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Koala vs Ecosa

Koala has been considered the most popular bed in a box in Australia for a good while now. They hit the market like a wrecking ball with the wine test video.

Nearly 5M views 🙄

With an impressive 5 million views, this video helped the Koala bed get to where it is today.

However, there were competitors in the mattress market then, the main rival being the Ecosa mattress.

I have tried both beds, and I’m going to give my personal opinion and give an overview of each bed covering — reviews, materials, cost, etc.

This will help you cut through the mattress marketing jargon and decide which bed is better for you.


Both the Koala and Ecosa beds are all-foam beds, which means no springs in the bed, making both beds lean towards pressure relieving materials like memory foams. Great, if you have a bad back or shoulder pains.

The drawback is that memory foam beds naturally retain heat, making them hot.

The Koala bed has a two-layer foam design that is “not too firm, not too soft” and features a unique open-cell foam layer called Kloudcell. This comfortable, breathable, open-cell foam is refined into the ultimate comfort layer. Basically, they have taken the regular foam and remade it to be more breathable to combat the problem of overheating.

The Ecosa Bed is a customisable three-layer foam design that fits many sleeping styles. The customisables foams are handy for choosy sleepers because you can rearrange the foams for a medium, medium-firm, or firm feel. The second unique design of the Ecosa bed compared to every other mattress in Australia is that it’s waterproof. The inner cover has tightly woven microfilaments, protecting the mattress from accidental spills and dust mites.

Size & Weight


  • Single: 92 * 188 * 23 cm (13.7 kgs)
  • King single: 107 * 203 * 23 cm (16.7 kgs)
  • Double: 138 * 188 * 23 cm (19.7 kgs)
  • Queen: 153 * 203 * 23 cm (23.6 kgs)
  • King: 183 * 203 * 23 cm (31.5 kgs)


  • Single 188x92x25 cm (18 kg)
  • King Single 203x107x25 cm (23 kg)
  • Double 188x138x25 cm (27 kg)
  • Queen 203x153x25 cm (32 kg)
  • King 203x183x25 cm (39 kg)
  • Cali King 203 x 203 x 25cm (45 kg)


I have collected the prices of both mattresses from their websites. As you can see, the prices are fairly similar, but you will have a few hard-earned dollars with Ecosa. However, prices do change, so check out the current deals.

Link goes to Koala.com

Link goes to Ecosa.com.au


Next, we will look at the Ecosa bed reviews and Koala bed reviews from actual customers. As you can see, the Koala bed does have more reviews and a slightly higher overall rank too. The main concern people had with the Ecosa was the waterproof feature on the mattress.

Ending Note

Both are excellent mattresses. The Koala mattress has a much larger customer base which is understandable, being the leading mattress in a box brand. They also have the reviews to back up the bed, with many people enjoying it.

However, the Ecosa lets you customise the foam layers to get the bed feeling right for you, which is an excellent feature. And it’s dust mite and waterproof, which is a cool addition, especially if you like wine in bed or if the beds are for kids. Some of the negative reviews of Ecosa were from people not liking the feel of the cover. However, I didn’t find that a problem, plus you could put a cover on top to solve that issue.

Overall, they’re great beds in a similar price range, and it’s a close call. But I prefer the Ecosa for the reasons mentioned above, and you get a 100-night sleep trial to sleep easy.

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