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Best Inflatable Mattress In Australia

Intex Dura-Beam Airbed 

Overall, Intex’s High Airbed Series offers cheap air mattresses with sturdy fibres, durable batteries and large dimensions.

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iDOO Air Mattress

iDOO’s Queen Size air mattress is a very sturdy, easy-to-clean and spacious alternative that is suitable for a camping trip or a full day of relaxation.

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King Koil Luxury

It is one of the best double-height air mattresses on the market in Australia, thanks to its soft downy top and durable construction.

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Bestway Air Bed

Bestway’s air mattress is an affordable, sturdy and spacious option for your camping needs and for the times you need extra sleeping areas over the holidays.

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Intex 64126NP AIRBED

This is a good air mattress with an elegant, modern design and efficient plug-ins for an affordable yet comfortable sleeping experience.

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An inflatable or air mattress has major health benefits, such as preventing pressure injuries and increasing blood flow while sleeping.

The best air mattresses reduce pain symptoms, especially in older people, which are usually caused by lying down or sitting for a long time. Moreover, inflatable mattresses are low-cost durable alternatives to traditional memory foam mattresses, and suitable for storage in small spaces.

Air mattresses in Australia have been gaining popularity with their varied usage, especially for camping trips. Usually made from heavy-duty PVC and an in-built valve operated by a manual or electric pump, air mattresses can easily fit in the back of your car when decompressed.

However, it is often difficult to choose the best inflatable mattress, given the numerous options. So, in this guide, we’ll walk you through some of the best options on the market.

9 Best Inflatable Air Mattress Reviews

1. Top Pick: Intex Dura-Beam Standard Single-High Airbed 

Intex Dura-Beam Standard air bed is a premium-quality downy bed with a battery-operated external pump that provides a contoured support system for the body. Built with Fiber-Tech construction, this comfortable air mattress promises to deliver superior durability. Hence, it’s less likely to stretch and lose shape over time. 

Moreover, this mattress is covered in a feather-like velvety surface that is guaranteed to give you a relaxing and soft sleeping experience. It is a very lightweight mattress that comes with an easy-to-use in-built pump for speedy inflation but you can also opt for a built-in foot pump instead. And lastly, this Intex air mattress comes in three standard sizes: full, queen, and twin air beds.


Intex Dura-Beam Standard Single has a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds, so it is safe for single-person usage only. 


Overall, Intex’s High Airbed Series offers cheap air mattresses with sturdy fibres, durable batteries and large dimensions. We recommend this mattress for regular use and also for camping trips.

2. Best For Waterproof Top and Elevated Support- iDOO Queen Size Air Mattress with Pillow

iDOO Queen Size Air Mattress is an integrated lightweight air mattress with an ergonomic neck and extra-spinal support perfect for a good night’s sleep. Its waterproof top layer with heavy-duty PVC and durable fibre material offers a comfortable sleeping surface. Built with 40 air coils to provide extra support to the structure, this air bed offers extra firmness to the sleeping surface. With a maximum weight capacity of 295 kg and a low deflated weight of 8.2 kg, this air bed is both sturdy and easily portable.

This air mattress comes with a built-in electric pump that easily inflates and deflates the air bed in just three minutes. It has a manual fitted double lock valve, which consistently maintains air pressure. Also, its puncture-resistant material makes it an ideal air mattress for camping. What’s more, you get a free carry bag and puncture repair patches if the need be.


Even though this air mattress comes with many handy features and waterproof material, customers often claim that the in-built pillow might be a little uncomfortable.


iDOO’s Queen Size air mattress is a very sturdy, easy-to-clean and spacious alternative that is suitable for a camping trip or a full day of relaxation.

3. Best For Luxurious And Spacious Sleeping Surface- King Koil Luxury Air Mattress

With an extra thick comfortable quilt top and a soft flocking layer, King Koil’s Luxury Air Mattress will give you a very plush and cosy sleep experience. Its sleeping surface is completely waterproof and provides extra spinal support to improve your sleeping posture. Moreover, King Koil is so assured in their high-quality air mattress they give a one-year manufacturing warranty to back up their quality claims.

This high-end air mattress also has a built-in pump that is easy to use and can help achieve full firmness within just two minutes. Its AC built-in foot pump, coupled with a coil-beam construction, ensures long-lasting smooth usage and durability. And in case of accidental punctures or tears, you can use the complimentary repair kit that is easy to handle.


Purchasing this air mattress is quite an investment for the average customer, so consider your options before settling on this one.


It is one of the best double-height air mattresses on the market in Australia, thanks to its soft downy top and durable construction. Plus, inflating it won’t strain your nerves.  

4. Best For Durable Cushioning- Bestway Air Bed Queen Inflatable Mattress

The Bestway Air Mattress is a high-quality camping mattress with a unique ribbed design for added comfort and back pain prevention. Built with a sturdy I-beam construction and a maximum weight capacity of 295 kg, this inflatable camping mattress can prevent accidental falls. It also comes with durable cushioning and a built-in pillow to add extra support as you sleep.

This camping air mattress is easy to inflate and deflate with its built-in electric pump, and its double lock valve prevents air leakage. With its 22” thickness, you can comfortably sleep at an elevated height that lasts all night long. Also, it comes with a free storage bag and repair kit.


Since this self-inflating air mattress has poor waterproofing ability, it is essential to keep it away from humidity.


Bestway’s air mattress is an affordable, sturdy and spacious option for your camping needs and for the times you need extra sleeping areas over the holidays.

5. Best For High-Quality Electric Pump- Intex 64126NP Queen Essential Rest AIRBED

With an 18” elevated height and supportive Fiber-Tech technology, Intex’s Essential Rest is suitable for the nights you need extra comfort and body support. It is made from lightweight but high-quality fibres that make it easy to carry between your rooms. Moreover, it has unique side indentions especially made for close-fitting sheets to give your bed a seamless look.

This is a queen air mattress for people of all ages, featuring sturdy support and strong material. It has a built-in AC electric pump that delivers high performance with its hassle-free plug and speedy inflation power. This air mattress also has an elevated perimeter on the top and bottom that prevents accidental falls during sleeping. And it comes with a storage bag for easy transportation.


The air mattresses in this Essential Rest range are smaller in size and, therefore, can be used by a maximum of two people.


This is a good air mattress with an elegant, modern design and efficient plug-ins for an affordable yet comfortable sleeping experience.

6. Best Lightweight Camping Air Mattress- Coleman Quick

One of the best inflatable camping mattresses on the market, this unit from Coleman Quick is very handy and easy to store due to its thinness. This thin mattress is made from heavy-duty PVC with a rayon-flocked sleeping surface to add comfort to the construction. What’s more, it has an anti-microbial fabric that resists mould, mildew, fungus and bad odour, which makes it ideal for a camping trip.

With its AirTight system and efficient double-lock valve, this camping mattress ensures full firmness for the entire night. You are also guaranteed to have extra support while you sleep due to its comfort coils. This air mattress also has an easy storage system where you can clean it and roll it away into a carry bag.


Since it’s quite thin, this air bed may feel like it’s too close to the ground, which some people might not prefer. 


In general, this is a durable air mattress for a hygienic experience, especially for camping, due to its antimicrobial texture. Moreover, this is a good option for outdoors since you can just roll it and take it with you in a backpack.

7. Best Queen Air Mattress With USB Port- SLEEPLUX Durable Inflatable Air Mattress

SLEEPLUX Inflatable Air Mattress is heavy-duty and luxurious due to its three-layer superior construction. This unique construction consists of a polyester mesh core sandwiched between two layers of durable PVC for extra support and firmness. With a one-touch button, this air bed has an easy inflating and deflating system that works in just five minutes. Additionally, it has a USB port for you to charge electronic devices while you sleep.

Moreover, SleepLux backs up its claims of high quality by providing a one-year warranty on its air mattress. It also has a maximum weight capacity of 300 kg, which is higher than most air mattresses on the market. Lastly, SleepLux includes a built-in pillow, a carry bag, and a repair kit for accidental punctures. 


Even though this air bed delivers a good performance, some customers have noticed leakage issues after a few months of use.


SleepLux Air Mattress is a luxurious queen-size solution for a good night’s sleep, especially with its Tri-tech internal beams and stress-proof polyester fibres. It is spacious and bulky enough to fit quite a few people. 

8. Best For Headboard And Back Support- iDOO Air Mattress with Headboard

This air mattress is one of the newly upgraded air mattresses from iDOO with a comfortable headboard for better back support. It is extremely useful for people with consistent body aches and a tendency to accidentally fall from bed during sleep. With an included waterproof thick top layer, iDOO provides extra comfort and easy cleaning.

Moreover, this air mattress emits no noise despite having 45 air coils that are installed to spread out the overall weight and improve balance of the sleeper. Its slightly elevated perimeter also makes it safe for kids and adds an extra layer of stability. With an in-built electric pump that functions at the press of a button, you can achieve the desired firmness within a few minutes. 


This air bed can be pretty bulky to carry outdoors for occasions like camping and family barbeque.


This air mattress from iDOO is made comfortable by its advanced support additions and easy cleaning materials. Also, it has built-in cord storage beside the rechargeable electric pump for better utility and ease of use, making it an effective solution.

9. Best For Speedy Inflation- Intex Rest Raised Airbed

Intex Rest Raised Airbed has a sleek design with a modern black colour for everyday use and interior enhancement. With its Fibre-tech interior construction, this air bed provides increased stability, and the long-lasting material does not stretch with regular use. Its high-power built-in electric pump aids easy inflation to maximum firmness in just three minutes. 

The Intex Rest Raised Airbed, with its soft flocking top and a built-in comfy pillow, ensures a comfortable sleeping experience. It is a multi-functional air bed that can be used for outdoor activities like camping and indoor resting purposes. What’s more, it has a very efficient transportable design that can easily fit in the carry bag provided with the mattress.


Since its soft top layer is not waterproof, users need to ensure it is dry and clean before storing it in the travel bag or closet.


Briefly speaking, this is one of the best air mattresses with a sleek design and compact size. It is multifunctional and efficient for people of all ages in all situations. 


1. Are Air Mattresses Better Than Traditional Foam Mattresses?

Honestly speaking, both have their pros and cons. An air mattress or bed diffuses the pressure throughout the entire body to prevent pressure injury, especially in the elbow, hip and neck joints. They are often the better fit for people who would like to control the firmness or density of their mattress. Moreover, an air bed is much easier to clean compared to traditional foam mattresses. 

2. What To Consider When Buying An Air Mattress?

Whether you’re buying an air mattress for camping or indoor use, it is essential to keep some considerations in mind when purchasing. If you want the best value air mattress, look for these things:

1. Air Mattress Size
The first thing to do is to decide what size blow-up mattress you need–a queen-size air bed is perfect for couples, while kids might need a single air bed. The trick to getting the right size is double-checking the dimensions in the product description since an air mattress for camping usually has a short length. 

Besides height, you should consider the weight of the person who will use it and then select an air bed with a suitable maximum weight capacity. Moreover, you should measure the area of the bedroom or camping tent for more accuracy.

2. Height
Most inflatable beds either have single or double mattress height. The thumb rule is that the higher the height, the more comfortable the mattress will be. However, purchasing an air mattress for camping with a lower height might be more lucrative since double-height ones can be harder to transport. But a double height mattress will be more suitable for regular indoor use.

3. Built-in Pump System
When it comes to air mattresses in Australia, there are several kinds of pump options to choose from. For instance, your preferred mattress can either have the traditional foot pump, DC dual power pump, or a simple AC external electric pump.

However, a PVC blow-up mattress stretches over time, so you need to pump air regularly.

4. Material
The best air beds are made of vinyl or PVC; however, an air mattress requires a soft downy top layer for warmth during winter. Besides, if you find an air mattress with waterproof material that is easy to clean, then it’s a plus.

5. Budget
An air mattress for camping can have a wide price range. From the best cheap air mattress to luxurious air beds costing thousands of dollars, there are many options to choose from. It is advisable to invest a little more if you want the most durable air mattress. 

However, thorough research can find you an affordable air mattress with the right features for your needs.

Final Verdict

After reviewing multiple air beds with different price points and features, we settled on the Intex Dura-beam Standard Single-Airbed series as the best overall air mattress. Its affordability, high-quality top layer, quick external electric pump and one-year warranty promise to deliver a good performance. 

The iDoo Queen Size Air Mattress and the King Koil Luxury Air Mattress are close runner-ups with versatile features, making them some of the best air beds on the market in Australia. 

However, it is highly recommended that you carefully consider the given features and dimensions of every blow-up mattress to ensure it suits your current requirement. 

That brings us to the end of our review of the best inflatable mattresses in Australia. If you wish to read similar informational articles and guides, stay tuned.

That said, we’ll be signing off now. Until next time, stay safe!

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