skin and hair. Silk also has less friction than cotton, and that’s why cotton pillowcases tend to pull and tug at your skin while sleeping, resulting in hair tangles, frizzy hair, and skin creases.
Apart from that, silk is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to fungus, mildew, mould, and dust mites. It also does not accumulate as much pore-clogging bacteria as cotton does, making it a more suitable option for skin prone to acne or allergies.

And since it has a very soft texture and keeps your skin hydrated, silk is the best choice for people with sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. 

What Are Some Factors To Consider While Buying A Silk Pillowcase?

To ensure that you select the pillowcase most suitable for your needs, several factors need to be considered, such as:

1. The Composition Of The Pillowcase

Always go for a pillowcase with 100% silk instead of one that has a blend of different materials and silk. This will ensure the highest comfort level with all the benefits that silk offers. 

2. Type Of Silk

It is generally accepted that pure mulberry silk is the highest quality of silk you can get, with all others being inferior to it. When buying a pillowcase, make sure to get one that contains mulberry silk.

3. Momme

While most manufacturers use silk with a momme count of at least 19, you should try to go for options that contain 22 momme or more. These ensure better quality and durability. 

4. Maintenance

Maintenance is another important factor to consider, so look for a pillowcase that can be machine washed easily without getting damaged. 

5. Warranty

Some manufacturers offer a one year warranty which can help put your mind at ease as you can get refunds or replacements easily if any issues arise. 

6. Budget

Silk pillowcases are generally expensive, but the purchase is worth it if they can ensure better sleep and health. 

Final Verdict

If you’re having difficulty getting a dreamy night’s sleep, then using a silk pillowcase can be one of the effective solutions to this problem. And we’ve already reviewed the best options here to make it easy to find the one most suitable for your requirements. 

That said, it’s time to conclude this review, so let us just share our favourites from the list.

Our best silk pillowcase is by Shhh Silk it’s our favourite since it comes with 100% pure 22 momme silk, offering maximum comfort while sleeping. You can also go with the Lilysilk Terse Silk Pillowcase with Hidden Zipper, which is an affordable luxury with a friction-free finish and multiple colour options.

On that note, let’s wrap up. Until next time!

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